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Open Trial
Venue: Scarborough
Trial Held: 15 May 2005

Trials Manager's Report

We had high entries again this year … TD 47, WD 30, UD 21, CD 8.

Thanks to judges Le, Damian, Cath, Barrie and John who set fair tests and were a great team to work with.  To all the tracklayers and stewards, some of whom were helping for the first time, thank you for giving up your time so willingly.

We were fortunate that this year the weather was kind for 4 days, with no fog, so we could admire the sea views!  The land was very dry so we were able to park in the control field.

Pat and Linda did a great job in the kitchen, opening the village hall in the mornings early and starting preparations each day, so reliable, which makes my job easier.  I always hear compliments about the wonderful cakes and food.  Thanks to Alice for donating pork pies again.  In fact we had visitors on Sunday (Fred and Margaret) who put in a special request for lunch and "Pat's carrot cake".  Good to see them both looking well.  Thanks to Jenny who came to help out in the kitchen and to Suzanne and Mary and all who helped clear the village hall on Sunday.  Mary does an excellent job running the base and doing scores and certificates, and as always this is really appreciated, especially our coffee mornings before the trial.  Jan also helped at the base after laying searches for 2 days.

As anyone who runs a trial will know there is so much preparation beforehand to make things run as smoothly as possible so a huge thanks to Pete (who knows the size of every field) for sorting out jumps etc. etc.  You were very good at keeping your mobile switched on!  Thanks John and Brian for taking down the jumps on the C/A field and to all who helped in any way to make the trial a success.

We have a very good rapport with our local farmers who are always willing to move stock where possible.  It was therefore very disturbing for Pete and myself when we had a complaint regarding a "trials person" who showed a lack of consideration towards some riders and horses.  This happened on the road to the control field on the Saturday.  Apparently the lady driving her van on the road did not slow down for these horses who were using the road as they live nearby.  One of the riders was a child and the adult rider had to make the van driver slow down using hand signals.  Thank goodness the horses were calm and steady or who knows what the outcome may have been.  Please, please drive respectfully along these country lanes.  Dog trialling is our hobby and we could lose this venue.



CD Stake


Steward : Ann Bedford

Thanks to A.S.P.A.D.S for inviting me to judge at one of my favourite trials.  Thanks to Pat and her team for the excellent organisation, the ladies in the kitchen for the lunch box.

Many thanks to Ann Bedford for being a competent steward, I didn't have to worry about anything as Ann had it all covered.

The field was pasture with short grass, on top of a cliff at Ravenscar with a dry but windy day.

Seven dogs ran with all sevens dogs qualifying after the nose work group.  I was pleasantly surprised at the standard of work in this class and all handlers were reasonably prepared.  Only one team failed to qualify in the Control Group, and two teams failed to qualify in the Agility Group (one dog withdrawn lame after the first jump).  The Stay exercises took their usual toll with four dogs not qualifying.

Out of the 7 teams that worked we had 3 teams with qualifying marks.

Finally, thanks to the very sporting competitors who all worked with great attitude towards the competition and their dogs.

1st           Mrs. Gill Flowers with THISTLE DAWN (GSD) B. Q.

This team had obviously put in the work in training, and it showed.  Only a failure at the long jump spoilt an impressive round.  Well handled by Gill, and Evie did you proud today.  Well done, well deserved first place.

Control : 29/30, Stays : 20/20, Agility: 15/20, Ret/nosework : 28.5/30

2nd         Mrs. Meg O'Kelly with WACCY ZACCY (WSD) D. Q.

A good round from this team.  Zac also did a good square but was a bit untidy on his heelwork and retrieve, and a second attempt in agility cost marks.  Well done for your second place.

Control : 25.5/30, Stays : 20/20, Agility: 15.5/20, Ret/nosework : 26/30

3rd          Mrs. Ann Dent with GHYLLBECK PALLASI (LGE MUNSTERLANDER) B. Q.  Generally a good all round performance.  2 out the square and untidy heel work cost marks today, but did enough to qualify.  Well done.

Control : 24.5/30, Stays : 20/20, Agility: 19/20, Ret/nosework : 21/30

4th          Ms. Rachel Enwright with SIDESHOW BOB (X BREED) D. NQ. Bob had done quite a good round up to the stays but failing the 'down' stopped him from qualifying today.  Once this is sorted I am sure you will do well.


