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Open Trial
Venue: Scarborough
Trial Held: 11 May 2008

Trials Manager’s Report

We had four days of good weather for the trial, with plenty of sunshine.
Entries were higher than I had expected but there were more cancellations than previous years, especially in WD and UD.
The judges were a great team to work with - thank you Ray, Dave, Julz and Barrie.  This was the first time we had the same judge for both CD and C/A and from my point of view it worked really well with a small entry in CD.
Firstly, special thanks to Pete for organising the land and all the other numerous jobs. This year we had plenty of spare fields for TD so it was a good position to be in. The silage was not long enough for cutting so no worries there. Our farmers are always very obliging.
For the many offers of help from competitors, thank you. Even though you were not needed this year it is good to know someone can assist in unforeseen circumstances.
My sincere thanks to the following
tracklayers and stewards - Graham Reaney, Tom Darby, Suzanne Plumb, Geoff Ball, Trevor Smith, Eric Carpenter, Mick Cammidge, Tom Mills, Jan Darby, Janine Atkinson, Linda Newbold, Ann Bedford,Lorraine Wilson, Liz Montgomery, and Yvonne Carpenter.  The base ran smoothly thanks to Mary and Jan. Thank you, Mary, for your help before the trial started.  The catering was taken care of by Pat Parkinson and Linda Cammidge in their usual efficient way. To all those who donated cakes and raffle prizes and helped in the kitchen in any way - many thanks.
Lastly, Pete and I really appreciated all the help at the end of the trial with dismantling jumps and moving catering equipment and clearing the village hall. The trial could not run without such a great bunch of supporters.
Pat Hodgkins


Stake: CD


Square Steward: Liz

Control Steward: Ann Bedford

Thanks to ASPADS for the invitation to judge the CD Stake.  Thanks to Pat Hodgkins and her team for running a superb trial, as always.  Great food and boxes from the kitchen - thanks Pat P and her helpers. The day was sunny and warm but we started the squares at 8:30am so it was not too hot then.  The grass was a good length and so the dogs did have to apply themselves.  Only one dog out of the five that worked failed to complete the search. 

Heel Free cost most of the marks in the Control.  Two dogs broke the Sit Stay and one dog broke the Down Stay.  Overall the standard of work was very reasonable, with only the stays and long jump stopping most teams from gaining a COM.  Get these right and you will all easily qualify. 

Many thanks to Liz for competently doing the squares and to Ann for doing her usual expert job, calling in the Control round.

1stEva Robards with CAYA, Labrador, B, 84 Q.  Eva was competing in trials for the first time. Overall a good steady round, nicely handled.  Well done.

2ndJulie Paul with SID, GSD, D, 77 NQ.  Mistakes on the jumps cost a COM. The rest of the work was completed very well.  Well done.

3rd Jenny Henton with BARNEY, Labrador, D, 73, NQ.  Only lost 0.5 on the nosework.  Sit stay and agility lost the marks today.

4thAngela Moslin with MILO, BSD (Terv), D, 63.5, NQ.  Easily qualifying but the stays proved costly today.


Stakes: UD, WD and TD Control and Agility



Yvonne Carpenter

Thanks to ASPADS for the invitation to judge the C/A.  Thanks to Pat Hodgkins and her team for running a superb trial as always. Everything was laid on for me, including wall to wall sunshine all four days (good for the judges and stewards but perhaps not for the dogs and handlers). Great food and boxes from the kitchen, thanks Pat P and her helpers. We were given a fantastic B&B and very good company there – Ray, Julz and Linda, thanks – we had some good laughs.

Yvonne Carpenter did a very good job of stewarding for me all four days; thanks very much Yvonne, I enjoyed your company. Thanks to everyone who did stay stewarding over the four days and/or helped me in any way.  Thanks to the competitors for letting me judge their performances and for accepting my decisions with good grace (from what I could see anyway!).

