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Open Trial
Venue: Scarborough
Trial Held: 14 May 2006


I know most Trials Managers have their problems to deal with and our trial was no exception. Ubfortunately the owner of our TD fields, whose land we have used for 30 years, died earlier this year so this meant availability of fields was uncertain. Therefore the day prior to the start of the trial we had no alternative but to move the TD to a different area.Then 8 fields were lost in WD through muck spreading. However with no fields in reserve, as always all worked out in the end. We are indebted to the local farmers who allow us to use their land.

Once again everyone gave me great support over the 4 days....judges, stewards, tracklayers and helpers...a super team to work with.

Many thanks to Mary for all the assistance with preparation beforehand and running the base so effieciently.

Also to Pat who takes care of the catering and works so hard in the kitchen. It was good to have willing volunteers to help in that department.Thankyou Jan, Tom Mills and Jenny. Please can I book you for next year? Alice’s pork pies are a great favourite and the home made goodies provided by helpers were appreciated.

Suzanne let us use her scale which meant that the CD stake could be held in a field a few miles away.

Finally a huge thanks to Pete for all the help and advice before and during the trial.





Search/ Control Steward...Wendy Craven

Entered 8 Worked 6  Qual COM 3

My thanks to ASPADS for inviting me to judge and Pete and Pat Hodgkins for running a well organized trial.Also thanks to the Kitchen staff who kept us well fed throughout the trial.A big thankyou to  my control and search steward Wendy Craven who did an excellent job and putting the competitors at ease. CD was held on Saturday. The control field was ideal, the weather was not as good. However the constant rain did not put either dog or handler off from completing the test. It was a pleasure to judge some excellent rounds from experienced handlers with young dogs and new handlers competing in Trials for the first time.

1st           B.Glasgow with NORSHEP ROCCO GSD Q 95 marks.

This team did an excellent round with attitude to match, a well deserved win.

2nd         V.Scott with KAIROBEA CHARLIE FOXTROT GSD Q 93 marks.

A super round from a young dog that enjoys its trialling. Well Done

3rd          Miss R. Leatham with COCKLEY SPECTACULAR Cross. Q 88 marks.

This little dog came on with a super attitude. Well done Roseanne.

4th          S.Shearsmith with MINERBURN HOBBY HAWK LAB NQ 81 marks.

A nicely worked round from an experienced handler




Tracklayers: Julia, Suzanne and Pete

Steward: Tom Mills

Thank you to ASPADS for the opportunity to judge at such a nice trial.  Thank you to Pat Hodgkins and her helpers in the base for making everything run so smoothly and to Pat and her helpers in the kitchen for the wonderful picnics.  Thank you to my tracklayers, who did a wonderful job, with 18 out of 19 competitors completing the tracks.  Special thanks to my steward Tom.  It was his first experience of helping at trials, not sure whether he volunteered or was pushed!! Suzanne and Pat had spent weeks teaching him to lay a square and they did a brilliant job as he put down every one to perfection. 

Tracking was on very well grown grass.  The weather was dry and sunny on Friday until middle of the afternoon when we had everything, thunder, lightening, rain and hail.  This set in for the night and then it rained for most of Saturday.  This didn’t deter the handlers or dogs though and we had 15 teams completing the nosework.  Thanks to all of you who entered, we saw some really nice work from you all.  Good luck to you all in your future trials.

1st           Kath Philips and Morgan.  Lovely work from this team, only losing .5 point on the track.  Kath gets the medal for the fastest down hill run of the weekend, only just managing to stay on her feet as Morgan whipped round the corner.  Super dog with a lovely attitude. Q 191 .5

2nd         G Emmerson and Roy.  Very keen and busy collie, far too busy to chase the rabbit doing the track in front of him.  Well done. Q 185 .5

3rd          Catie Whittemore and Monty.  Nice to see another young handler in trials and doing so well.  Dog and handler worked really well together.  Good luck for your future outings. Q 185 

4th          Moyra Rogerson and Hebe.  Nice track, just a slight hiccup in the square costing her a few marks.

Well done. Q 182 .5 

Also qualifying:-

Ms A Hurst and Woody Q 180       

Mrs S Shearsmith and Rosy Q 177 .5  

Miss J Hickey and Ha’Penny Little Owl Q 174 .5  

Mr R Drummer and Sam Q 174      

Mrs J Thompson and Prince Q 170 .5  




Tracklayers   Trevor Smith and Geoff Ball (3days), Eric Carpenter (1 day)

Stewards   Lorraine Wilson

Thanks to ASPADS for giving me a judging appointment at what must be one of the friendliest trials of the year. Pat and her right hand man Pete coped admirably with the ever disappearing fields, yet still providing all stakes with good land and everyone with a smile. Pat Parkinson and her band of helpers in the kitchen kept everyone provided with food beyond expectation - this is not the trial to attend if you’re on a diet! Mary Hardacre ran base as calmly as ever and kept us all in order.

