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Championship Trial
Venue: Scarborough
Trial Held: 03 August 2008




Steward: Janet Sewell

Thank you to ASPADS for the invitation to judge CD Championship at the Scarborough Trial, to Barry Gilbert and his excellent team of helpers for making this such a good trial and for making Jan and myself so welcome.  Linda in the base, Pat, Linda and all who helped in the kitchen, for making sure we had all we needed, and Tom Mills for all his help organizing the competitors - thank you.

Thanks, Jan, for being my Search and Control Steward - perfect as always.  I would like to thank all the competitors, for giving me the pleasure of judging their dogs and entering under me.  Well done to those who qualified and I would like to wish those of you that didn’t all the best for the future. Thank you.

1st Sandra Dearing with CINDALLY DAZZLER AT PROFORM, BC, 89, Q CDEx.  A very confident round. Well done.

2nd Dave Graven with DISCO MISCHIEF MAKER, WSD, 88, Q CDEx.  A nice steady round with full mark nosework. Well done.

3rd Anne Symon with MIDNIGHT ONYX, Lab, 88, Q CDEx.  Another nice steady round. Well done.

4th Sandra Dearing with JAEGERSON THE OUTLAW OF PROFORM, 74.5, CD.




Tracklayers: Mick Cammidge (2 days), Mark Lewindon (1day) and Val Upton (1 day).

Steward: Lorraine Wilson

Many thanks to ASPADS for this judging appointment; I do so enjoy the Scarborough trials.  Thanks to Barry, ably assisted(?) by Linda, for organizing everything and making Lorraine and me welcome.  Mary, as usual was wonderful in base and Pat and Linda ran the kitchen with their usual excellence, providing lots of food, with nothing too much trouble.  Many thanks to Mick Cammidge, Mark Lewindon and Val Upton for laying tracks as requested - great job, folks. Not forgetting Lorraine Wilson, who stewarded for me for both days, only having to reclaim 4 articles in total.

The weather for both days was fine and sunny, only one heavy shower catching us in between tracks on the Saturday.

15 entered, 10 dogs worked with 4 qualifying overall.

1st Ann Clarke with STYPERSON QUINCEY, Lab, D, 194.  Cracking young dog.  Nice track with only one noteable cast on the last corner.  Good control.  Worthy winner.

2nd Brian Ogle with EYLAUERHOF’S ROMMEL, Rott, D, 188.5.  Lovely track, lack of a square article being costly.  Good control.  Pestered by a fly(?) throughout the stays but managed to ‘stay put’. Well done.

3rd Pam Wadsworth with BURSTEAD CON OF ROANLODGE, Cocker Span, D, 178.  Nice nosework but control round a bit messy.  Hope he gets the hang of the long jump!  Well done

4th Tom Mills with MADAM MEG, BC, B, 188.5.  Nice track once Meg had got over the pull of the hedge on the first leg.  The same hedge was a major pull during the square hence only two articles retrieved.  Well done.



Tracklayers: Arthur Jeal, Barry Gilbert, Suzanne Plumb and Val Upton

Search Steward: Jan Darby

Control Steward: Pat Hodgkins

Many thanks to ASPADS for inviting me to judge WD. To Barry and Linda, thank you for looking after us so well and running a great trial.  My tracklayers were fabulous, cheeky, insubordinate bordering on mutinous, but great company.  Jan and Pat, my stewards, as always were a pleasure to work with and kept me entertained.  To the ladies in the kitchen, Pat Parkinson and Linda Cammidge, thank you for the wonderful food and the smiles.

Conditions were not easy, with tracking and search squares in long clover which made the going very heavy.  The control on the whole was very good.