Bearing in mind that there would be a varied standard of work between the stakes I set a very straight forward easy round to cover all the stakes.  I was more interested to see how the dogs applied themselves to the exercises than to see where I could deduct marks; most teams did this for themselves without any help from me!  One thing that puzzled me was the number of handlers that seemed to want to try to engage their dogs in conversation!  I do like to see quiet, uncluttered handling but I guess that was the way I was taught back in the ‘olden days’.

UD Stake

1stNelson Smith with MALI,  Malinois, B,  191, Q.  Nice steady round. Well done.

2ndBrian Ogle with PANZER, Rottveiler, D, 187, Q.  Impressive dog. Well done.

3rdAnn Bedford with DEVON BEAUTY, Labrador, B,  186 Q. 

4thRosie Jones with Dreganta Galladubh, Border Collie, B, NQ.

WD Stake

1st Liz Hulley with PEPPA, ASD, B, 184.5, Q.  A good steady round.  Well done.

2ndDennis Nelson with HOBBS, WSD, D, 182, Q.  Not as steady as the dog above.  Well done

3rdBill Norman with BRIG, GSD, D, 180.5, Q.

4thAudra Hurst with RILEY, WSD, D, 177.5, Q

Also qualified COM:

Tom Mills with MEG, BC, B, 164

June Raymond with RODI, BC, D, 175.5

Rosie Robson with KIZZY, Lab X, B, 174.5

TD Stake

1stNick Williams with ANTIC, BC, D, 206.5, Q.  Untidy in Control, but good Agility.  Well done.

2ndPenny Pritchard with TEIFI, GSD, D, 203.5, Q.  Same comments as above but better speak. Well done.

3rdLinda Newbold with DYLAN, WSD, D, 203, Q

Best Control of the four.

4thAnne Bedford with ABI, X, B, 190, Q


Stake: UD Nosework


Tracklayers: Mick Cammidge, Eric Carpenter and Tom Mills

Steward: Linda Newbold

Thanks to ASPADS for the invitation to judge UD Nosework at this friendly well run trial.  Thanks to Pat and Pete Hodgkins and all their helpers who did base, scores and catering throughout the trial.  Thanks to my tracklayers, Mick (two days), Eric and Tom. It was Tom’s first attempt at tracklaying and he did a perfect job. Thanks also to Linda, who was my steward, bag carrier and drinking partner! Great job on all accounts! Mary and Rory at the B&B were the perfect hosts, along with great company from Barrie, Ray and Linda.

The weather didn’t let us down with glorious sunny weather all weekend, perhaps too hot for some dogs but great for the sun-worshiping spectators and judges.

Tracking was on lush grass and I saw some excellent tracking, with perhaps one or two teams not quite ready for competition.

1st Nelson Smith, LITTLE CROW, Malinois, B, UD COM.  What a lovely focused bitch Mali is.  She did a nice steady track and finished with a tidy square.  Good luck with her, she is lovely.  Track 88.5, Articles 20, Square 32, Gun 5. Nosework Total 140.5

2nd Brian Ogle, EYLAUERHOF ROMMEL, Rott, D, UD COM.  Brian and Panzer stormed around the track on rails. What a performance! Unfortunately swallowed a square article in the excitement. Well done and good luck for the future. Track 89.5, Articles 20, Square 26, Gun 5, Nosework Total 135.5

3rd Ann Bedford, DEVON BEAUTY, Lab, B, UD COM.  This young Lab belongs to Ann’s boss and her main occupation is a gun dog.  She has just started her career in trials, and on this performance today will continue to do very well.  Lovely track and a full point square.  Well done.  Track 88, Articles 20, Square 35, Gun 5, Nosework Total 143

4th Rosie Jones, DREAGANTA GALLADUBH, BC, B, NQ.  Full point track from Gala, missing the first article. Lovely square.  Shame you came unstuck on the control. Good luck for the future with her.  Track 90, Articles 10, Square 33, Gun 5, Nosework Total 133


Stake: WD Nosework

Judge: Dave Craven

Tracklayers: Geoff Ball and Terry Smith )3 days), Eric Carpenter (1 day)

Steward: Janine Atkinson

Thanks to ASPADS for the invitation to judge the WD nosework.  Thank you to Pat Hodgkins and her team for all the time you put in, making this an excellent trial,  and to Pat Parkinson and her helpers for the great food and refreshing drinks we had throughout the trial.  Thanks to my tracklayers Geoff, Terry and Eric, who all did an excellent job and were great company.  Also thanks to Janine, who laid all the squares exactly as I had asked.

