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Trials Manager's Report

This year's trial ran very smoothly thanks to a lot of help before the event. Linda spent a lot of time with the entries data base. This meant that the draw and daily competitor printouts were readily available and she also produced the catalogue.

I know every trial has ongoing concerns about land and Scarborough is no different. Pate and Pete Hodgkins are invaluable as the local liaison, organising with the farmers etc. Every year something changes. Like our helpers the farmers are getting older, and unfortunately last year 2 died. Other farms are for sale and this type of change is always in the background as well as the obvious immediate problems of sheep and cattle in fields or grass too long or too short. However, with Pat and Pete's help we managed to make best use of the fields and give competitors as equal a chance as possible.

Thanks also to Pat Parkinson for all the pre-planning of the catering arrangements and the work throughout the week with her loyal group of helpers (Linda Cammidge, Jean Cooke, Jan Darby etc) Mary Hardacre helped with scores, certificates and stays.

From what I saw of the tests all the judges set appropriate tests and we didn't loose a single track all week. Competitors were always in the right place at the right time -thank you.

As well as farmers getting older so are our regular tracklayers and stewards. So it was nice to have some help to share the load and also to see one or two new faces laying tracks.

Well done to those who qualified.



CD Stake

Judge: P. Thomas   (Polly)         

Stewards: June McPhillips & Pat Hodgkins  

Thanks to ASPADS for asking me to judge and to all in the kitchen and base without whose help the trial could not take place.  Thanks to June & Pat for laying the Squares exactly as I asked for; and to June for being an excellent C&A Steward - who managed to lose no-one in the long grass!  Thanks also to Glenys, Brian and Roseanne who helped me prepare, especially Roseanne who stomped down the grass for ages.

The standard of the Competitors was quite high at Scarborough, they were a pleasure to judge.  Jumps and Stays were the major bugbear and we lost a few dogs that had done quite well elsewhere.  The Stays were included in the Control and Agility (a new rule from July 2005) and this helped one team to qualify.  We had 6 qualifiers overall. 

The Search Squares were in long grass so I used a 3.5 x 3 inch square of rubber car mat (very smelly), a dolly peg and a 3 x 2 inch square of carpet.   In CD a lot of marks are awarded for heelwork, so I had a figure of 8 round two cones at normal pace, followed by fast, normal and slow pace, with a halt at each speed, around 4 tracking poles set 10 - 12 paces apart.  The grass had been beaten down so there was a pathway to follow.

The Sendaway was 55 yards to a cone with a pole in it - again following a path beaten down the day before, which was why the distance was a little further than you may expect for CD.  The dogs who knew what Sendaway meant had no problems. 

1st           Rachel Squire with BEINHARD IVA;  GSD;  (Deva);  91.5.

Congratulations Rachel. A nice round - good work in all sections. 

 2nd        Lyndsey Errington with CASTLESIDE YOUNG JET;  Lab;  (Sgian);  90.

A really nice round - continuous command on heelwork was expensive.

3rd.         Anne Dent with GHYLLBECK PALLASI; Large Munsterlander; (Millie)  89.5

Lots of enthusiasm - superb jumps.

4th          Barry Harvey with FITZERS HAZEL;  Lab;  (Twig);  85.

Best Search Square - a pleasure to watch.

5th          Rachel Henderson with HUMBLE BUMBLE BEE;  GSD;  (Buzz);  81.5

Well done Rachel - onward and upward.

6th          Carol Hall with ANPO GABY - owned by Alice Witty.  GSD;  (Gabby);  80.

Nicely done Carol - I hope Alice is now feeling better and back training and competing.


Stake : UD


Tracklayers : Sue Ashby, Val Upton, Mic Cammidge

Steward : Mike Marchant


The Scarborough team have certainly sussed out how to run a good trial.  To everyone who plays a part in that team, thank you.  You know how to look after both the judge and competitors, we were all catered for superbly.  It would have been hard to find a control field that could beat the view that we enjoyed.  We travelled 200 miles from Wales, to encounter two and a half Welsh collies and two competitors from Wales, home from home really!  The competitors were very privileged to have such a calibre as Sue, Val and Mic as their tracklayers, thank you guys.

All teams were capable of qualifying UD and beyond, so if it wasn't your day, keep at it.

1st           Mr. Andrew Fox with DAZZLEROCKY'S BRYN 'N' SCOOBY TOO Q190. "Tidy" round.  The partnership looked competent throughout.  Both ready for more challenging tests.

2nd         Mr. M. and Mrs. S. Lewindon with SORUMOUR LETS BOOGIE BRACOKELI Q186.5.  Young German Shepherd.  Carefully nurture his potential, so that he does well in the future.

3rd          Mr. B. Harvey with FITZERS HAZEL Q186.  Sensitive young Lab that got the considerate handling she deserves.

4th          Mrs. A. Bedford with WOLFHART DARK ISLANDER Q185.5.  One of the few top sendaways.  You looked a lovely team.

Also Qualifying :

Mr. and Mrs. G. Kirk with DARLING LASSIE Q185

Mr. D. Holt with CHARLESTOWN JAKE Q184.

