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Championship Trial
Venue: Scarborough
Trial Held: 31 July 2011



Square and Control Stewards: Sandra Lewindon and Yvonne Carpenter

Sandra and I have enjoyed coming to Scarborough for too many years to think about, and we always try to get to both the open and championship trials every year.  We both love the area and the people are always very friendly.  When I was invited to judge the CD stake, I without hesitation agreed and would like to thank the ASPADS committee for the invitation.  Barry Gilbert is undoubtedly one of the most experienced trials managers in the business and, with the help of Linda, the trial always runs like clockwork.  The kitchen, under the experienced hand of Pat Parkinson, together with Liz and Judy, keeps the food coming - everyone is well fed.

There were 16 entries with all of the teams attempting the test.  We started with the nosework and retrieve that were undertaken in a pasture field with a thick covering of clover.  The search articles were a wooden curtain ring and generous pieces of cable and cloth.  Twelve of the teams recovered all three articles, one team recovered two and the remaining three teams only recovered one article.  Unfortunately some enthusiastic recoveries led to mouthing and dropping of articles and the dumbbell.  This proved costly to two of the teams leaving eleven qualifying in the nosework section. 

The control field was reasonably flat with a good covering of grass.  I set the heelwork and recall pattern in a 20 yard square with the heelwork being executed around the square and the recall diagonally across it.  The sendaway was 60 yards from one corner of the square to crossed poles set against an obvious field boundary.  14 of the teams attempted the control round.   Of those, eight achieved 9 or 10 for the sendaway, only one team achieved full marks for the jumps with a further five teams gaining sufficient marks to qualify in the agility section.  Ten teams attempted the stay exercises with seven achieving full marks for the sit and five full marks for the down.  Overall two teams qualified CDEx and two CD. 

I was very impressed with the quality of the dogs and there were undoubtedly some good prospects for the future - I was particularly pleased to see some very highly driven GSD’s.  One thing that stands out at Scarborough in the CD is the use of two stewards.  I was very lucky to have Sandra and the extremely experienced Yvonne.  For the search exercise, whilst one was laying a square and bringing up her competitor, the other stewarded the square that she had laid and the retrieve.  This kept things moving and made sure that no one got lost.  I adopted a similar system for the control with one steward identifying the next competitor, filling in details on the score sheet and bringing the competitor, and the score sheet, for me to judge the round.  She then stewarded her competitor’s round whilst the other steward prepared the next competitor.  This was intended to put the competitors at ease and keep things moving.  Feedback was generally positive and I would use the system again.   I would like to thank Sandra and Yvonne for stewarding for me; it was their hard work that kept things moving so smoothly.  I would also like to thank the competitors for entering and accepting my decisions with good grace. 

1st Joan Snowden with Jes - GLENALPINE JES, BC, B.  I know that you have worked hard to get the scale with Jes and my heart was in my mouth as she went over.  In the end, the only team with full marks jumps and control - a worthy winner achieving 99.5 and qualifying CDEx.

2nd Sarah Burroughes with Esther - TARNEDGE VELVET, Lab, B.  Very well handled only losing odd points in each of the sections, qualifying CDEx with 92.5 points. 

3rd Sue Pickering with Tali – WIZALAND MYSTICAL GIRL, BC, B.  Another nice dog well handled by a sympathetic handler.  Losing only odd points throughout but unfortunately not completing the down stay, ending up qualifying CD with 79 points. 

4th Tanya Whorwood with Red - ROMAINVILLE LEWIS, GSD, D.  One of the very lively GSD’s competing and giving his all.  He just couldn’t wait to do his bit!!  Losing odd marks in all of the exercises as a result of pure exuberance, and not completing the down stay, meant that Red qualified CD with 72 points. 





Tracklayers: Tom Mills, Steve Banfather

Search Square: Judy Meekings

Control Steward: Wendy Craven

Thank you to ASPADS for the invitation to judge UDEx, also to Barry Gilbert and his team at the base for running an excellent trial.  My thanks to the Kitchen staff who kept us well fed throughout the Trial.  A big thank you to my tracklayers, Tom and Steve, my search steward, Judy, and control steward, Wendy, who did an excellent job and were great company.

11 entered, 11worked, 7 qualified

1st Mr D Salisbury with PADDY OF THE NORTH, GSD, 195. Q.  A young dog in experienced hands.  Congratulations on your win.

2nd Mr A Bexon with FLY BY NIGHT MAN, WSD, 194, Q.  This team’s consistency and accuracy gained a well deserved 2nd place.  Well done.