Thank you to all who entered and accepted my decisions, and good luck in the future.

1st Liz Hulley with REMUDA RED PEPPA STETSON, ASD, 184.5, Q.  Nice dog to watch, and well handled.  Congratulations.  Track 85.5 + 20, Search 27, Gun 5.

2nd Dennis Nelson with SELDOMSEEN HOBBSON’S CHOICE, WSD, 182, Q.  A slight hiccup on the first leg, recovered well to complete the track.  Well done.  82.5 + 20, 34.5, 5.

3rd Bill Norman with ADAIR BRIGAND, GSD, 180.5, Q.  A nice steady track from this experienced handler.  Well done.  85.5 + 20, 19, 5.

4th Audra Hurst with THE LIFE OF RILEY, WSD, 177.5, Q.  A pleasure to watch Riley track, but only managed 2 out of the square.  Well done.  88 + 20, 19, 5.

Also qualified:

June Raymond with CANDLEWIND ROMULUS, BC, 175.5.  87.5, 25, 5.

Rosie Robson with CORBY CRAGS KIZZY, Lab, 174.5.  85.5 + 20, 33, 5.

Tom Mills with MADAM MEG, BC, 164.  80 + 10, 33, 5.


Stake: TD nosework


Tracklayers: Graham Reaney, 4 days; Tom Darby, 4 days; Suzanne Plumb, 1day

Stewards: Jan Darby, 2 days; Suzanne Plumb, 2 days

Many thanks to ASPADS for the invitation to judge TD nosework at Staintondale / Scarborough open trial.  To Pat Hodgkins for all her very hard work before and during a brilliant trial, even organizing some fantastic weather; great for standing out in the field but a bit too warm for the dogs. Also for giving me a great team to work with, a big thank you.  To Mary and Jan in the base, some more good work from these two ladies - thank you.  Thank you also  Pat Parkinson for all the great food and drinks for my stewards, tracklayers and myself. Thanks also to your helpers.  And thanks to my tracklayers; Graham for all the early mornings and Tom, who both worked for 4 days, and Suzanne for 1 day; all the tracks were laid to perfection - thank you very much. And my two search stewards, Jan and Suzanne, (2 days each) who laid all the squares exactly as I had asked - thank you,  and you were all great company throughout. A big thank you to the land owners for allowing us the use of their land at this very busy time of the year.  To Mary and Rory at the B & B, thank you for a warm welcome in your lovely home. To Julz, Linda and Barry, thanks for your great company and banter - loved it. And the competitors -  thank you for allowing me to judge you and your dogs, and for excepting my decisions without question; good luck to you all in the future.

Tracking was on sheep grazed grass but had grown to two to three inches.  My track pattern was quite open with thirteen legs; track articles were a spark plug, green top and half a wooden peg.  Search articles were a CD disc, ice cream spoon, 3" piece of green cane and a 3" piece of green plastic tape.  35 teams entered, 29 ran and 8 teams qualified the nose work section.

1st Nick Williams with SUNSHINE ANTIC, BC, 206.5.  A very steady round from this team, who hardly put a foot wrong.   Very well done

2nd Penny Pritchard with GRACORN HOME BREWED, GSD, 203.5. Another very steady round.  Well done.

3rd Linda Newbold with COLLIEWOOD DANCING BRAVE, WSD, 203.  One or two scary moments  near the start, but stuck at it and worked it out well .

4th Ann Bedford with ABI NEVIS SAY DIE, X/B, 190. Ann and Abi worked on the first day and did a lovely track but left one article on the track;  nice to watch.

Good luck to you all in the future.

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