Stake: UD Nosework


Tracklayers: Pete Hodgkins, Ruth Cahill, Brian Page, Neil Symmons

Steward: Janine Aktinson

Thanks to ASPADS for asking me to judge at one of my favourite trials. The weather was a bit cold, but not too bad over the two days. My tracklayers were excellent and good company in the bargain. The kitchen team were a bit too good - the home-baking was scrumptious. Thanks to Pete and Pat for organising everything so well and to Jan Darby and Mary Hardacre who helped at the base. A special thanks to Janine, my search steward. She was a bit nervous, but soon got over that and every square was laid just perfectly. Thanks finally to the competitors, hope all of those who didn't qualify this time will soon be there.

1st           188.5 Mr I Bradley with HOEGRANGE ZEUS, Lab. I think this team are fairly new to trials but they were very impressive, only dropping 1 on the track and just failing to get one of the search articles. Certainly one to watch out for in the higher stakes soon.

2nd         185 Ms R Squire with BEINHARD IVA, GSD Lost two marks on the track and also missed one of the search articles, but another very good team. Good luck in the Championships.

3rd          183 Mrs C Dewsnip with BINTIBN ARDESSIE, BC Just a few casts on the track lost this team 4 marks and, once more, 3 out of the square.

4th          178.5 Mr M Adams with PORTALUTRA KYLES DREAM, GSD Mark had the field with the shortest grass but somehow managed to miss the first track article. They did get 4 out of the square though.

Other qualifiers:

176.5 Mr W Richardson with CAPER KALI, BSD.

173.5 B Chapman, Essex Police with EXPOL TYLER OF NEWCOURT, GSD


WD Stake


Stewards: Shirley Shearsmith, Miriam Lyons

Tracklayers: Trevor Smith, Geoff Ball, Mick Cammidge

30 dogs entered, 24 ran.

Many thanks to ASPADS for the invitation to judge the WD nosework at Scarborough. This is always a well run, friendly trial mainly because of the efforts of Pat and Pete Hodgkins - thank you both.

The weather on the East coast can be a little variable at any time of the year but we were fortunate in having excellent conditions for the searches when the wind blew, and for the tracks when it did not. Of course, no dog got both!

Thanks must go to the tracklayers named above, Miriam Lyons for laying squares on the Sunday, and a special thanks to Shirley Shearsmith who was laying her first (of many?) squares in trials over the first two days.

Thanks also to Pat Parkinson and Linda Cammidge and their helpers for keeping us well fed and watered, and Mary Hardacre and Jan Darby for their assistance at base.

The tracking was on very long grass so most dogs completed the track, or made a good attempt at it. Some dogs on the third day found crossing the previous days' tracks a little distracting but generally sorted out the problems. The searches were not well done; only five dogs getting all four articles, with twelve dogs only getting two or less. This was probably down to the length of the grass, with few dogs really searching the area - most ran about hoping to stumble across an article while some dogs didn't seem to think that long grass was for searching in and gave their handlers a frustrating five minutes trying to get them to work.

To those who obtained their Certificate - well done. To the others - I'm sure it won't be long in coming. To you all - thank you for being such sporting competitors and making it an enjoyable judging experience.

1st           Suzanne Plumb with COLLIEWOOD CAVALLERO (BANDIT) 192/200 COM. Bandit did a super track on the only short grass field, in quite a wind. Four from the square completed an excellent nosework round - well done.

2nd         Jacquie Hall with MERCURY SKYLARK (GHAILLE) 191.5/200 COM

A full mark track followed by 3 from the square (and 5 for the gun!). A lot of hard work is obviously paying off - congratulations.

3rd          Rita Shields with MERRYMARSH TUMBLING DICE (SHAY) 188/200 COM. Another good track with again 3 from the square. Rita bred my first trials dog (more years ago than either of us care to remember). Good to see her doing so well with Shay.

4th          A Pollard with PRIDE OF THE GLEN (BAILLE) 182.5/200 COM. Marks lost on the track and first article were made up by getting the best search mark (34) Well done.

Also obtained COM

Ms S Scott with LUCA'T THAT (LUCA) 182/200

Mark Lewindon with LETS BOOGIE AT BRACOKELI (KZAK) 179/200

Dave Todd with ANJODA CLARA (GINNY) 175.5/200

Moira Rogerson with BAREVE BANDMASTER (BARNEY) 172/200. Judith would be so delighted!

