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Championship Trial
Venue: Scarborough
Trial Held: 02 August 2009

UD, WD, TD Stakes



Tracklayers: Sandra Lewindon and Tom Mills

Steward: Jan Darby

Stay Stewards: Jan Darby, Jane Webb and Yvonne Carpenter

I would like to thank the ASPADS committee for asking me to judge the UD stake at this very well organised Championship Trial. A big thank you to Barry Gilbert for running a very good trial - not an easy job I am sure. But an even bigger thank you must go to Linda Gilbert, because I think without her and all the hard work she puts in behind the scenes this trial wouldn’t happen. My two tracklayers were Sandra and Tom, both gave 110% and were a pleasure to work with. You both gave every competitor a sporting chance, you laid all the tracks accurately and as I wanted. The fields here are not quite flat and so it’s not an easy job especially in heavy rain - thank you. My search steward, control and agility steward and other stay steward was Jan Darby. There’s not a lot to say except she is BRILLIANT! She was consistent in C/A, very precise laying search squares and a very quiet stay steward. Jan, it was a pleasure being with you for 2 days, you worked very hard and sometimes it was without even a thank you from competitors. Jan, thank you for your hard work and smashing company. My other stay stewards were, on Friday, Jane Webb and on Saturday, Yvonne Carpenter; thank you both very much. Of course I must not forget (as I did at the presentation) the ladies in the kitchen who kept us fed and watered in the field; they were Pat, Liz, Sandra and Elaine - thank you.

We had 21 competitors, who all gave a pretty good performance with their dogs. The weather was sunshine on Friday and torrential rain / sunshine on Saturday, the tracking was on lush grass and almost everyone completed their track. The C/A test was straight forward, starting with normal pace heelwork to the sendaway, which was 100 paces to crossed poles against a wall; it looked easy but proved difficult. During normal pace a few people had their hands on their hips as in obedience. At the end of normal pace I advised them not to for the rest of the test; some did, so they lost marks. Stays and jumps were good. On Friday we had 3 teams with 89 for their track but on Saturday we had 3 teams on full marks.

1st Pat Herbert with GLENALPINE MOO, CDEx, BC, B, Q UDEx with 199/200. Only losing 1 mark on the sendaway, Pat and Moo were outstanding, heelwork and general control very good, tracked on rails for a full mark track. This team will go to the top of trials which is where they belong. Well done.

2nd Roseanne Leatham with BILKO’S GLORY CDEx, WSD, D, Q UDEx with 197/200. Sam was handled extremely well by Roseanne, who is only 16. Sam did the sendaway but to the right of where I wanted him, but with 1 redirect whistle he ended up at the base of the poles. Another with a full mark track. Well done.

3rd Karen Bexon with CHOCOLATE LITTLE MAN, CDEx, UDEx, ESS, D, Q UDEx with 195/200. Lost little bits on the control, but nothing on the nosework. It was really heavy rain when Choc tracked but he didn’t put a foot wrong. Although there were 3 full mark tracks I felt that this team had the worst weather to contend with so they were awarded the Best Track Trophy. Well done.

4th Shirley Frankcom with VAPRESTO DISCOVERY CDEx, BSD (Terv), B, Q UDEx with 194.5/200. Nice to watch a very smart control round and full mark jumps, only dropping 3 on nose work. Well Done.

Also qualifying UDEx:

Neil Green-Morris with EYLAUERHOF NOMS AT TRIVOMNEL, Rott, D, 192.5/200

Julia Skipp with ZAK OF SKIPAWAY, WSD, D, 191/200

Chris Trevor with DESMOND DINGO, CDEx, UDEx, Cross, D, 190/200

Moira Rogerson with XANDOAS CHANCE, CDEx, BC, D, 189.5/200

Glenys Page with BRIGLEN JOSS, CDEx, UDEx, BC, D, 189/200

Kath Woolley with ANDSAL EYE CATCHER AT DUNSA, GSP, D, 184/200

Jacquie Hall with NUNNEYSWOOD RHYTHM ‘N’ BLUES, Chesapeake Bay Ret, D, 167/200

Congratulations to everyone who qualified and to those who didn’t, keep training and success will come.




Steward: Pat Parkinson

Tracklayers: Val Upton, Suzanne Plumb and Eric Carpenter

First of all I would like to thank the Society for the invitation to judge the WD stake at their championship trial, thus enabling me to now be eligible to judge ticket. Also my thanks to the following:- Pat for stewarding all 3 days for me, I thoroughly enjoyed your company and thanks for everything; Val, Suzanne and Eric, who superbly on all 3 days laid my track pattern to perfection in somewhat awful conditions - thanks for your expertise and time; Barry Gilbert (Trials Manager), who as per usual with his backroom staff of course ran a very efficient trial, and Linda in the base, who does a fantastic job. To the ladies in the kitchen for keeping us well fed and watered, thank you. I would also like to thank Val Isherwood and Val Upton for your company in the pub on an evening – you are a couple of crackers and the best female double act I have seen in ages. x

Tracking was on a variety of very long grass and clover and thus on the whole together with some wind and rain proved to be the stumbling block for a lot of dogs. My apologies to those that failed the track, I am sure all your dogs are capable of a lot more, was just tough going this year. The retrieve was done before the start of the track.