3rd Mrs C McRae with TRACELYN LADY IN BLACK BY ZOOX, GSD, 194, Q.  This team’s tracking was a pleasure to watch.  Well done on your place.

4th Mrs P Quinn with LADY SUSANNE OF ROYALTAIN, GSD, 193, Q.  Another nice track, a well deserved qualification with this lovely dog.

Also qualified UDEx:

Mr M Cammidge with BROWN JACK

CC West Midlands Police LIMASMYTHE ENNYA, handled by Mr P Thornton


Thank you to the competitors for making this stake a pleasure to judge.  Well done to all the qualifiers, and good luck to you all in future trials.




Tracklayers: Tom Darby, Tom Mills, Eric Carpenter, Jeff Margreaves

Search Stewards: Pat Hodgkins, Liz Mills, Mary Hardacre

Control and Agility Steward: Pat Hodgkins

Thanks to ASPADS for the invitation to judge the TD Stake at their Scarborough Championship trial, and for the hospitality, which was first class throughout.

Trials Manager Barry Gilbert, as you would expect, organised a very well run and happy trial, assisted in no small way, I am sure, by wife Linda.

Pat Parkinson organised the catering, and I must say that the choice and quality of food available would be very hard to beat.  Pat was assisted in the kitchen by Liz Mills, Diane Turner, Suzanne Plumb, Gill Shrimpton and Tom Mills, and I’m sure others got involved during the week.  Your hard work was very much appreciated, I’m sure, by competitors, helpers and judges alike.  It can make such a difference to the atmosphere at a trial.   Welcoming competitors at the base were Linda Gilbert, Jan Darby and Mary Hardacre.

Tracklayers were Tom Darby (5 days), Tom Mills (4 days - Tom thought he was only going to lay the spare on the first day!), Eric Carpenter (4 days) and Jeff Margreaves (1 day); sharing the search stewards’ duties were Pat Hodgkins, Liz Mills and Mary Hardacre, and Pat also stewarded the Control and Agility.  With a team like this I was very confident that all competitors would have as equal a chance as possible, and I am very grateful to you all.  You were good company, a pleasure to be with, and a credit to our sport.  On behalf of the competitors and myself I would like to thank you all again for all your time and efforts.

The weather over the six days varied from heavy drizzle, fog and sea fret to brilliant warm sunshine, with light winds throughout.  Nosework was on grass, which was either knee high underlaid with clover, or lush and ankle deep; this caused me some concern as to whether such a difference would make the articles fair for both.  As it turned out we had in comparison more failures on the lush grass, with the highest track mark coming from the long grass.  Tracking conditions throughout the week were near perfect and after the second day it became clear that there were going to be a lot of nosework qualifiers; of the fifty eight entries, fifty five took part in the nosework, and of these forty four had qualifying marks.  Sunday was going to be a very long day!

The track, in theory, was one thousand paces with twenty one legs.  Track articles were:- mat 3/8" x 2" long, rubber 3/8" x 1.25" long and underfelt 0.75" x 1.25" long, all green.  Search articles were:- string 3" long, plastic 0.25" x 2.25" long, hosepipe 1" long and cloth 1" x 1.25", again all green.

The weather on Sunday was fine and sunny, with thankfully no sea fret.  With so many nosework qualifiers it was important that the events of the day ran with minimum delay.  I would like to congratulate Barry and his team on how this was carried out.  There was a running order draw for all nosework qualifiers, the twelve with the highest marks first, followed by the stays, which were organised by stay stewards Linda Gilbert, Jean Howells, Jan Darby, Mary Hardacre, Sheila Margreaves, Tom Mills and Jeff Margreaves, in an adjacent field, while the last of the twelve was working.  When I  arrived in the field it was some sight, with around forty dogs in the line-up and all ready to go.  All went well, with just one dog breaking, which was a shame as it had very good nosework marks.  Competitors came forward to work with their control and agility sheet made out with their details and dog’s position on the other side of the scale.  This was co-ordinated by Linda Gilbert and Arthur Jeal.  All this saved a great deal of time during the day.  Thank you all again.

With no non-qualifiers to start off with Judy Meekings and Rita Banfather, although qualifying, volunteered to go first – thank you both.  The control round started with slow then fast pace, finishing at a pole.  The dogs were left at this pole and the handler accompanied me about twenty paces to the start of the sendaway.  After I had explained the sendaway they were asked to get their dog to speak.  This was followed by the sendaway, which was 150 of my paces straight out to a small heap of hay, then re-direct left 150 paces at right angles to a wall.  Then normal pace heelwork to the jumps.  All very basic, but with so many qualifiers I did not want anything complicated that might slow things down.