G Tait with INSPECTOR MORSE (MORSE) 171.5/200

C Morris with AZI AZA KITE (KITE) 171/200

Roger Shrimpton with GRELGANNA KIRI (KIRI) 170.5/200


TD Stake Nosework


Scarborough trial is one of my favourites and this time the weather came up trumps!  No rain and no sea fret so we were able to admire the wonderful scenery for all 4 days!

The tracking ground improved by the day, to the point we became convinced the grass was growing before our very eyes.

Nose work was as expected at TD Open level.  Some dogs were not quite ready and others were in Ticket but had not qualified Ex but watch out for those young dogs coming through!  The standard was incredibly high and the handling impressive.

The weather in May in Scarborough can be very unpredictable and very testing for young dogs, so I decided on a simple 15 leg, 950 yards open track pattern with dove tailed box half way round.  The articles (stick, fir cone and piece of wellie) were evenly spaced and of a sensible size for the terrain.

The search articles were a stick, metal foil, blue milk bottle top and a large stone.  I like to use articles of very different texture and consistency.

Dogs either retrieved the stone cleanly out of the square, pretended it was too heavy or wasn't there at all.  One handler almost threw it away!

All in all, a very successful 4 days with John and I between us, able to award 18 qualifications out of 47 entries.

My thanks to Pat Hodgkins, trials manager and her husband, Pete for their meticulous organisation and pleasant manner to everyone alike.  Yes, the trial is for the competitors as well, not just a 'jolly' for the judges and helpers.

Great care was taken to make sure that all stakes had good tracking ground, as even as possible.  There is nothing worse than driving 200 miles to be shown your track in a lousy field!

Special thanks go to my tracklayers, Graham Reaney who laid the 'earlies' for 3 days before clearing off to Turkey! (After Norma had made him mow the lawns)  Tom Darby laid the middle set and has now threatened to retire by hanging up his tracklaying boots. (Ask him about it)

The last were laid by my husband, Len who ended up with a set of 5 each day as no one scratched! (How inconsiderate!)

My thanks also to Jan Darby and Suzanne Plumb for square stewarding, 2 days each.  You were such good company and great fun.

To Mary Hardacre for doing the scores and writing out the certificates so beautifully.  I'm sorry one wasn't your own but I'm sure it is not far away.

The Ladies in the Kitchen! No one realises how much pre and daily organisation goes into this 'hidden' job.  Very early start, constant 'clock watching', bag filling, food on a conveyer belt, urn 'topping up', last to finish at night AND all with a smile on your face!  Everyone should have a stint in the kitchen, including the men!

Thank you, to Pat Parkinson, Linda Cammidge and Jenny Johnson.

1st Joan Snowden with TYTRI TRIPLE TEE 208 Q.A cracking track and beautifully handled.

2nd Nigel Hines with TYTRI KES OF BRYNSWOOD 206 Q

Equally good track and full mark square.

(Are you keeping it in the family?)

3rd          Ray Lea with TONAYIA RUNNING WILD 203 Q.

Very windy conditions but Ray's dog never gave up.   Another full mark square.

4th          Dave Waite with DUNSLAYNE BLUE OMEN 202 Q.  Sensitively handled by Dave, worked hard as a team.

Also qualifying

Val Upton with JAXBERRY JOE 201.5 Q

Robert Currie with VOMHAUSNYE PUNT 201 Q


Lyn Baker with TRKINDALE CODA 198 Q

Val Scott with BIG DUKE 197.5 Q

Betty Calderwood with ISLA WAY AHEAD 196.5 Q

Joan Miller with TRKINDALE ACE 196 Q

Fran Mitchell with RENDALE ROBIN 196 Q

Heather Halton with CAREFREE COOL CUSTOMER 192.5 Q

Dave Marchant with WAGGERLAND MURPHY 192 Q

Sue Ashby with THE ECHO 191 Q

Jim Jeffrey with BIRKIE BLOOMER 189.5 Q

Wendy Strang with VOYTEC AT BALKELLO 184 Q

Debbie Meade with HEATHERMARK VIXEN 183 Q

Lastly, thanks to the competitors for accepting my judging and for those who were not successful, remember, there is always another trial.  I have been saying it to my dog for almost a year now, that elusive UD ex !


TD, WD, UD, Control & Agility


Steward : Glynis Paige

Thank you to A.S.P.A.D.S. for the invitation to judge the Control and Agility at this popular well supported venue.  Everything went extremely well.  Trials Manager Pat Hodgkins and her merry team had everything down to a fine art.  (Pat and Linda looking after the menus, Mary and Jan at the base, Pete sorting the land out, everything just flowed over the four days, even the weather behaved).  Thank you to Glynis for stewarding for the four days, your quiet, friendly approach seemed to put everyone at ease, just what was needed to steady the nerves.