1st Mr D Olley and LITTLE RAYMOND, Cross, D, 186.5, Q. Dave and Ray had no problems on the nosework and put in a control round that was a pleasure and a privilege to watch and judge. You thoroughly deserve your qualification and win. Well done and good luck for the future, it certainly looks very bright. A team to watch!!

2nd Mr G Reaney and TARNEDGE ROUGH DIAMOND, Lab, D, 177.5, Q. Charlie flew round his track then managed to get 3 from the square. A fair control round ensured a good qualification. Well done Graham, forever a gentleman and makes a change me judging you!!

3rd Mr D Waite and EYLAUERHOF RULA, Rott, B, 169.5, Q. Rula had a very good track but the heat sapped her energy for the square; nevertheless, she managed to get 2 out and went on to put in a very good control round. Well done.

4th Mr F L Campbell and SELDOMSEEN SHEP, WSD, D, 169, Q. Lol and Tye had no problems going round the track ,almost finding it rather easy, but with a slight hiccup on the last leg!!! They were one of only a few teams to get 4 out of the square. A fairly decent control round made sure you qualified, and I was so chuffed for you after the last year you have had healthwise. Well done, mate.

Also qualifying WDEx:-

Mrs M Brothwell and TANGHAM LITTLE RYAN, Cross, D. Well done, Margot and Ryan (He is a real sweetheart).

Finally to all the competitors, thank you for entering under me and giving me the pleasure of judging you and your dogs, and I am truly sorry it was real tough going on the nosework.




Tracklayers: Tom Darby, Mark Lewindon, Graham Brumpton

Steward: June Hines

Many thanks to ASPADS for the invitation to judge at one of my favourite trials. Thanks to Barry and Linda for their professional organisation and friendly approach to running this trial and to all their helpers, in whatever capacity, for making sure everything ran like clockwork. To the kitchen staff for the lovely food made available every time we walked into the base and on the field - many thanks.

My helpers on the field were Tom Darby, Mark Lewindon and Graham Brumpton, who tracklaid through the week in weather conditions ranging from pleasantly dry to extremely wet. June laid search squares and stewarded the control.

The tracking fields varied from shortish grass, to clumpy with nettles and thistles that had to be navigated and then fields with plenty of growth which made tracking easier but the articles more of a problem. Most dogs coped very well but the weather conditions undoubtedly caused some to struggle.

The control round was generally well completed but with the jumps causing the usual hiccups for some. The sendaway was out to the middle of the field with no obvious target for the dogs to see, followed by a redirect to the wall, with variable results in this exercise.

Well done to those who qualified and to those that didn’t on this occasion, I hope you’ve had success in subsequent trials. Thanks to everyone for an enjoyable judging appointment.

1st WTCh GLENALPINE IZZIE AT DALEMAIN, BC, B, handled by Anne Thorpe, 207, Q TDEx. An excellent round by Anne and Izzie made this team worthy winners. Well done to you both, it was a pleasure to watch.

2nd Ir WTCh COLLIEWOOD BROWN EYES BLUE, WSD, B, handled by Diana Collie, 202.5, Q TDEx. Another good round. They tracked in the long grass, missing an article in the square, which would have made all the difference. Well done, Diana.

3rd PRIDE OF THE GLEN, Golden Retriever, D, handled by Alison Pollard, 200, Q TDEx. Well done to you both, I could see that you were so pleased with Bailey.

4th SID THE LEMON SQUEEZER, BC, D, handled by Andy Baker, 198, Q TDEx. Won the run-off for 4th place. Another team that made the most of their round; well done, Andy.

Also qualifying TDEx:

VILLAGE KING, GSP, D, Janette Sayer, 198


MEADOWMILL TRAVIS, Lab, D, Sue Redshaw, 194.5


SUNSHINE ANTIC, BC, D, Nick Williams, 192

PENRITH NELL, Lab, B, Carole Hall, 190

CANDLEWIND ROMULUS, BC, D, June Raymond, 190

WTCh GLENALPINE JED, BC, D, Jean Howells, 189

STYPERSON EBONY, Lab, B, Sheila Tannert, 187.5


JASUETER RED GARNET, GSD, B, Jill Carruthers, 187

HEX AT CARFELD, BC, B, Yvonne Carpenter, 186.5


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