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Open Trial
Venue: Monk Fryston
Trial Held: 21 September 2008


First things first. After many, many years of running an excellent trial, Roy Williams decided earlier this year to step down and hand over the reins. On behalf of all trialists, Roy, thank you so much for all your hard work over many years.  On a personal basis, Roy, thanks for the very smooth handover; it made my job a lot easier and hopefully I can maintain the standards you have set.

After all the rain and gales we had had in the last few months we were treated to 3 days of hot sunshine for the trial.  Judges, stewards and tracklayers were all out in the fields in tee-shirts.  Not a sign of wellies, pullovers or jackets, but then you would expect nothing less when you come to Yorkshire.

Tracking was on stubble.  Up to 72 hrs before the trial began, tracking was going to be on the A1 road, the farmers were so far behind with combining, but 48 hrs later the landscape was transformed as they worked through the nights.  My grateful thanks go to all the farmers.

We moved into a new base at Monk Fryston which everyone seemed to enjoy.

Taking over as Trials Manager this year I inherited the Judges, Christine Stewart, Eric and Yvonne Carpenter and Ann Bedford.  Whoever decided on this motley crew - well done and thank you very much.  They were superb to work with and I really hope I have the pleasure of working with them again.  The only down side was having 4 women in my house, Christine, Ann and Lorraine (Ann’s steward) and the wife - and I couldn’t find my earplugs! It’s normal to be bossed about by one, but by four…. give me a break!

I have been very fortunate this year.  With it being my first one, I had offers of help from all corners.  I cannot begin to tell you how grateful I am to everyone who offered their help.  I tried to ensure that those who were working dogs did not work at the trial.  I wanted to give them a chance to concentrate on their own dogs for a change, so please forgive me if I didn’t ask you to help.

To all those I did coerce into working: my base staff, Cathy Chadwick, Margaret Welham and Sheila Margreaves - you were terrific, and thank you also, Sheila, for all your help leading up to the trial: kitchen staff, Doreen Fawbert and Liz Stewart, once again, ladies, you provided top quality refreshments, thank you: my tracklayers, Nigel Hines, Malc Snowden, Damian Chadwick, Jeff Margreaves, Brian Page, Dave Craven and John Atkins, thank you all for all your hard work: stewards, Lorraine Wilson, Joan Snowden, June Hines, Fran Atkins, you were all brilliant: escorts, Fred Welham, John Atkins and Arthur Rivers, many, many thanks for getting everyone to their tracks on time and to their stays on time.




Judge: Christine Stewart

Stewards: Friday – June Hines; Saturday/Sunday – Joan Snowden

Three days of glorious sunshine, wonderful company and great competitors – this was trials at its best.  My thanks go to ASPADS for the invitation to judge; to Dave and Liz Stewart for providing a roof over my head; to June and Joan, who put all the competitors at ease and left me with little to do other than write down my marks; to Liz and Doreen, who kept everyone fed; and to Margaret, Kath and Sheila who kept the scores.  Also thanks to Ann Bedford and Eric and Yvonne Carpenter, the nosework judges – we even had some qualifiers between us.


1st Samantha Rawson with PELE, WSD, 191, Q.  Well worth the trip.  Lovely control

2nd Andrea Lynd with PEG, Lab, 187.5, Q.  Nice C/A, you must be thrilled with Peg

3rd Liz Price with GRACE, ESS, 186.5, Q.  Don’t worry so – Grace did a lovely round.  Best sendaway of the stake.

4th Rosie Jones with GALLA, BC, 185.5.  Galla is a great little dog.


1st Paul Morling with NIPPER, GSD, 181.5, Q.  Nipper makes jumping look so easy.  Well done.

2nd Barry Gilbert with FREDDY, Std Poodle, 172, Q.  Great to see another Std Poodle in Trials.

3rd Pam Wadsworth with CONNOR, Cocker Spaniel, 175, NQ.  Connor really did try hard on the jumps.  Brave attempt from a small dog.

4th Carl Dent with MAYBE, WSD, 170, NQ.  Nice redirect on the sendaway.


1st Andrew Fox with MUSCA, BC, 213, Q.  Quiet confident handling – a pleasure to watch.

2nd Vana Moody with ZIGA, BC, 200, Q.  Well done – good outrun and first redirect on the sendaway saved the day.

3rd Pat Williams with PIP, Cross, 197, Q.  Sendaway and redirects were great.

4th Gail Gwesyn-Price with KEVIN, GSD, 189, Q.  Kevin did you proud today.

Also qualified:

Sarah Royle with EYLA, Lab, 187.  Redirects were very confident.

Sue Drake with MISHKA, Cross, 181



Judge: Eric Carpenter

Tracklayers: Dave Craven, John Atkin

Steward: Fran Atkin

Thanks to Dave and John for giving up their time to lay the UD tracks and to Fran for laying the squares.  All were well done and gave each competitor the opportunity to succeed.  They were good sports and good company throughout the day.  Thanks to Dave Stewart for running a good trial and to him and Liz for all the hard work they put in prior to the trial.  To Liz and Doreen – thanks for excellent refreshments - and the diet is now going well.  Thanks to Cath and Margaret for doing the base admin.  Thanks to ASPADS for the judging appointment.

Tracking was on stubble with the crop only recently removed.  Considering all the rain we’d been suffering, the ground was quite hard and on the day the weather was hot and sunny.  Of the 9 competitors, 4 successfully completed the nosework.

1st BATTERSEA’S BEST TO PELE, WSD, and Samantha Rawson, Track 88.5, Square 34.5, 2 + 4: Total  191, COM and Best Nosework Trophy.  Pele did a good, confident track and followed up with an excellent search.  Well handled by Sam.  Glad the journey from Dublin was worth it and good luck for the higher stakes.

