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Championship Trial
Venue: Monk Fryston
Trial Held: 20 September 2015

Trials Manager’s Report

Two glorious days of sunshine greeted the competitors for this year’s trial.  Tracking was done on stubble, which was nice and damp from the morning dew.  The dogs obviously enjoyed the conditions as 15 of the 17 teams provided some stunning tracks on Saturday.  Sunday wasn’t quite so good but 50% still completed the tracks.

As with every trial, without the help and generosity of farmers none of this would be possible.  I am very fortunate to have some tremendous farmers who allow me to go almost where I want, use what I want without hesitation and without having to keep going back for permission to use different fields.  Quite the reverse - during the Saturday evening meal one of them offered us another 700 acres to use.  Grateful thanks go to Paul and Annette Saxon, David and Donna Aspinal, Martin Bramley, Alex Caddick and Andrew Cawood.

My thanks as always go to the wonderful team of helpers that I have been blessed with.  In the base Sheila Margreaves, who stood in for Jan Darby who is unfortunately ill in hospital (everyone sends their best wishes and hopes for a speedy recovery), did an outstanding job booking everyone in and making sure they knew exactly where they had to be and at what time.  Thank you, Sheila - brilliant.

In the kitchen were Liz, Doreen, Teresa, and Annie and Liz Mills helping on Sunday.  Also thank you Annie and Liz Mills for the wonderful baking.  Great food with a smile.  Thank you, ladies, for all your hard work and looking after everyone.

Judges - PD Tracey Park, WD Mike Williams, UD Sandra Lewindon, CD Tom Mills; it was a pleasure to work with you all and you were great company, although Tracey, I’m not sure that mooning is part of the PD test and would like to know how you mark that exercise.

My tracklayers, Jeff Margreaves, Nigel Hines and Mark Lewindon PD, Richard Musgrave and Andrea Lynd WD, Lol Campbell and Mark Lewindon UD - thanks to all of you for a terrific job.  Stewards Julz Findeisen and Linda Newbold PD, Barry Gilbert WD, Joan Snowden UD and June Hines CD - quality all the way.  Thank you all.  Escorts Carol Grant WD and Tom Mills UD - many thanks to you both for an excellent job.  All competitors arrived in plenty of time and hopefully relaxed.

Criminals Dave Raybould, Erin Bootland, Malc Snowden, Gary Martin, Linda Newbold and Tracy Carr - thank you all for a superb job on Sunday.

I would also like to say a big thank you to my great team for staying behind after the trial to help clear up.

To all the competitors, thank you for entering and supporting the Monk Fryston Trial.  I hope you had a great time and wish everyone all the very best in your future trials.  Big congratulations to Wendy Beasley on winning the PD ticket and to Dave Olley on getting the Reserve.

Dave Stewart


Stake: CD


Search and C/A Steward: June Hines

Stay stewards: June Hines and Janine Atkinson

I would like to start by thanking ASPADS for the invitation to judge at this trial, and Dave Stewart for his hard work as trials manager, ably assisted by his wife, Liz.  Thanks also to Sheila Margreaves on the base desk, and to Liz, Teresa, Annie and Doreen in the kitchen.  Also thanks to the landowner for allowing us to use the gated grass paddocks, ideal for this stake.

June Hines stewarded the search squares and the C/A, which she did absolutely brilliantly in a calm, efficient and friendly manner.  This, hopefully, helped to put the competitors at their ease, whilst keeping it all running smoothly.  So I thank June for that and her pleasant company during the day.

The land was lush grass, damp from morning dew, and the weather was fine with no breeze.  We did all the search squares first, which included the retrieve while the squares were being laid.  The C/A round followed and we finished with group stays.  Out of the 7 competitors that ran, 3 qualified CDEx.

On the whole I was pleasantly surprised by the high standard exhibited, although not everything worked out for everybody today; I’m sure you will know what you have work on.  Finally, I would like to thank the competitors for entering under me.  You were all a pleasure to judge and I hope you enjoyed your day.