Mrs. K. Peyton with GLENALPINE SOWMON Q181.5.  Superb track.

Mrs. A. Pollard with PRIDE OF THE GLEN Q176.5.

Mrs. C. Morris with AZI AZA KITE Q175.

Mrs. S.A. Hughes with DALEWOOD URSA MAJOR Q166.

Mrs. Y. Filleul with SODEN JAY Q163.



W D Stake


Tracklayers: Maeve & John Weselby, Graham Brunton, Mark Lewindon

Stewards: Search Squares & Control Scribe..Val..Isherwood


Thank you to A.S.P.A.D.S. for the invitation to judge the  W.D Stake, Thank you to my tracklayers, Maeve, John, Graham, & Mark you were spot on, Thank you also to that merry band of 'Dinner Ladies' Linda, Pat, Jan & Jean everything was terrific (Val ate most of it) Thank you Barry, Linda & Mary at the base

You even had the weather ordered to suit Barry, well done I thoroughly enjoyed my three days, and the B & B was superb.  Last but not least thank you Val for your company over the three days the squares were spot on for each dog and while you scribed on the control field I was able to give each team the test I wanted

The tracking was on a good growth of grass which the dogs seemed to enjoy, we witnessed some very good nose work only four failing their track, the squares were well done also, so we had quite a few each day looking to qualify after the control round.   The jumps took their toll on a few teams and the general standard of obedience could have been better but, overall we had 17 qualifiers with quite a few ready to step up into ticket, I hope you enjoyed my test, Good luck in your climb up the qualification ladder   


The cut back start caused one or two problems otherwise good nose work from most of the teams

1st           Val Scott with BIG DUKE (Xbreed) 94.5 C.O.M.

Excellent ready to step up into TD Championship

2nd           Diane Boxall with BOXALONG BOY (WSD) 192 C.O.M

Another first class display, well done

3rd          Mary Hardacre with TARNDALE TAG (BC)   190 C.O.M

Only dropped 2pts on the nose work, heel work poor

otherwise very good on the other exercises

4th          Judy Meekings with WITHYLINCH MURR at WINDLEBROOK

(LAB) Well handled you got the best out of her    189.5 C.O.M

Also Qualifying WD Ex

S Ashby with THE ECHO (WSD)     187.5

B James with TYTRI KAY (BC)        184.5

D Meade with HEATHERMARK VIXEN (GSP) 184.5

Y Carpenter with CARFELD GRIFF (BC) 182

P Hodgkins with WINDSTOCK HERCULES (FCR) 179

M Snowden with FLYNNTASTIC JUST JAY (BC) 177

K Astbury with ANGEL IN DISGUISE (Xbreed) 175




F M Atkin with BRONFYNNON BRECON (WSD) 163.5

J Jeffrey with BIRKIE BLOOMER (LAB) 163.5

Qualifying WD

M Rogerson with BAREVE BANDMASTER (GWP) 146





TRACKLAYERS: Pete Hodgkin, Tom Darby, Barry Gilbert, Dave McPhillips, These guys were absolutely stunning in the accuracy and consistency of the tracks; laid by compass I'm going to learn how to do it, they were truly amazing.

STEWARDS: Square Tim Gilbert

Control and Agility Polly Thomas, Polly did an incredible job only requiring 1 loo break in 9 Hours Thank you.

The organization food and logistics were great every one was where they should be, when they should be. A big "Thank you" to everyone concerned.

1st           & Challenge Certificate Sheila Tannert with WT CH STYPERSON TERN TDex 206.5

Well Done Sheila, as gracious in success as failure, a good performance throughout the whole test. Again very well done.

2nd         and Reserve CC Rosie Jones with DREAGANTA DOUBLE DISTINCTION BC, D. TDex 198.5 a great performance when handlers were complaining that the dogs couldn't hear on the S/A Rosie's dog moved on every command Very Well Done.

3rd          Mauve Weselby STYPERSON TAY Lab , B TDex 196.5

4th          Glenys Page BRIGLEN NUTMEG WSD, B TDex 195.5



Stevie Boyall STYPERSON LOMOMD TDex Lab, D TDex 191.5

Sheila Tannet WT Ch STYPERSON BRIAR Lab B 191


Joan Miller TRKINDALE ACE TDex WSD D 188.5

Wendy Beasley WT Ch LIBRA OF STARDELL TDex PDex BC B 186

Barry Harvey TADMARTON BRIAR TDex Lab B 184

Lorna Cottier WT Ch MELNOLA JAZZLAND Crossbreed TDex PDex 184

Mick Cammidge RED ROY TDex BC D 181

Jean Cooke DUNNLAYNE MAC TDex WSD D 178.5


TD only

Jill Carruthers JASUETER RED GARNET GSD B WDex 175.5

Fran Mitchell RENDALE ROBIN WDex Lab D. 174.5

Mauve in answer to your query on the day, I apologize for not giving you an instant answer (in my defense I had been judging for 9 hours), But when a dog reaches the other side of the clear jump grabs a mouthful of sheep muck half sits then gradually subsides into the sit it is not worth 5 points regardless of you only giving a wait command. 

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