2nd REBARK BUBBLY PEG, Lab, and Andrea Lynd, Track 87.5, Square 27, 2 + 3: Total   187.5, COM.  Peg did a lovely, enthusiastic track and a good square.  Peg was well handled by Andrea without dampening her enthusiasm.  The only disappointment was the lack of lunch provided for my dogs!  Good luck for the higher stakes.

3rd KESTENBAR PARIS, GSD, and Liz Price, Track 90, Square 33, 1 + 4: Total 186.5, COM.  Grace did a faultless track, but unfortunately missed the first article.  Well done, Liz, and good luck in the higher stakes.

4th DREAGANTA GALLADUBH, BC, and Rosie Jones, Track 88.5, Square 34, 2 + 4: Total 185.5, COM.  Again, Galla did a good track and a good square, well handled by Rosie.  Good luck in the higher stakes.




Tracklayers: Jeff Margreaves, Damian Chadwick, Brian Page

Stewards: Eric Carpenter, June Hinds

Thanks to Jeff, Damian and Brian for doing a great job laying the WD tracks – Damian gets the gold star for carting all our baggage around.  Thanks also to Eric for putting out the squares on Saturday, and to June who gave up her day to lay them on Sunday – they were all great company.  Dave Stewart produced another great base out of nowhere and Liz and Doreen, as usual, provided first class refreshments – thanks to them and Cath, Sheila and Margaret for the work at the base. 

12 dogs worked the Nosework, 8 completed the track, with 4 qualifying in the nosework section.  Two dogs overall obtained their COM.  Three dogs did lovely tracks but only got one article each from the square.  Overall the tracking was very good and the handling of that was excellent, but the squares were disappointing.  The articles were generous for a WD stake, but most of the dogs seemed disinterested and didn’t make much of an effort. 

1st VONGRAF KAGUL, GSD and Paul Morling.  Nosework 127, 1 + 3: Total, 181.5, COM, and Best Nosework Trophy.  Nipper was enthusiastic, confident and positive on the track and, as to be expected, was well handled. Not sure why Paul was so surprised that he’d finished the track – they made a very good team.  Good luck with the "Ex".

2nd IATKA FOLLOW THAT STAR, CDEx, UDEx, Std Poodle and Barry Gilbert,.  Nosework 126.5, 2 + 2: Total 172, COM.  Freddy worked a near faultless track with good positive indication at the corners, and with Barry’s experienced handling (noticing articles!) had plenty of marks in hand for other sections.  Good luck with the "Ex".

3rd BURSTEAD CON OF ROANLODGE, CDEx, Cocker Spaniel and Pam Wadsworth.  Nosework 139, 2 + 4: Total   175, NQ.  Connor gave Jeff and me some nail- biting moments halfway round the track, but Pam stayed calm and trusted her dog and completed the track with both articles.  The square was PERFECTION!  Conner was keen, fast and each article was presented with no mouthing or dropping.  I only wish I could teach my dog to complete a square in this manner.  Unfortunately I think this team didn’t get enough marks in the agility section to qualify.  Well done anyway, Pam – we all thought it was a pleasure to watch Connor work the square.

4th SELDOMSEEN JUST MAYBE, WSD owned by Rachel Young and handled by Carl Dent.  Nosework 119, 2 + 1: Total   170, NQ.  Maybe worked an excellent track apart from one section where she struggled for a few minutes, but Carl’s calm handling let her sort it out, and she got both articles.  They both worked really hard to get another article out of the square but were just unlucky on the day. 




Tracklayers: Malc Snowden and Nigel Hines

Steward: Lorraine Wilson

Thank you to ASPADS for the invitation to judge at this trial.  Many, many thanks to Dave and Liz Stewart who not only ran the trial, but who opened their home to myself, Lorraine and our dogs (their dogs very kindly agreed to sleep in the sitting room at night –complete with couch and chairs – I assume they suffered in silence)!!  This was Dave’s first year at running this trial and he did a brilliant job; base and land were first class.  Liz, along with her friend, Doreen, ran a very good kitchen for the three days, making sure all were well fed and watered. The ladies in the base did a grand job keeping everyone informed and organized.  Tracklayers for the three days were Malc Snowden and Nigel Hines – great job boys, thanks.  Last but not least, many thanks to Lorraine, my steward for three days and travelling companion.  This is a very sociable trial, everyone very friendly so making everyone feel welcome, just as a trial should be.

Friday was overcast but fine with a breeze.  Saturday was fine bright and still, Sunday, surprisingly hot.  Whoever arranged the weather did a damned good job – though some competitors may not have been thinking as such!  Tracking was on dry stubble.

28 entered, 24 worked, 10 qualifying nosework with 6 overall.

1st Andrew Fox with STARDELL MUSCA, BC, D, 213.  First dog to complete the track in the warmth of Sunday.   Full point square.  Well deserved qualification.

2nd Vana Moody with GLENALPINE SHEP, BC, D, 200.  Last dog to work Saturday.  Fast and furious, cracking track.  Four out the square.  Nice young dog.. Congratulations.

3rd Pat Williams with SUNSHINE PIP, Cross, B, 197.  Worked Saturday.  Very tidy track, unfortunately missed the second track article.  Four from the square.  Well done.

4th Gail Gwesyn-Price with CONCENN XCEL, GSD, D, 189.  Kevin did a steady track but missed the second article.  Three from the square. Well done.

Also qualifying:

Sarah Royle with POLLGINA MICHELLE SO GENTLE, Lab, B, 187

Sue Drake with MISH MASH MISHKA, Cross, B, 181.

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