1st           Jayne Lewis and RHYNSTON RHYS (Rhys), WSD, 99.5, Q.  As the results, show an excellent all round performance.  Well done!  And congratulations on a well-deserved qualification.  Retrieve 10, Square 3 for 19.5. Control 50, Agility 20.

2nd         Ann Trodd and HIGHGLADE THE LAST WALTZ FOR CHELSASA (Mattie), Bearded Collie, 95.5, Q.  Another good all round performance, but a bit of dropping going on in the square.  Congratulations, and you were obviously “over the

moon” with Mattie’s agility performance today.  9.5, 3 for 18, 48, 20.

3rd          Gail Gwesyn-Pryce and ZAVI JAVA AT CONCENN (Rav), GSD, 92, Q.  A very good round, but with some blips on the jumps (1st attempt on the clear jump, control after the long, and no wait on the scale).  Congratulations.  9.5, 3 for 19.5, 48.5, 14.5.

4th          Jackie Dykes and ZINZAN ZOO (Poppy), X-Breed, 92.5, NQ.  Another very good round, but unfortunately Poppy came around the scale.  10, 3 for 18. 50, 13.


Stake: UD


Tracklayers: Lol Campbell and Mark Lewindon

Steward: Joan Snowden

My thanks to ASPADS for the invitation to judge the UD Championship stake at this well run, friendly trial.  Those of you that know us will understand that any opportunity to go to Yorkshire is grabbed by Mark and myself very quickly!

Every trial relies upon the hard work of helpers, before during and after, and this trial was no exception.  Dave Stewart was the trials manager and his hard work was evidenced in the smooth way the trial ran.  Dave has built up a great relationship with the local farmers and we trialists benefit from acres of super trialling land.  My thanks to Alex Caddick, Mr and Mrs P Saxon, Mr A Cawood and Mr and Mrs D Aspinall for providing excellent land and a great control field, to Monk Fryston and Hillam Community Centre for an excellent base and thank you, Dave,  for your hard work sourcing and maintaining the land.  Behind every successful man there’s usually a worn out woman, and in this case Liz Stewart is the worn out lady.  Liz not only does all the catalogues, prepares for the kitchen, and opens her home to accommodate helpers, she also keeps Dave in check, the hardest task of all!

Thanks to all those that have helped, before, during and after the trial, if I miss anyone, I am very sorry.  In the kitchen we had Liz, Teresa, Annie, Doreen and Liz (Mills) - super food!  In the base Sheila Margreaves sorted out all the paperwork and organised competitors, doing an admirable job and stepping in for Jan Darby, who unfortunately isn’t well.  Jan, you were missed and we all send healing wishes your way.  Tom Mills escorted the competitors to the tracking and control fields, getting everyone there on time.  I was extremely lucky to have a very experienced team on the field, giving the competitors the best opportunity possible to qualify.  My tracklayers were Lol Campbell and Mark Lewindon, both laying great tracks.  My steward, Joan Snowden, ensured that the competitors were given clear instructions on the control field and squares were laid with extreme competence - thank you Joan, Lol and Mark.  My final thanks go to the competitors for entering; some lovely work by some super dogs.

The nosework:- The track articles were a piece of natural wood, approx. 3.5” long and 0.75” diameter, end article a piece of rubber backed coconut matting approx. 2” x 2.5”.  Square articles were a piece of yellow rope 4”; leather 0.75” x 3”; rubber 0.75 x 3” and carpet 2” x 3”.  Tracking was on old stubble with plenty of growth of new crop between, weather was sunny, about 18 degrees with a slight breeze.  Tracks were completed to a high standard by most dogs, and all but one article retrieved from the square.

The control:- Heelwork incorporated all turns in all paces, sendaway was approximately 70 yards to a small yellow marker against a solid herbaceous border.  Unfortunately, as is often the case, jumps and stays took their toll on qualifiers.

1st           RHYNSTON RHYS, WSD, 197, Q, handled and owned by Jayne Lewis.  An excellent round by this happy, young dog and Jayne has told me this was Rhys’ 7th competition; so far he’s qualified 7 times and won them all!  Way to go!!  Well done!  Definitely a dog to watch for the future.

