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Open Trial
Venue: Scarborough
Trial Held: 13 May 2007

Trials Manager’s Report

Due to all the help and support I received, I am pleased to say we had another successful trial. A great team effort!!

Our farmers came up trumps again.  We are very grateful to them all, especially when it involves moving stock for us to use the huge control field (with plenty of parking and great sea views). TD tracking land (all silage grass) was supplied by a new farm manager, who had no idea what “working trials “ was.  However he now knows what we do and is happy to let us continue using his fields in the future.  Huge thanks to Pete (my right hand man), who was always around in the background, doing whatever needed doing during the trial.

The judges Suzanne, Dave, Lorraine, Stevi and Glenys were a super bunch.  Likewise all the tracklayers, stewards and stay steward Brian. You all did a fantastic job ...thanks from myself and competitors.  Mary did her usual “job for life “ running the base and doing scores and certificates, and helped me sort out the report times.  Jan also helped at base.  Thank you both.  Re the catering department, my thanks go to  the following; Pat for doing the shopping, all who baked cakes, Alice for the pork pies, the many willing kitchen helpers; Linda, Pat, Jan, Tom Mills and Jenny, and to everyone who stayed to clear away at the end of the trial.  It was amazing how quickly it was all done, and we just got home when the rain came - and boy, didn’t it rain!!

Pat Hodgkins



Stake: CD


Steward: Sheila Tannert

Thank you to ASPADS for the invitation to judge this CD stake.  I would like to thank Pat for all her hard work running the trial, Jan for running the base in her usual efficient manner and the kitchen staff for the super food that they provided during the day.  Thank you to Pete for escorting us down to our field, which I must say was brilliant, and also for setting the jumps up where I wanted them.  Thank you to Sheila for driving me to the trial and stewarding (where would I be without her) - thanks Sheila.

On a sad note I have to have a little moan.  Some of the competitors were an absolute pleasure to judge and accepted my decision as final.  Other handlers I felt really let the sport down, by arguing my every decision.  I’m sorry that some of the competitors didn’t like the way I judged, but as it says in the Kennel Club rules, our decisions as judges are final.

On the day there were 8 dogs entered and all 8 dogs worked. I saw some very nice work, and good partnerships. At the end of the day I only had 2 teams qualify.

1st           Mrs E Francis, OSCAR OF WILTON, Lab, Q, 93.5pts.  A very good overall performance, very capable of gaining a CDEx.  A pleasure to watch and judge.

2nd         Ms L Newbold, COLLIEWOOD DANCING BRAVE, WSD, Q, 85.5.  Well done.  This was Dillon’s first trial and I am sure that you will do very well with him.  He’s very confident with himself.

3rd         Mrs H Watson, DIEGO’S DE LA CRUZ, Dobe, NQ, 84.  Keep trying, I am sure it won’t be long before you qualify.

4th          Mr P Sharp and Miss A Moslin (Handled by Miss A Moslin), VALENTINO Z KOVARNY TO WILDFIRE, BSD (Terv), NQ, 83.


Stakes: TD,WD and UD C/A


Steward; Yvonne Carpenter

Stay Steward:  Brian Page

Many thanks to the committee of ASPADS for the invitation to judge at Scarborough, a very well organised trial by Pat and Pete Hodgkins.  The ladies in the kitchen kept me and Yvonne, my steward, well fed over the four days, and Mary and Jan at the base kept everything running smoothly.  To Yvonne a big thank you for all your help, and lastly thanks to Brian for your company and looking after our dogs while I was judging.

The weather was better than I expected it to be, the worst day being the first day, when the wind was so strong  it almost swept us over the cliff and into the sea; the next three days were quite calm. 


1st           Roy Drummer and SAM. Flat Coated Retriever,  208, CoM.  Worked a good steady round.  Well done.

2nd         Janine Atkinson and QUAY, BC, 203, CoM. Good control round, slight hiccup on long jump, but still had enough to qualify.  Well done.

3rd         Pat Parkinson with POPPY, G. Retriever, 190.5, CoM.  Worked first day, the only dog to qualify that day. Congratulations.

4th          Jim McKay and HUBBLE, GSD, 187.5, CoM.  Nice sendaway kept you qualifying today. Well done.



1st           Andy Fox and MUSCA, BC, 194.5, CoM.  Cracking round by this team, a pleasure to watch. Congratulations.

2nd         Moira Rogerson and TWIST, WSD, 177, CoM.  Another nice round, just a blip on the long jump. Congratulations.

3rd         Ann Bedford and ABBI, X. Breed, 175.5, CoM.  Again just the long jump, well done otherwise.

4rd         Hilary Mercer and INDI, BC, 175.5, CoM.  This dog worked well, just lost marks on the scale.

Also qualifying

Rita Banfather and FIN.



