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Championship Trial
Venue: Scarborough
Trial Held: 04 August 2013


Judge: Suzanne Plumb

Search and Control Stewards: Julz Findeisen and Pat Hodgkins

I would like to express my thanks to the Committee for the invitation to judge the CD stake and to Barry Gilbert for running the trial.  Also, my thanks to everyone involved at the base organizing the competitors, scores, certificates, catering etc.

The two grass fields we worked in were on the cliff top overlooking the sea.  Blues skies, sunshine and a slight breeze on both days made a very enjoyable judging experience for me and hopefully a good day out for the competitors and their dogs.  As there was a selection of small dogs entered I decided to work them first, because adding the height to the jumps seemed easier to do.  All the dogs qualified the nosework section and the control was well done; stays and agility let a few down - the long jump particularly, as some dogs were not confident to clear it.

Thanks go to Julz (Saturday) and Pat (Sunday) for laying the squares, stewarding the C/A and the down stay.  You both did an excellent job.  

Finally, I did enjoy judging you all, seeing your different breeds working in their own styles, and if you were not successful this time, never mind - with a bit more training I am sure you will qualify CDEx on another day.

Now to the qualifiers:

1st      Mrs S A Hughes with OLDOAK YULETIDE BLIZZARD, OES, 95, CDEx.  I do admire Sue because she has stuck with and worked this breed in trials for a lot of years.  Chewing of the articles lost two points and three more lost on the control.  I loved her jumping style.  Congratulations on your win.

2nd      Mr A Fox with STARDELL MUSCIDA, BC, 94, CDEx.  Just half a point lost on the square, three points off the control and second attempt at the long jump.  Well done.

3rd       Mrs J Freeman with ASHLINDT ARRAN, BC, 93.5, CDEx.  Another good square losing half a point, one point off the retrieve but no long jump marks.  I could not take a mark off the control, wonderful to watch.

4th       Mrs A Trodd with POMELO GELERT AT CHELASA, KCCS, 80.5, CDEx.  This little spaniel was such a character.  The gundog in him came out as he walked down to his square and saw a bird fly across the field, he just had to go and see if he could find it.  Once in his square he quickly found articles and luckily he didn’t see the hare that stood and watched him do it!  I know you were over the moon getting the qualification with him, Ann.  Well done.

Also qualifying CDEx:

Mrs D Yeatman with LLANWOPS TARGA AT ROMSEY, Lab, 80.5

Mrs L J Coull with CALLISAE EXCLUSIVE, Weim, 78.5





Tracklayers: Tracey Park and Eric Carpenter

Steward: Liz Mills

Thank you to ASPADS for asking me to judge, and to Barry Gilbert, a very efficient and helpful Trials Manager.  Thank you to Linda Gilbert, Jan Darby and Mary Hardcastle for all their hard work at base, and to all the ladies in the kitchen, who kept us so well fed.

Thank you to Eric and Tracey, who laid excellent tracks, giving all the dogs every chance of success.  A special thank you to Liz, who was a first class steward, both for the C/A and the squares.  You were all great company.  Lastly, to the competitors, who I enjoyed judging, thank you, and well done to the qualifiers; to the others, who will soon qualify, good luck in the future.

We started with the stays and three dogs broke.  Next was the C/A, and five dogs qualified in this section.  Tracking was on well grown grass; five dogs qualified on the nosework, but sadly only two dogs qualified overall, out of nine competing.

1st Carol Grant with DREAGANTA ROB, BC, D, 186.5, Q.  Robbie did a very steady track, well handled by Carol, gaining 87.5 + 20 and 33 for the search square.  A lovely control round, only losing three marks, with 14 for the agility, Robbie failing the long jump.  A very well-deserved win.

2nd Julie Paul with DIANDIE SUMMER STORM, GSD, D, 171, Q.  Another steady track for 82 + 20, and then 17 for the search square, with Percy recovering three articles, but work is needed on the holding and mouthing.  An excellent control round, with 9 for the sendaway and a full mark retrieve.  Half a mark was lost on the agility for anticipation on the handler’s return.  Very well done.

3rd Irene Seymour with HAUSBAILEY KALAB, GSD, D, 178, NQ.  Our sad story of the day, as Xamm broke the stay at 9.5 minutes.  He did the best track, with 88 + 20, and 33 for the square, and full mark heelwork, retrieve and jumps.  Well done.

4th Judith Stamp with LITTLE MADAM MABELLINE, Cross, B.  This little springer / collie cross worked her heart out on the track.  It was a joy to watch, gaining 87 + 20, and then 25 for the square, where she didn’t get her head down but still found three articles, with nice clean pickups and retrieves.  Good control, but sadly failed the agility, but not from lack of ability.  Good luck for the next time, and well done.

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