2nd         BEELAHOLT BRIAR, CDEx, BC, B, 188, Q, handled and owned by Jenny Holt.  This is the second time I have had the privilege of judging Jenny’s two BCs.  Briar is such a lovely little girl; she impressed me before and she impressed me again this time.

3rd          BEELAHOLT BRYN, CDEx, BC, D, 173, Q, handled and owned by Jenny Holt.  Such a cheeky chap, it must give Jenny a lot of pleasure to have bred such a nice pair of dog (and so alike!).

4th          GLENDARACH SILVER SPIRIT, CDEx, NQ, handled and owned by Cath Chadwick.  Cath has done so well with Ash; it wasn’t his day on this occasion, but I’ve seen this dog track before and know he is a very capable dog.  When it all comes together, Cath, you will fly.

Good luck in WD to all the qualifiers, and to those that were not successful on this occasion, better luck next time.


Stake: WD


Tracklayers: Richard Musgrave, Andrea Lynd

Square Steward and Scribe: Barry Gilbert

Escort: Carol Grant

Many thanks to ASPADS for the invitation to judge the WD stake at this very well run trial.  Dave Stewart, the Trials Manager, has a very efficient, experienced and friendly ‘team’ in place.  Everything ran perfectly.  Well done, Dave.

Sheila Margreaves, welcoming and efficient on reception, ran the base without a hitch.  Ladies of the kitchen, Liz, Teresa, Doreen and Annie, produced sumptuous meals, cakes and puddings - nothing was too much trouble.

Tracking was all in one large stubble field with little growth and one or two hares. The weather for both days was ideal, sunny with a light breeze.  All tracks and squares were laid precisely and accurately by a very experienced and conscientious team of Richard, Andrea and Barry.  Many thanks to you, I thoroughly enjoyed your company over the two days.

A special thank you to Carol, the escort.  Very reassuring to a nervous competitor to be escorted to their track in good time.  Everyone arrived right on time and we were able to keep to the timetable.

15 entries, 14 ran, 9 qualified nosework, 5 qualified overall.

1st           Dave Olley with ELMHAUS PORTER, CDEx-UDEx, (Rooster), GSD, 188, Q.  (88, 20, 34, 31, 15)  First track first day, Roo was very steady and accurate throughout the nosework section and very attentive for C/A in the afternoon.  A well-deserved win.

2nd         Tracey Eaton with CLEYNHAGE ON THE TILES, CDEx-UDEx, (Bronty), Golden Ret, 181.5, Q.  (84, 10, 34, 34,19.5).  Enthusiastic and willing, Bronty worked well in all groups.  Best control round - what a difference that end article would have made!

3rd          Chris Trevor with RODWELL BLACK PRINCE, CDEx-WDEx, (Oscar), Lab Ret, 180, Q.  (87.5, 20, 25, 32.5, 15).  Well handled by Chris, Oscar produced a steady round in all groups.

4th          Dianne Ellis with DIANDIE SUMMER MAGIC, CDEx-WDEx, (Hattie), GSD, 177, Q.  (88, 20, 18, 32.5, 18.5).  After a lovely track Hattie almost blotted her copybook in the square.  However, she redeemed herself in C/A and made Dianne very happy with her qualification.

5th          Ray Lea with GOOD GOLLIE MISS MOLLY, CDEx-WDEx, (Molly), X, 174.5, Q.  (86, 18, 24, 30.5 16).  Very busy and eager, Molly keeps Ray on his toes - lovely sendaway.

Unfortunately we had a few ‘hard luck’ stories!  “He’s never done that before” and “if only” were heard on several occasions, but that’s trials and dogs.  For those of you not so lucky this time, persevere, you’ll make it in the future.  Congratulations to the qualifiers and thank you to all of the competitors for entering, accepting my decisions and making it such an enjoyable weekend for me.


