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Open Trial
Venue: Scarborough
Trial Held: 09 May 2010



Tracklayers: Steve Banfather, Barry Gilbert and Tom Darby

Steward: Teresa Musgrave

Cobwebs duly dusted off, I undertook the judging appointment given to me by ASPADS.  There I was trying to quietly return to our wonderful hobby and along with my ASPADS membership card came a judging job.  I am grateful to ASPADS for (risking?)  allowing me to start judging again, and feel very privileged to take part in our sport once more.

My thanks to the ASPADS committee for the invitation and to Linda and Barry Gilbert for running such a good trial.  They coped so well, even when Mr Brown tried to disrupt things by calling an election and needing our base for a voting station.  Jan looked after all things administrative at base and, as I have quickly come to recognise, does a wonderful job at many venues besides this one.  Food was prepared by Liz and Pat at the base; it was great stuff and most welcome.  Thank you.

My very able tracklayers were Steve, Barry and Tom. Many thanks for laying the tracks exactly as required and watching over them with me so I could judge them correctly.  My wife, Teresa, took on the job of square layer and then control steward, and did a remarkable job, remembering how little experience she has of Working Trials. I  am not sure which of the three of us was the most nervous when the first competitor came on to do the first control round.

There were probably other helpers at the trial that made it so good, thank you, and apologies for not having your names.


Three entered and all three ran.  I set a very straight forward test and allowed as much leeway as I could under the rules.  All three dogs had some problems but also areas where things are coming along.  They all retrieved all the articles from the square but lost marks for the general way the dogs did this exercise.

1st Mr P A Sharp and Miss A Moslin, with GREAT ARAMIS OF DARK BRIGHTNESS OVER WILDFIRE, BSD(Groen), D, handled by Miss Moslin.  Q, 81.5.  Just gaining enough marks for Certificate of Merit.

2nd Mr N Green-Morris with STORMHOUSE ARISTA, Rott, B, NQ, 74.  Nicely handled, just not enough marks on the day.

3rd Mr Willcock, MURPHY MAGNUS LUMMOX, WSD, D, NQ, 67.5.  Lack of control on the basics cost dearly, but did a very good sendaway.

Thank you to the three of you for competing in a good spirit and tackling the round in a positive fashion.  Good luck as you go forward.


Twenty three entered, seventeen ran.  As this stake is often the first one for the dog, the handler or both, it is appropriate to set a very straight forward test.  The weather we encountered for the three days of the UD competition was pretty good; at least we didn’t have to contend with early morning mist which caused problems for the TD control at times.

The control round came first with varying degrees of success.  I know nerves play a significant part in our sport and affect the work on the day.  It would probably benefit many new handlers to put a few obedience rounds in to get you and your dog used to the hustle and bustle of competing.  One or two handlers were so nervous I was worried they might stray over the cliff edge as they became transfixed in what they were attempting, to the total exclusion of all else.  There seemed to be a clear distinction between the heelwork and retrieve exercises and sendaway.  Lots of dogs were hardly with the handler during the heelwork but then did a full point sendaway.

Tracking was on grass, some of which had been rolled some time before and some lightly spread some time ago (several months I am told).  The tracking went well for the most part, with the eventual winner doing a wonderful track.  Special note to Mark with Rostov, really good to watch, and Jim with Thai, who kindly stepped forward to save a track and then did a full point round.

1st Mrs J Sayer, TAZ OF HOLLOWGATE, WSD, D, Q, 196.5.  A really good all round performance topped with a particularly good round of nosework.  A pleasure to watch.  Well done!

2nd Mrs J E Lewis, CLEARAFORA VARZIELA,  Estrella, B, 177, Q.  The first time I had come across an Estrella.  This enormous dog put up a terrific performance.  The jumps in particular were well done as she did them with such precision.

3rd Mrs J E Lewis, RUSHBOTTOM RHYNESTON BROWS, ASD, D, 177, Q.  Another good solid round from this handler, who tied with her other dog for second and third place. 

4th Mr L Wightman, PRETTYPOINT’S ANCI, Hung Vizsla, B, 176, Q.   It is always good to see different breeds doing well in trials.  This Hungarian Vizsla was the fourth different breed to qualify in the UD stake. A really tidy, quiet round.

My thanks to all the competitors who came along and had a go and allowed me to be part  of your weekend.  I hope to see you all at trials venues in the future and share the nerves with you.