I set a straight forward test, for UD I started with the retrieve, then obedience, send away and jumps, the same for WD but the send away was to cross poles in the middle of the field.  TD started with the speak then obedience, send away to the cross poles and redirect to the wall perimeter at an angle.  Generally the dogs were pretty good.  We had a mixed bag of not quite ready, to first class, but the pleasing thing was the attitude displayed by the handlers who were very positive and upbeat (even when disappointed).  Well done to you all.  Those of you who qualified, congratulations.  To those of you who failed this time, keep at it and get stuck into your training for your next trial.


1st           Mr. I. Bradley with HOEGRANGE ZEUS (LAB) Q188.5.  What a happy willing team who enjoyed their work.  I will watch your progress with interest.  Well done.

2nd         Ms. R. Squire with BEINHARD IVA (GSD) Q185.  Very good round just the clear jump to sort out.  Well done.

3rd          Mrs. C. Dewsnip with BINTIBN ARDESSIE (BC) Q183.  Steady round just one or two things on obedience and send away, agility excellent.  Well done.

4th          Mr. M. Adams with PORTALUTRA KYLES DREAM (GSD) Q178.5.  Certainly looks the part, just little bits and pieces to sort our, otherwise good.

Also qualified

Mr. W. Richardson with CAPER KALI (BSD) Q176.5



1st           Mrs. S. Plumb with COLLIEWOOD CAVALLERO (WSD) Q192.  Superb team, my tip for the top, smashing attitude well handled by Suzanne.

2nd         Miss J. Hall with MERCURY SKYLARK (GOLD RET) Q191.5.  Another good prospect on this showing, keep it up.  Well done.

3rd          Ms. R. Shields with MERRYMARSH - TUMBLING-DICE (WSD) Q188.  Put it all together this weekend, just a little bit here and there points loss, but nice attitude to work.  Well done.

4th          Mrs. A. Pollard with PRIDE OF THE GLENN (GOLD RET) Q182.5.  Coming on really well.  Nice to watch, happy and willing.  Dog who likes what he is doing.  Well done.

Also qualified

Mrs. S. Scott with LUCA'T THAT (BSD) Q182

S. & M. Lewindon with LETS BOOGIE AT BRACOKELI Q179

Mr. D. Todd with ANJODA CLARA (GSD) Q175.5

Mrs. Mr. Rogerson with BAREVE BANDMASTER (GWP) Q172

Mr. G. Tait with INSPECTOR MORSE (GSD) Q171.5

Mrs. C. Morris with AZI AZA KITE (WSD) Q171

Mr. R. Shrimpton with GRELGANNA KIRI (BC) Q170.5


1st           Mrs. J. Snowden with TYTRI TRIPLE TEE (BC). Q208.  What can I say the score says it all, first class.  Good luck in ticket.

2nd         Mr. N. Hines with TYTRI KES OF BRYNSWOOD (BC) Q206.  Only the sendaway Nigel otherwise another very good performance.

3rd          Mr. R. Lea with TONAYIA RUNNING WILD (WSD).  Q203.  First class, only full point sendaway in TD.  Well done.

4th          Mr. D. Waite with DUNNSLAYNE BLUE OMEN (WSD). Q202.

Also qualified

Mrs. V. Upton with JAXBERRY JOE (BC) Q201.5

Mr. and Mrs. R. Currie with VOMHAUSNYE PUNK (GSD) Q201


Mrs. L.F. Baker with TRKINDALE CODA Q198

Mrs. V. Scott with BIG DUKE (X BREED) Q197.5

Mrs. B. Calderwood with ISLA WAY AHEAD (X BREED) Q196.5

Ms. J. Miller with TRKINDALE ACE (WSD) Q196

Mrs. F. Mitchell with RENDALE ROBIN Q196

Ms. H. Halton with CAREFREE COOL CUSTOMER (LAB) Q192.5

Mr. D. Marchant with WAGGERLAND MURPHY (WSD) Q192

Mrs. S. Ashby with THE ECHO (WSD) Q191

Mrs. S. Watt with BIRKIE BLOOMER (LAB) Q189.5

Mrs. W. Strang with VOYTEK AT BALKELLO (X BREED) Q184

Mrs. D. Meade with HEATHERMARK VIXEN (GSP) Q183

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