1st SELDOMSEEN SHEP, WSD, and Lol Campbell.  A great partnership; a very willing dog with experience at the helm.  Wonderful nosework with a control round to match.  A pleasure to watch this team at work.  184.5, WDEx

2nd STYPERSON EBONY, Lab, and Sheila Tannert.  Another excellent team who made the track look easy.  Ebony loves to work, and very well handled by Sheila.  183.5, WDEx

3rd TOLBERG JUMPING JACK, GSD, and Mrs Julia Findeisen.  Another good track, but the 2 missing articles from the square proved costly.  A good overall performance.  Well done.  176 WDEx

4th LAETARE DYAMI, BC, and Helen Kelly.  Shaz did you proud.  Good nosework and a very good sendaway.  Well done.  170.5 WDEx

5th MINTERBURN HOBBY HAWK, Lab, and Sheila Shearsmith.  Wonderful track, but then articles proved costly.  Nice control round with another excellent sendaway.  164.5, WDEx


Stake: TD


Tracklayers: Pete Hodgkins, Tom Darby, Vana Moody

Steward:  Peter Morley

My special thanks to the Society for the invitation to judge at this most popular trial -your confidence in my ability to undertake this pleasant task is very gratifying. To Barry and Linda Gilbert for all their hard work before, during and after the trial - my thanks and those of the competitors too. I know Pete Hodgkins puts a lot of effort in sorting out the land and liaising with the farmers too, so well done on your effort.  We were well fed and watered by the ladies in the kitchen who were most insistent that all was well in the food bag.  Thanks to Pat Parkinson, Linda Cammidge and Pat Hodgkins, and many various others who helped in baking cakes, cooking, etc, etc. My steward was husband, Peter, who laid all the searches and stewarded the control round on the Sunday - special thanks to you. The tracklayers - Tom who did all the earlies, Pete the second batch and Vana who did the ‘hilly’ field were absolutely brilliant. Everyone had a well laid precise track with an equal chance of success.  Thank you so very much.  The weather was mixed to say the least – the first mornings the tracks were all laid and worked in thick fog, after which we had lovely sunny days - very windy sometimes and thunder along with rain that came on so fast we were wet through before we had chance to put on wet gear. Then the sun shone equally as quickly.

My track was designed so that dogs tracked and handlers had to trust their dog from the beginning - there were intricate parts followed by a 150 yard leg. It’s amazing how many dogs lost a lot of marks on the long leg. The articles were a 3" square of green plastic, a 3" length of green Christmas tree branch and a 3" square of green carpet. Search articles were a 6" nail (with the blunted tip pushed slightly in to the ground), a green straw 6" long, a 2.5" piece of twisted dowel and a 2" square of red open weave plastic.

There were 58 entries in the stake and 49 dogs were worked in the nosework. The control was, I felt, a bit disappointing. We started with the speak with the dog behind a car and handler out of sight, but lots of dogs went walkies.  After a minimal amount of heelwork the straight sendaway was to a brown patch just 75 yards away for 3 marks and the re-direct for the remaining marks to a large bush on the left boundary wall. We had one mark of 9, but the average was only a total of 5.  The agility completed the round, with no second attempts.

1st Sheila Tannert with WTCh STYPERSON BRIAR, 208 - a good all round effort from this dog.  Well done.

2nd Miriam Lyonswith and TAMERRYE MARNAELLO, 205 - 3 off the track and a full mark search helped to-day.

3rd Tony Lockyer with WTCh DOUBLE TOP AT HARTSHILL, 202.5 - another 3 and 4 nosework mark was a great help.

4th Margaret Robinson with WTCh TYTRI LACE OF TRENTVALLEY, 202 - a costly mistake on the long jump.

Also qualified TDEx:




M Weselby, STYPERSON TAY, 197. The highest sendaway mark of 9 - it was precision to watch.




J Howells, GLENALPINE JED, 182

M Rogerson, SELDOMSEEN RIO, 177.5

Qualified TD:

M Rogerson, STARDELL HEBE, 170.5

The best track mark overall was 97/100. The trophy was allotted to Barry James as his field was more ‘thistley’ and not so lush as the other contender.

My thanks to all who helped to make this a memorable time for Peter and me. Congratulations to you all for accepting my decisions in good faith and being excellent sports.

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