Stake: PD 


Tracklayers: Nigel Hines, Jeff Margreaves and Mark Lewindon

Steward: Julz (Verucca) Findeisen

First of all, my many thank you's to the following people who all had a hand in this ticket appointment, and to whom I am very grateful.  To ASPADS for the invitation to judge at this wonderful trial, the trials manager, Dave Stewart, and his fabulous wife, Liz, (who also accommodated myself, Julz and Linda Lou for the weekend); Sheila Margreaves on the base; the ladies in the kitchen who fed me and my fussy appetite; Julz, my right hand woman (steward) and also my bestest buddy, who knows exactly what I'm thinking and planning whether it be good, bad or naughty!!  My 3 tracklayers, Nigel Hines, Jeff Margreaves and Mark Lewindon - absolute first class tracklaying and great company; my manwork crew (I wanted to put 'crims', but know it's not allowed, but protected stewards just isn't my cup of tea!!) Linda Newbold, Gary Martin, Malc Snowden, Dave Raybould, Erin Bootland and Tracy C.   What an entertaining fantastic bunch of loons you were, you actually made my test great fun to be a part of.

We had 11 entries (2 scratched) and all tracked on the one day, which was a nice sunny day.  Tracking was on stubble and to me looked like a fine stubble field to track on, and proved me right as out of the 9 that worked, 8 got thru the nosework.  We did have an unthreatening lady called Linda who was a bit of a pain in the arse after the track and most teams dealt with this appropriately, the idea being I didn't want the dog to be sent in and bite!  I did, Wendy, tho love the fact you were reading Linda's hand as she pointed to it, even tho there was nothing on it; haha - what fun.  The speak followed directly before the square.

The next morning it was control first thing.  We started with the sendaway, straight out to a tuft of grass then a call back and a left re-direct to a tree/hedge boundary, with the onus on the handler of whether they stopped their dog on the s/a return or did the re-direct on the move.  Then some heelwork thru a set of poles and headed towards the jumps.  Clear first, then scale followed by the long.  We did unfortunately lose 2 on the C/A section, leaving 6 qualifying going into the manwork.  This started with Linda again asking the competitor for directions, then sat back down on a chair in full view of the dogs, which were to be sent past her to the first hide of the quarter; a number of hides were to be covered in a certain order then onto the last one, which was a nice big gazebo with 5 people sitting inside (2 concealing weapons)!!  A search was to be done (if the 5 would co-operate, of course) then onto the escort; an early attack on handler, onto a bit more escorting with another attack on handler at the end of the escort.  Next was the chase, handler and dog in a tunnel of wind breakers so dog only caught a glimpse of the chase person, handler to follow up then about turn for a long test of courage with a lot of aggressive noise coming from a rowdy bunch; then last was the recall as per the chase.

I thought the dogs all performed really well, as the test had a lot for them to do and think about, and I enjoyed watching every single dog work it.  Very honoured to watch a fantastic bunch of dogs work to such a high standard.  Phew, the test went to plan, thank God!  I always try and set a test which I myself would enjoy working and never, ever would I set anything to trip any dog up.  Thanks to Julz for her invaluable input in helping me set the round up and tweaking the rough edges.

1st           Wendy Beasley and WTCh STARDELL LUNAR, 309.5, Q and CC.  What a cracking little dog she is, Wendy, and what a great job yet again you've done in training another champion.  PD needs you!  Congrats on your Ticket and good luck at next year’s KCC’s.  Any newcomers wanting to watch someone work their dog and learn, then go watch these two.

2nd         Dave Olley and WTCh LITTLE RAYMOND, 307.5, Q and RCC.  Another show of first class work, I know the hard work you put into your training, and that dog just gives you all he has time and time again and enjoys himself.  Fantastic job.

3rd          Bill Richardson and KENOCTO OCTOBERS DELIGHT, 296.5, Q.  Wow, Bill, you have to be really pleased with this round from Ek, an excellent job - I’m sure you’ll get a Ticket soon.  Well done.

4th          Terry Austin and MANPOL VIXEN, 288, Q.  First PDEx!!  Well done, Terry and Zazz, what a lovely bitch and loves her manwork.  You're up there with them now, Terry - good luck for the future.

Also qualifying:

Vic Snook and LITTLE MICA, 284

Diane Ling and WTCh DEBEN LITTLE TOM, 281.5

Thank you to all the PD competitors who entered under me and thought me worthy of judging their dogs, you were a great bunch with a fab set of dogs.

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