1st           Audra Hurst and RILEY, WSD, 191, CoM.  Nice bouncy collie, well done.

2nd         Hilary Morris and PEPI, G.Retriever, 186.5, CoM.   Another “wants to please” dog. Well done.

3rd         Paul Adams and MEG, BC, 184.5, CoM.  Excellent control round, lovely to watch.

4th          Jain Douglas and CIARA, Lab, 179, CoM. Worked well, congratulations.

Also qualifying

Ann Dent and BOB



Stake: UD Nosework


Tracklayers: Eric Carpenter, Mick Cammidge

Steward:  Ann Bedford

I would like to thank ASPADS for the invitation to judge the UD stake.  I would also like to thank Pat and Pete for running such a lovely trial, and all the base staff and kitchen staff who look after you so well.  Thank you to meandering Mick and erratic Eric for laying the tracks, and also Ann for laying perfect squares.

The stake ran over two days, on long grass.  On Friday there was no wind; tracking was good, but dogs suffered a little in the square.  Saturday there was a little more wind; again, the tracks were excellent, and the squares were better.  16 dogs ran, 8 each day; on Saturday, we had 8 different breeds working.

1st           Audra Hurst and LIFE OF RILEY, WSD, 191, Q.  Excellent track, Audra, you must be pleased.  He never lifted his head on the track, just dropped one mark in the square.  This team should do well.

2nd         Hilary Morris and CARISHILL PARSLEY, GR, 186.5 Q.  Hilary did well to keep up with Pepe, as the grass was very long.  Another good track, and three out of the square.  Well done.

3rd         Paul Adams and GLENALPINE MEG, BC, 184.5, Q.  Paul and Meg did another excellent track, but only two from the square.  Long grass and no wind took its toll.  Well done.

4th          Jane Douglas and ROTHIEVALE CIARA, Lab, 179, Q.  Another really good track from Jane and Ciara, but only two from the square; she did not quite apply herself.  Well done.

Also qualifying:

Ann Dent and WHERES BOB, WSD, 168.5.  A good track, missed the first article, which was costly, but got three out of the square.  Well done.


Stake: TD Nosework


Tracklayers: Graham Reaney, Tom Darby and Len Newman

Search Steward: Le Newman

Thank you to ASPADS for the invitation to judge at my local trial.  Many thanks to Pat Hodgkins and her helper, Pete, for the organisation put in before and during the trial, also your team of helpers who worked tirelessly, all making sure the trial ran smoothly.

The fields for the TD tracks were grass grown for silage, some longer than others and I had a very experienced team of tracklayers with Graham laying the early tracks, Tom the middle ones and Len the afternoon ones. However, on the first day the wind was blowing so hard that we were finding it increasingly difficult to stand up, so it was not surprising to see ten dogs try but fail to find the track, with conditions very dry and the grass lying flat on the ground - so thank you guys for finding and retrieving most of the articles that day in such difficult conditions.  During the following three days the weather was kinder, with quite a bit of rain at night and a variable wind each day, so conditions were much better with eleven dogs getting around the track.

Le (Joan) laid the search squares exactly as I wanted for each competitor, with twenty dogs finding enough articles:  two finding four articles, twelve finding three and six finding just two.  I still can see Le battling the wind on the Thursday, at one point stood stationary in the middle of the square unable to move forward.  I really enjoyed your company and good humour over the four days, thank you.


1st           Mr and Mrs Roy Drummer and MOSSDEW DELTA FORCE, (FCR), 208pts. COM. Handled by Roy Drummer.  Well-deserved qualification Roy, Sam flew around the track finding all his articles and then got four out of the square.  You and your flatcoat look great together; he just loves to work for you.    

2nd         Mrs June Atkinson and STILLMOOR QUAY TO MY SICCESS AT DENLEA, (BC), 203pts. COM. Quay didn’t find the tracking easy, but you worked it out together as a team and with three articles from the track and four from the square you qualified well. 

3rd         Pat Parkinson and CARISHILL HYACINTH, (GR), 190.5 pts. COM. First and only dog to complete the track on the Thursday, and Poppy set off with her nose glued to the ground, finding all the articles on the way.  You must be thrilled Pat, not the best conditions but she qualified. Well done.

4th          Mr Jim McKay and CONADREW VASKO, (GSD), 187.5 pts.  COM.  This Shepherd ran around the track with his handler running behind, overshooting the corners, but Jim, you knew exactly how many steps your dog had overshot by and had him back on the corner in no time at all.  The search had us all worried but Hubble kept you waiting until nearly time before he brought the second article out (I am sure he knew where those articles were!).  What a character he is, and you handled him so well. 


Finally, thanks must go to the handlers for their good sportsmanship when their dogs failed the nosework.  After all, the dogs are first and foremost our pets and come willingly with us so we can enjoy our hobby. 

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