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Championship Trial
Venue: Scarborough
Trial Held: 03 August 2014





Steward: Fran Atkin

 Many thanks to ASPADS for inviting me to judge and to Barry Gilbert, Trials Manager, Liz Stewart, Liz Mills, Dianne Turner and Sophie in the kitchen and Jan Darby, Linda Gilbert and Mary Hardacre manning the base. Also, thank you to the farmers, without whom our sport would not continue. Special thank you to Fran who again stewarded for me.

We had 21 entries, 19 worked. I set a very straight forward test with generous articles in the nosework, which meant that qualifying marks were obtained by nearly all the teams, giving them confidence to continue into the control. The control was also carried out well; stays and agility were the downfall of those that didn’t qualify.

After two run offs, comprising sendaways in the car park, we had five qualifiers.

 1st Ann Clarke with TADMARTON EVITA, 91 Q.

2nd Ray Lea with GOOD GOLLY MISS MOLLY, 91, Q

3rd Chris Trevor handling RODWELL BLACK PRINCE for Mr C Easom, 85, Q

4th Yvonne Carpenter handling DRAC AT CARFELD, 80.5, Q

 Also qualified:

Jenny Holt handling BEELAHOLT BRIAR, 80.5




Tracklayers: Tom Mills and Steve Banfather

Steward: Tracey Park

 I would like to thank ASPADS for asking me to judge UD championship at Scarborough; Barry, Linda and team run a smooth trial, all in stunning surroundings. The ladies in the kitchen, Liz Stewart, Teresa Musgrave and Liz Mills, kept us well fed - nothing was too much trouble, whatever we wanted to eat or drink we got. Thank you.

I was lucky to have Tracey Park steward for me, though I did need a translator – thanks, Julz. Tracey knows so much about trials and just got on and did a superb job. Thank you so much, great company.

My track layers were Tom Mills and Steve Banfather; thank you, Tom, for tracklaying with Steve. I like the fact you go out and find your own land - good job, guys.

I had 16, running eight each day. The weather was dry but windy. Control was in the morning, and then tracking on grass, eight legs, a box in a box, one angle.

 1st Jon Felicien with VONLUCIANHAN ARMAGEDDON, CDEx, BSD Malinois, (Junior), 194.5, Q. This pair produced a perfect control round, not losing a mark. Once Jon believes his dog on the track there will be no stopping them. Relax, Jon, let the dog track, he is more than capable. Followed by a full mark square.

2nd Bridget Montague with CRISELLA DELTA DUFFY, CDEx, Lab, (Duffy), 191.5, Q. A nice round by a very good team. It was a joy to watch them tracking on a very steep field. Well done.

3rd Pat Parkinson with WAGGERLAND MY SHADOW CDEx, WSD, (Shadow), 192, Q. Another lovely control round followed by a smooth track, missing one in the search. Well done, Pat.

4rd Kate Peyton with ASTLEY FLEET, CDEx, BC, (Fleet), 184, Q. Jumps need sorting, which I am sure Kate will do; the rest was good. Very nice nosework round.


Also qualifying UDEx:

Roger Shrimpton STARDELL ZUBEN, BC, (Ben), 173.


Thank you to all the competitors for entering under me and accepting all of my decisions. Well done to all those that qualified; to those who didn’t, better luck next time.



Tracklayers: Mike Williams and Richard Musgrave

Steward: Pat Parkinson

 First I would like to thank ASPADS for asking me to judge WD at Scarborough - I must say I had a great time. I would like to thank Barry Gilbert for running such a great trial, Linda Gilbert, Jan Darby and Mary Hardacre for running the base so everything went very smoothly. I must also thank Mike Williams and Richard Musgrave for laying my tracks perfectly and also for their great company; a very big thank you to Pat Parkinson for laying my squares also perfectly and also her great company. Thank you to the ladies in the kitchen for looking after us, and last but not least a big thank you to the competitors for making it a fabulous weekend.

 1st Margaret Robinson and JUST ARRAN AT TRENTVALLEY, 198. What a fantastic dog. I struggled to take points from this team, hence them getting a full point control round - very impressive.

2nd Ann Bedford and VYTENSA BORDER REIVER, 188. Another beautiful round and what a stunning looking GSD Diesel is; I am sure they are going far.

3rd Graham Blake and TOBIAS COLLIER, 182.5. After a run off with Jacquie Hall, Graham came out third. Lovely round, just such a shame when Toby brought out the last article so nicely Graham didn’t believe it was an article and threw it away! Lesson well learnt, I’m sure Graham won’t be doing that again.

4th Jacquie Hall and LITTLE ASHER, 182.5. What a lovely dog Asher is; it was a pleasure to watch such a happy team. It is always nice to see dog and handler so in tune with each other. Well done to you both.


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