The standard of work was, as you would expect, high, although the sendaway and speak were a problem for some.  Overall I was very pleased with the outcome and quite relieved that there were  no run-offs!

I would like to pay special tribute to my Control and Agility steward, Pat Hodgkins.  Pat, you were just great and kept things going very well indeed throughout what was a very long day.  You must have been very tired by the end, but never wavered.  Thank you again.

At the end thirty two competitors with qualifying marks had their certificates beautifully written out by Mary Hardacre.

Thank you again ASPADS for a most enjoyable week.

1st and CC winner Tony Lockyer with LAWINICK COME AND GET IT AT HARTSHILL, GSD, 211, Q TDEx.  Track 95, articles 30, search 34, control 32, agility 20.  Congratulations on winning the CC, the first of many, I’m sure.  Last to work on Saturday with no problems at all; lovely track followed by a very good search square.  Better than average control and agility, with a super sendaway, all added up to their success on the day.  You must have been very pleased, Tony.  Best of luck with her at the KCC’s.

2nd Margot Brothwell with TANGHAM LITTLE RYAN, Cross-breed, 210, Q TDEx.  94.5, 30, 33, 32.5, 20.  Tracked in the long grass on Saturday; just checked a couple of times on the previous day’s tracks, otherwise no problems, followed by a very good search square.  One of the best sendaways on Sunday – you and Ryan are consistently getting very good results, and I’m sure the top spot will not be far off.  Very well done and congratulations again on the reserve CC.

3rd John Wykes with KIPCROFT RED KYLE OF TARNFORCE, BC, 209.5, Q TDEx.  98.5, 30, 34.5, 26.5, 20.  First time in Ticket for young Kyle and for me produced the best nosework of the trial.  Tracks just like his dad, very steady with full concentration – lovely to watch – followed by one of the best search squares I have seen.  I am sure you were very pleased with him, John.  Inexperience on the sendaway spoilt what would have been a exceptional result.  Your turn will come without a doubt.  Very well done and good luck in the future.

4th Tony Lockyer with WTCh DOUBLE TOP AT HARTSHILL, WSD, 209, Q TDEx.  96, 30, 34, 30, 19.  Another Saturday track in a very contaminated field, but Gyp with his vast experience sorted it out with no real problem.  Four out of the search square in no time left them in a very good position for the C/A on Sunday.  History would have been made I am sure but for a bit of confusion on the sendaway.  Nevertheless, a very good result.  Well done.

Also Qualified TDEx:


Sue Ashby with THE TITAN, 207

Liz de Unger with STYPERSON ROYCE, Lab, 207

Nick Williams with SUNSHINE ANTIC, WSD, 207

Moira Rogerson with XANDOAS CHANCE, BC, 206.5

Dave Olley with LITTLE RAYMOND, Cross-breed, 205

Pat Williams with SUNSHINE PIP, Cross-breed, 204

Suzanne Plumb with WTCh COLLIEWOOD CAVALLERO, WSD, 203

Margaret Robinson with JUST FRANKIE AT TRENTVALLEY, WSD, 203

Mike Williams with MARINA BENS PAL, Cross-breed, 201.5

Andrew Fox with STARDELL MUSCA, BC, 200.5

Laura Bardwell with POLLGINA JACKSON MCBRIDE, Lab, 200

Kath Woolley with ANDSAL EYE CATCHER AT DUNSA, GSP, 199.5

Julie Skipp with ZAK OF SKIPAWAY, WSD, 197

Pat Parkinson with WTCh CARISHILL HYACINTH, Golden Ret, 196.5

Maeve Weselby with STYPERSON GILLIE, Lab, 196.5

Cath Phillips with TYGUARD CHILLI AT MANPOL, GSD, 196

Miriam Lyons with KALIYON CAOIBHE, BC, 196

Wendy Beasley with STARDELL LUNAR, BC, 194.5

Paul Beasley with STARDELL SPICA, BC, 193.5

Yvonne Carpenter with HEX AT CARFELD, BC, 191.5

Glenys Page with BRIGLEN JOSS, BC, 191.5

Sheila Tannert with STYPERSON CLEO, Lab, 191.5

Diane Ling with DEBEN LITTLE TOM, Cross-breed, 191

Jenny Holt with HULLATER BROCK, WSD, 187

Diane Turner with LUCY GREENGAGE, BC, 187

Chris Trevor with DESMOND DINGO, Cross-breed, 182

Qualified TD:

Judy Meekings with STYPERSON BRIG AT WINDLEBROOK, Lab, 171

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