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Open Trial
Venue: Scarborough
Trial Held: 10 May 2009



Tracklayers: Mick, Barry and Tom
Steward: Jan Darby

Firstly I would like to thank ASPADS for inviting me to judge UD at Scarborough; I would also like to thank my tracklayers, Mick, Barry and Tom. All my tracks were laid just as I asked, and even losing 5 fields 10minutes before first one was due to be laid did not throw them. A big thank you to Jan Darby for laying my squares to perfection and being such great company - she really is a lovely lady. Thank you also to the ladies who provided us all and the base with wonderful food and the most beautiful cakes. Could I also thank Barry and Linda Gilbert for finding me such a great place to stay and their company over the weekend. Lastly thanks must go to the competitors for accepting my decisions. The ones that worked Friday and Saturday were mostly thrown by the high winds that proved too much for some, but conditions were very difficult.

1st M. Rogerson with XANDOAS CHANCE, 195. It really was lovely to watch how it should be done - another great dog on the way.

2nd S. Frankcom with VAPRESTO DISCOVERY, 188.5. Another beautiful track and thoroughly deserved qualification. Well done.

3rd M. Dixon with THE GODWIT, 178.5. Pity this was not a fastest track competition - you would have won hands down!

4th N. Morris with EYLAURHOF NORIS AT TRI VOM NEL, 175. The only dog to qualify on Saturday when the conditions were so very difficult.



Judge: Terry Austin
Tracklayers: Trevor Smith and Eric Carpenter
Steward: Sylvia Austin

My thanks to ASPADS for the invitation to judge the WD nosework, also to Barry Gilbert and wife Linda for stepping in to run the trial. Thanks to all the ladies at the base for looking after us so well, and the ladies in the kitchen for keeping us well fed and watered. Special thanks to my tracklayers, Trevor Smith and Eric Carpenter, who laid the tracks just as I wanted them for the three days, and to Sylvia who laid all the squares. The wind on Friday was horrendous, difficult at times to stand up, this combined with novice handlers and dogs new to the stake proved to be too much for some teams. Sunday was the best day, this was when most dogs got round. I had a straight forward track pattern and square, both with generous articles. Of the 27 who entered 24 competed and 7 teams gained Certificates of Merit.

1st TARNEDGE ROUGH DIAMOND, Lab, and Mr G. Reaney, 191, Q. Charlie sailed round the track, got both articles and four from the square, and with Graham’s experienced handling made the test look easy. 88 + 20 track, 34 square, 5 gun. Well done.

2nd GLENALPINE MOO, CDEx, BC, and Miss P Herbert, 187, Q. Another experienced handler who with the help of Moo worked the track without difficulties. It was lovely to watch. Pity about that 4th article in the square, Moo was on it but just ran out of time. Good qualification. 87 + 20, 28, 5.

3rd CALLISAE SCARCITY, CDEx UDEx, Weim, and Mrs L Coull, 180, Q. Worked on the Saturday in strong winds – Della had to work hard on her track but she kept at it, helped by excellent handling by her owner. Well earned qualification. 82 + 20, 27, 5.

4th ROCKY OF NINE, CDEx, Lab, and Mrs E Francis, 172, Q. Not quite as accurate on the track, with lots of casting and circles, but found both articles and full square. Well done. 77 + 20, 35, 5.

Also gaining Certificates of Merit:

KRIEGERGEIST ADONIS, GSD, handler Karen Sheenan, 168. Karen was delighted with Alfie. Good luck for future trials.

MISTER BEAMISH, WSD, and Dave Marchant, 165.5

SANDY’S OAK, CDEx, Lab and Mrs D Cottrill, 162.5

To be asked to judge other people’s dogs working is a privilege, so thank you for entering and accepting my decisions.



Tracklayers: Tom Darby, Suzanne Plumb, Barry Gilbert.
Squares: Vickie Dixon

Thanks very much to ASPADS for inviting me over to judge. I really enjoyed my weekend, with great accommodation and hospitality. Thanks to Barry, aided by Linda, for all the hard work before, during and after the trial. Thanks to Linda and Mary for running the Base and coping with all the paperwork so efficiently. Thanks to the wonderful team in the kitchen for looking after us so well, Linda, Pat and Liz. Last, but not least, a big thank you to my track layers, Tom, Suzanne and Barry who laid all the tracks so conscientiously. It was much appreciated. And also to Vickie for laying all the squares to perfection in spite of feeling under the weather.

Tracking land varied from relatively short sheep grazed to long, lush silage grass. The weather varied from gale force winds to calm, sunny and warm, with the odd bit of rain here and there.

32 dogs entered, 28 worked, 14 qualified in the Nose work section, with 4 qualifying overall.

1st LUCY GREENGAGE, BC, handled by Mrs D. Turner. Lucy did a super track and followed it with a perfect square in one of the fields with the longest grass. You couldn’t ask for more than that. Very well done. Track 93.5, Articles 30, Square 35, 158.5. Total 201.5.

2nd DREAGANTA ALPHA CENTAURI, BC, handled by Mr. D. Shearer. Wonderful focus and attitude from Alfie, complemented by Doug’s quiet handling. Very well done. 93, 30, 27, 150. Total 197.