Steward for all 3 days was Lorraine Wilson. Neither Geoff, Trevor nor myself could shut her up whilst the squares were being worked - under the breath guidance to each dog willing them onto the articles along with the odd other type of muttering when they went in the wrong direction!

Weather: Friday morning sunny and warm with mist rolling in for the last track of the day. Saturday had rain, wind, mist, you name it, and we got it. Sunday bright and cool.

22 entered, 19 worked, 9 qualified nosework with 5 qualifying overall.

1st           Roseanne Leatham. JUSTY GUS, WSD. 188.5 C.o.M. Worked 1st track of the Saturday in the worst weather of the weekend, not that this little collie noticed. A much deserved win. Hopefully Roseanne will remember her waterproofs next time. Congratulations.

2nd         Lol Campbell. SELDOMSEEN SHEP. WSD. 185 C.o.M. Worked Sunday. Nice track, dad’s mistrust on a couple of corners costing points. Well done.

3rd          Mick Cammidge. WAGGERLAND SAM. WSD. 177.5. C.o.M. Worked Friday. Good track resulting in best nosework mark for this stake, pity dad didn’t have his glasses on for the last article. Well done.

4th          Sue Hughes. DALEWOOD URSA MAJOR. OES. 176. C.o.M. Bit of a glitch on the first corner but settled into a slow deliberate track and good square. Well done.

Also qualified.

Heather Patrick. SELDOMSEEN ZIGGY. WSD. 196.5. C.o.M.

Finally, my apologies to the final competitor of this stake, who’s WHITE GSD bitch found the square rather boring and so took several very spectacular dives into a nearby cowpat. She looked so proud with the result. Even the thought of it now brings a large smile to my face. On the day, I’m afraid I was a little less restrained!!




Thanks to the Society for the invitation to judge, Pat and Pete for all their organisation during the week.  My track layers were Len Newman, Tom Darby and Graham Reaney and my search stewards were Jan Darby and Le Newman. 

The weather varied from quite warm shirt sleeved weather on Thursday and most of Friday and then changed to thunder and lightning on Friday afternoon with heavy rain through Saturday.  Sunday was a slightly better but cold day.  Interestingly enough there were good performances on every day.  Tracking was on ankle deep grass.

My track had 12 legs, only had right angled corners and started with 2 long legs to test the dog’s ability to concentrate at 3 hours.  On the whole it was well done and hardly any dogs failed to find an article if they got far enough.  The articles were a piece of carpet, a piece wood and a plastic bottle top.

The Search square articles were a piece of orange flex, a piece of white wire, a cube of wood and a 4” piece of book binder.  It is always interesting that, even at this level, so many dogs have yet to master the art of retrieving an article without chewing or dropping it. 

1st           John Watts with JYESS ROUGH N’TUMBLE (202.5) John took full advantage of a very nice field and produced an excellent nosework round, recovering all the articles.  Well done on the win.

2nd         Suzanne Plumb and COLLIEWOOD CAVALLERO  (200) The first dog to work and struggled a bit on the track to begin with.  However, the dogs on subsequent days didn’t find this piece of ground easy even though it looked nice and lush. Therefore a very good performance, with 3 and 4 and a well earned qualification.

3rd          Mrs P T Collier with SOROMOUR JUST FOR A LAUGH AT GLENTRADA (192) A very accurate track with all 3 articles, just 2 from the square though which needs a bit more work.

4th          Jennifer Owens with FIRECROFT DALWINNIE (186 )  Nice  track, but again a 2 article search cost points.

Also qualified

Miss J Hall and MERCURY SKYLARK (185)




Steward: Yvonne Carpenter

Thanks to the society for the invite to judge, to Pat & Pete Hodgkins for their help.  Thanks to the ladies in the kitchen for the lovely grub, and to my Steward, Yvonne who did a brilliant job.

The weather was from one extreme to another, but as they say, that’s Scarborough.  I set a straight forward round but the stays and sendaways took their usual toll.   There must be something really nice in it as lots of dogs ate sheep sh…….. instead of doing what they were supposed to!  The ones that qualified did shine through and they are:-

1st           Mr J Watts and JAYEES ROUGH AND TUMBLE.  Slight hiccup on the redirect but John’s handling was second to none. Well done. Q 202 .5

2nd           Mrs S Plumb and COLLIWOOD CAVALLERO.  What a super dog in experienced hands.  Should do well in ticket. Q 200

3rd            Mrs T Collier and SOROMOUR JUST FOR A LAUGH AT GLENTRADA. Nice tidy round,  just got a bit confused on the send away.  Well done. Q 192

4th             Miss J Owens and FIRCROFT DALWINNIE.  Just got enough to qualify. Q 186

Also qualifying:-

Miss J Hall and MERCURY SKYLARK on 185

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