Tracklayers: Tom Mills, Yvonne Carpenter, Mark Lewindon

Search Square/Control Steward: Janine Atkinson

Thank you to ASPADS for the invitation to judge WD, also to Barry Gilbert for running an excellent Trial.  My thanks to Jan and Linda at the base and Pat and Liz in the kitchen, who kept us well fed throughout the trial.  A big thank you to my tracklayers, Tom, Yvonne and Mark, also my steward, Janine, who did an excellent job laying the squares and stewarding the control round.

27 entered, 21 worked, 6 qualified.  The tracking was on grass, however, the weather conditions took their toll on dogs getting round the tracks.  My thanks to all the teams who worked for making judging a pleasure.  I wish you all good luck in the future.  

1st Mrs J Sewell with BRYN OF HARWOOD DALE, WSD, 193, Q.  An excellent track followed by the loss of only 3 marks on the control round, making this team worthy winners.

2nd Mrs D Turner with STARDELL SUBRA, CDEx, BC, 191.5, Q.  This team’s tracking was consistent and accurate, with another good control round.  Well done.

3rd Mr J Tait with PINFOLD FLY, WSD, 189.5, Q.  The best nosework of the 3 days was produced by this team.  Well done

4th Mrs C Woods with PARAVELL ILLUSION, GSD, 183, Q.  Another nice track, a well deserved qualification with this lovely dog.

Also qualified:






Tracklayers: Tom Darby and Eric Carpenter

Search and Control Steward: Pat Hodgkins

Thank you to ASPADS Working Trials Society for the invitation to judge at my local trial.  Many thanks to Barry Gilbert for the organisation put in before, during and after the trial, also to your team, Jan Darby, Linda Gilbert, Pat Parkinson, Liz Mills and numerous others who helped to make sure the trial ran smoothly.

Over the five days worked the weather was cold with a strong wind coming off the sea but no rain.  The Ravenscar sea fret only visited us on Thursday morning and the dogs that worked that day managed to head off confidently into the sea fog and appear back when called (I had placed two large white poles in the field just in case there was a fret).  We started with the Control and Agility in a field on the cliff top, and I set out a flowing round that tested the dogs’ ability to work with the handlers past the jumps, and included a figure of eight at fast pace around some poles.  I was looking for teams that showed they could work together and enjoy their round.  Thanks to Pat for her mammoth effort stewarding.

The fields for the tracks were grass.  I enjoyed the company of Tom and Eric, two very experienced tracklayers.  Their tracklaying was spot on, allowing me to relax and to concentrate on watching the dogs work.  Sadly lots of dogs found the track difficult and ran out of time; I think the very cold wind was part to blame for this because the land looked OK.  Thank you, Pat, for also laying the search squares; the majority of dogs did well finding all four articles.

Finally, thanks to the many competitors who had travelled to Scarborough to compete in the trial.   

1st Susanne Jaffa, ObCh AMBERSLADE BUCKANEER, ASD, 210.  A great all round performance, lost 2 on the C/A, then a steady controlled track in a strong wind and finished with a full square.

2nd Miriam Lyons, KALIYON CAOIBHE, BC, 197.5.   Miriam’s experience resolved a difficult corner for her dog on the track, and then Keva was able to go on and finish well.  A young dog in capable hands.

3rd Wendy Beasley, STARDELL LUNAR, BC, 194.5.  This young dog did very well; she found the track easy up until the penultimate leg then nothing.  Wendy and Lunar then spent nearly 5 minutes walking up and down.  Wendy was about to call it a day when Lunar finally found the leg to finish in style, followed by her delighted handler.

4th Heather Halton, KISDON’S VANDAL, Hung Wirehaired Viszla, 193.  Although points were lost in all sections, overall this was a good performance by Herman.  We were all pleased for Heather that she qualified well with a Viszla.

Also qualifying:

Dave Marchant, MISTER BEAMISH, WSD, 189.5

Gwen Armstrong, SAPPHIRE TYG, ACD, 187.5

Di Cottrill, SANDY’S OAK, LAB, 185.5

Paula Jaques, EMM OF EMLEY, BC, 185.5

Sheila Tannert, STYPERSON CLEO, Lab, 184.5


Glenys Page, BRIGLEN JOSS, WDS, 176.5

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