3rd STARDELL MUSCA, BC, handled by Mr A. Fox. Musca found tracking in the strong wind difficult and got blown around quite a bit! He made up for it by doing a beautiful search square. Well done. 80, 20, 35, 135. Total 188.

4th MEISTERWERK BRUISER, BC, handled by Ms. R. Bryant. A few scary moments at the start but then settled down and did a lovely track. Well done. 94, 20, 32, 146. Total 186.

Thank you to all who entered. It was a pleasure to stand in such beautiful countryside all weekend and watch your dogs working.



Steward: Pat Parkinson
Trials Manager: Barry Gilbert

Thanks to ASPADS for inviting me to judge at one of my favourite trials. Thanks to Barry for his usual efficient organization and to the ladies in the kitchen for the excellent food provided, and to all who assisted in running the trial, especially Linda and Mary for scoreboading and writing certificates. A big thank you to Pat for stewarding for me.

The weather was very, very windy on the first day and after trying to place the long jump in several different places it simply refused to stay upright so we had no option other than to place it quite close to the wall. I’m sorry if this put some of the dogs off, but it would have been unfair to move it on the second day when the wind had dropped.


1st Richard Musgrave with XANDOA SAM, BC. Only recovered 2 articles from the square but an excellent full point S/A made all the difference today, and 15 points on the agility gave Sam the qualifying marks. Well done. 83.5, COM

2nd Heather Halton with KISDON’S VANDAL, HWV. Herman just managed to keep himself under control to produce a nice square and excellent retrieve. You handled him really well, Heather, and fully deserve this qualification. Well done. 80.5, COM

3rd Angela Moslin with GREAT ARAMIS OF DARK BRIGHTNESS OVER WILDFIRE, BSD. What a shame about the scale. Lovely square and good retrieve followed by an excellent control round. A very capable dog that will be well on his way when he has the confidence to crack the scale. 83.5, NQ

4th Dians Ellis with KENMILLIX SKY’S THE LIMIT, GSD. Nice control round with a brilliant S/A. Will do well when the jumps are sorted. 57, NQ


1st Moria Rogerson with XANDOAS CHANCE, BC. Lost one on the S/A and had a second attempt on the clear jump otherwise faultless. An absolute dream dog heading straight for ticket. Only 20 months old and working like an experienced veteran. Your partnership is a joy to watch. 195, COM

2nd Shirley Frankcom with VAPRESTO DISCOVERY, BSD. Myla showed how the S/A should be done, and apart from a tiny hiccup on the HW her round was fantastic. Following this with almost perfect agility gave her a well deserved qualification. Well done. 188.5, COM

3rd Marie Dixon with THE GODWIT, X-breed. Control generally need a little bit of tiding up but full points agility saved the day. Well done. 178.5, COM

4th Neil Morris with EYLAURHOF NORIS AT TRI VOM NEL, Rott. Full point control round - can’t do better than that. You were both a pleasure to judge. Clean sharp handling and smart performance with total focus. Great. 175, COM

Congratulation to you all. There were several other very good dogs in this stake who just need a little bit of luck on the day as we all do. So keep going - your day will come too.


1st Graham Reaney with TARNEDGE ROUGH DIAMOND, Lab. A competent control round followed by full point agility. Charlie is just beginning to mature now, Graham, and produce some excellent work. Well done. 191, COM

2nd Pat Herbert with GLENALPINE MOO, CDEx. Another very young dog working as if she has competed for years - what a little star. Lost 3 on the control and produced full point agility. She is so busy, busy, busy she really makes me laugh. Another one for the top. She’s just lovely. 187, COM

3rd Liza Coull, CALLISAE WITH SCARCITY, CDEx, UDEx, Weim. A very smart and stylish control round losing only 3 followed by good agility. Dare I say it??? Looks like Callie’s inhibitions on the scale have been sorted. She was certainly very confident today. Well done. 180, COM

4th Eleanor Francis with ROCKY OF NINE, CDEx, Lab. Joe appears to be unsure of what he is doing on the S/A. A little more understanding and confidence will soon have him going. Good luck. 172, COM

Also qualified:



Dave Marchant with MISTER BEAMISH, WSD, 165.5

Di Cottrell with SANDY’S OAK, CDEx, Lab, 162.5


1st Diane Turner with LUCY GREENGAGE, CDEx, UDEx, WDEx, BC. Lucy is really one of life’s tryers. She really does strive to do her best and is a very worthy winner. Very well done. 201.5, COM

2nd Doug Shearer with DREAGANTA ALPHA CENTAURI, BC. Alfie did a competent control round losing only tiny bits and pieces. The long jump proved costly but I’m sure he will crack it soon. Well done. 197, COM

3rd Andrew Fox with STARDELL MUSCA, CDEx, UDEx, WDEx, BC. A lovely control round, losing only 2 on the S/A, followed by excellent full point agility. Well deserves this qualification. Well done. 188, COM

4th Ruth Bryant with MEISTERWERK BRUISER, BC. A little more work required to develop his S/A, and hopefully he will crack the long jump soon. Perhaps he just didn’t get his little bit of luck today yet still managed to qualify. Well done. 186, COM

Congratulations to all the qualifiers in all the stakes. Many other dogs just lost out on bits and pieces, but if the long jump was your downfall today it may well be because of where it was positioned, in which case you will have to blame Him upstairs because of the wind. Keep going. With a little more dedication and polish you can all qualify.

Good luck

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