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Open Trial
Venue: Scarborough
Trial Held: 12 May 2013


Stakes: TD, WD, UD and Intro.

As usual I would like to start by thanking all my team of helpers this year.  So a big thank you goes to:-

Jan Derby and Mary Hardacre for running the base smoothly as usual, and Mary again for flying about stewarding stays, collecting scores, shopping and writing out the certificates so beautifully.

The kitchen staff for keeping us all fed throughout the week; Liz Stewart, Teresa Musgrave, My Wifey, Liz, and Pat Parkinson for doing the main shop before the trial.

Dave Stewart for all his help and advice, being my right hand man and general dogsbody, mopping up all those odd jobs that need to be done, leaving me more time to swan about being important!

My Wifey, Liz, for putting up with me and all her hard work processing the entries, organising the accommodation and a multitude of other administrative tasks.

I’d also like to thank the judges, who have all been a pleasure to work with: Vana Moody, TD; Dave Olley, WD and Sheila Margreaves, UD and Intro.  And all the tracklayers and stewards, spending hours on end out there in the fields.  I’ll leave it to the judges to thank them individually.

Also thanks to everybody else not already mentioned who helped in any way, shape or form at the trial, who all gave up their free time to so that the trial could run. 

Now the main problem this year was down to the weather again.  As we all know, we had a very cold spell during "spring"; this had stunted the grass growth.  One of our regular farmers greeted me with the words, "Well Lad, I don’t know where you are going to go, I’ve got nought for thee".  He was struggling to find grazing for his sheep and had not yet been able to close his fields off for a silage crop.  Another farmer’s land had all just been sprayed.  Hence it looked as though we were going to be short of land on which to run the trial!  However, on explanation of this situation to another farmer, he came to the rescue, moving sheep and shutting stock out of fields, to provide us with necessary land.  So obviously a huge thank you to him and the other farmers whose land we use.     

And finally on a more sombre note, on the last day of the trial one of our regular helpers was involved in a serious road traffic accident; fortunately they were relatively un-hurt physically, but this unsurprisingly caused a few hiccups as we coped with the evolving situation.  So apologies for these, but we must keep this in perspective against the lasting effects that an accident of this nature can inflict on family and friends.  Our thoughts are with all those who have been affected by this event.

That said, thank you for the competitors for coming - I hope you enjoyed the trial.





Thanks go to the committee of ASPADS and Tom Mills (Trials Manager) for asking me to judge the introductory stake, and to the ladies in the kitchen for looking after our catering needs, and to the base stewards, Jan and Mary, for the marks.

Weather conditions were very difficult, with severe winds and rain.

Introductory Stake:

Steward: Sandra Lewindon

Thanks go to Sandra Lewindon for stewarding both squares and C/A. 

7 entered, 6 Ran

1st PRINCE TYE, WSD, handled by Mr G Fozzard, 79, NQ

2nd DUVESSA VIOLET QUEEN, Min Bull Terrier, handled by Mr D Gumm, 72, NQ

3rd DIANDIE SUMMER ROSE, GSD, handled by Mrs F Pinder, 84, NQ

4th COCAINE Z KOVARNY, BSD, handled by Angela Moslin, 72, NQ

I hope this gives the newcomers an insight into what working trials are all about; all the best for the future in this dog sport.



Tracklayers: Ann Bedford and Lorraine Wilson

Steward: Suzanne Plumb

Thanks go to Suzanne Plumb for stewarding both nosework and control, and to Ann Bedford and Lorraine Wilson for laying the tracks.

1st DAINDIE SUMMER STORM, GSD, handled by Mrs J A Paul, 182.5, Q

2nd CLEYNEHAGE ON THE TILES, Golden Retriever, handled by Mrs T Eaton, 175, NQ

3rd CHASING A DREAM, WSD, handled by Kim Astbury, 173, NQ

4th TESSA THE MESSA, ESS, handled by Chris Greenhalgh, 166, NQ

All the best for the future





Tracklayers: Mark Lewindon, Steve Banfather, Richard Musgrave and Ann Bedford

Search and Control Steward: Kate Peyton

Thanks to ASPADS for the invitation, and to Tom Mills for doing a super job as trials manager, with the support of his great team.  Thanks also to the farmers for being so generous with land after such a harsh period of bad weather.

There were twenty one entries; judging was made easier by my steward and tracklayers and a great bunch of competitor, so a big thank you to you all.

1st Miss S Rawson, RYANS DAUGHTER, X-Breed, 195.5, Q.  A super dog, well handled, with a fantastic nose.

2nd Miss J Hall, LITTLE ASHAN, X-Breed, 192.5, Q.  Another good team working well in tough conditions.

3rd Mrs E Arch, JASPER THE COWPE CRUSADER, WSD, 190, Q.  Nice team to watch.  Well done.

4th Ms S A Toynbee, HUNDWITH DUTIFUL, Weim, 185, Q.  A good working team.

Also qualifying.

Mr M Snowden, STARDELL SIRIUS, BC, 183.5


Mr N Smith, THREENINES ALEX, Mali, 173.




Tracklayers: Tom Darby, Eric Carpenter, Rita Banfather, Mark Lewindon

Search Steward: Pat Parkinson

C/A Steward: Rita Banfather

Thank you to ASPADS for inviting me to judge TD.  Well done to Tom Mills and his team running a great trial.

Liz Mills, Theresa Musgrave, Liz Stuart were splendid in the kitchen, fattening me up!  Mary and Jan at base put competitors where they should be, and scores and certificates were ready in a very short time.

Rita Banfather was an excellent C/A steward for four days, and stood in, as well as Mark Lewindon, to lay tracks when we had to lose a tracklayer on the last day.  Pat Parkinson laid squares - great getting her out of the kitchen.  Tom Darby and Eric Carpenter laid tracks in their usual impeccable way, Dave Stewart stay stewarded for 3 days, and it was wonderful to have Pat Hodgkins, looking good, on the field for the stays.  Thank you all on behalf of the competitors, society and myself for your time and great company. 

Least said about the weather the better!!!  Freezing and a constant gale Thursday and Friday took its toll on the tracking.  Saturday was the best day, dropping back on Sunday to windy and damp.  The standard on the jumps was poor for this level, with only 5 dogs getting full marks.  Sendaway was 100 yards straight out to the wall, 100 yards redirect to the right; generally the results were disappointing.

1st Gary Atkins with GLENALPINE PETE, BC, 205, Q.  An excellent performance

2nd Sarah Burroughs with TARNEDGE VELVET, Lab, 199, Q.  Another good performance

3rd Anne Shepherd with MILLIE MOONBEAM, X-Breed, 191, Q.  Third after a run off - well done

4th Vic Snook with LITTLE MICA, X-Breed, 191, Q.  Good work

Well done to you all; to those not qualifying - it won’t be long.

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