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Championship Trial
Venue: Scarborough
Trial Held: 06 August 2006


Stake: CD


Square Stewards: Sue Ashby and Val Upton

C & A Stewards:  Val Upton and Suzanne Plumb

Gate Steward: Tom

First of all I would like to thank ASPADS for the invitation to judge the CD Stake at their championship trial.  Thanks must also go to the following people who all did a fantastic job:- Trials Manager - Barry Gilbert, Base - Linda Gilbert, Kitchen Staff - Linda Cammidge, Jan Derby & Pat Parkinson, Scores - Mary Hardacre.  Also all my stewards as named above, you all were brilliant and I couldn’t have done it without you, Thanks.

I set a simple & straight forward test, nothing that would prove to be too difficult for any of the dogs.  I don’t believe you need to make things too complicated, just mark with a sharper pencil.  I was very fair, (in my opinion) in my judging, giving everyone a good chance of qualifying should their dogs “perform on the day”.  To all those that did, well done, to those that didn’t - you are just a whisker away.  I thought the standard was very good on the whole & the stays impressed me most.  Well done all and thank you for accepting my decisions.  Good luck in the future.

1st  Q. 98/100  Mrs V Scott & KAIROBEA CHARLIE FOXTROT. GSD - D. Val & Kai did a lovely round from start to finish, nice C&A, nice agility & nice nosework.  Well done to you both.

2nd  Q. 97/100  Mrs J Watkins & DURSTONE O’RILEY. WSD - D.  Another good round my Joan & O’Riley.  Excellent jumps & extremely quick square.  Very well done.

3rd  Q.  96.5/100  Miss R.L. Leatham & COCKLEY SPECTACULAR. Jack Russell X - B.  Roseanne & Bruno do a good round with tremendous jumps for such a small dog.  Well done.

4th  Q.  94/100  Ms. L. Watkins & STARSHOT DOLGAS WITH SZIKRAS - Hungarian Wire Haired Vizsla - B. Again, another good round.  A full point square & one of only a few to get full 10 out of 10 for heel free.  Well done.

Also qualifying CDEx

91.5/100   Ms. G.E. Francis & ROCKY OF NINE - Lab D.

90.5/100   Mrs D. Claydon & GRANGE CHAZ - GSD D.

85.5/100   Mrs E.R. Hulley & REMUDA RED PEPPA STETSON - ASD B

84.5/100   Mrs S. Shearsmith & MINTERBURN HOBBY HAWK - Lab B

82/100 Miss K. Sheeran & KRIEGERGEIST ADONIS - GSD D.




Tracklayers: Dave and Julie Skipp, Judy Meekings

Stewards: Search, Tim Gilbert; Control, Pat Hodgkins

Thank you to ASPADS for inviting me to judge the UD stake.  Many thanks to Barry Gilbert and his wonderful team for providing yet another excellent trial.  Special thanks go to  Barry’s wife, Linda, who ran the base, not only for keeping me right, and getting everybody to the right places at the right time, but for arranging excellent accommodation for myself and the family.  It was greatly appreciated.  To the ladies in the kitchen, thank you for the wonderful food, which did nothing for my diet!

Thanks to my tracklayers, Dave and Julie Skipp and Judy Meekings, both for their tracklaying abilities, which were first class, and their company for all days.  My search steward Tim Gilbert, Barry’s son, did a marvellous job – thank you very much, Tim.  Last, but not least, my control steward, Pat Hodgkins.  For three days you looked after me, Pat, and you were brilliant.

The weather was mixed, to say the least.  On the first day, you could hardly see the stone wall round the field, and it was miserable.  On the second day, you could see 3 miles out to sea - and what a beautiful view it was.  The third day was red-hot.

The standard was generally very good: even the novice handlers with their young dogs gave a good account of themselves.  Well done, but there were inevitably some that stood out.  The results are as follows:-

1st           Mick Cammidge with WAGGERLAND SAM, WSD, Q, 188.  This was the day when both you and your dog shone.  A perfect control round, coupled with an excellent track, made you a worthy winner.  Good luck in the higher stakes.

2nd         Mrs Susan Redshaw with MEADOWMILL TRAVIS, Lab, Q, 186.5.  A pleasure to watch you two work.  Super tracking dog, but a bit more work needed on the control.  I hope the trip back to Sussex didn’t seem too bad with this great result.

3rd          Mrs Jane Webb with INSTINCTIVELY PIPPA, WSD, Q, 183.  Well done.  Just a few bits and pieces to tidy up, otherwise a lovely round.  A great attitude.

4th          Ms Audra Hurst with TOUCH WOODY, WSD, Q, 183.  Another lovely tracking dog.  Your control round needs a little work and polish, but you worked hard as a team.  Good luck in the future.

Also qualified:

Mr and Mrs D Pritchard with GRACORN HOME BREWED, GSD, 182.5.

Mr Graham Reaney with TREGELBERG QUEST, GSD, 181.5.

Ms Lynne Watkins with STARSHOT DOLGOS WITH SZIKRAS, Hung WH Vizsla, 177.5.

Mrs Rita Banfather with STARCO MY GUY OF BANNERSWAY, GSD, 175.

Ms Meg O’Kelly with WACCY ZACCY, WSD, 172.

Mrs Joan Watkins with DURSTONE O’RILEY, WSD, 169.

Mr Gary Emmerson with DHERRINGTON ROY, BC, 167.5

Ms Jackie Weaver with LENWORTH BRYONY, Lab, 164.5

Mr Lol Campbell with SELDOMSEEN SHEP, WSD, 160.




Tracklayers: Val Upton, Sue Ashby, Suzanne Plumb

Search Steward: Joan Watkins

C & A Steward: Suzanne Plumb

My thanks are due to Barry and his ASPADS team for a very enjoyable 4 days.  I was sorry not to have stayed on after WD had finished, but a pressing engagement of a wedding got in the way!

My special thanks go to tracklayers Val Upton, Sue Ashby and Suzanne Plumb, and to my "little treasure" Joan Watkins, who did the squares throughout.  Suzanne also stewarded the Control in a very professional manner.  We braved the elements together and had fun along the way.  Thanks again.

Tuesday morning, the start of the WD, saw some excellent tracks from experienced handlers, but alas, the afternoon thunder took its toll, and the majority failed the control.  Wednesday and Thursday provided some rain, and a lot of swirling wind, and the tracks proved to be extremely difficult on this exposed land.

Only one dog held it all together and qualified:-

1st           Moira Rogerson and SELDOMSEEN RIO, WSD dog, 163.5, WDEx.  An excellent control round saved the day.  Well done.

2nd         Barry Harvey and FITZERS HAZEL, Lab bitch, 185.5, NQ.  Best nosework of the stake, but missed the C&A by a whisker.

3rd          Pat Parkinson and CARISHILL HYACINTH, G/R bitch, 170, NQ.  C&A performance badly affected by the thunder, which was very hard luck.

4th          Pat Werner and CROCODILE DUNDINGO, Kelpie dog, 166.5, NQ.  All his work is sound and consistent, but he finds the jumps a bit of a challenge, which is a pity.

Track articles were a knot of rope and a square of green scouring pad.  Square articles were a piece of rubber, a strip of plastic, a metal scaffolding clamp and a green garden tie, which had a life of its own, and kept springing out of Joan's pocket.  Sorry Joan!!


Stake: TD


Tracklayers:  Pete Hodgkins, Tom Darby & Vana Moody all six days

Search stewards: Jan Darby two days & Pat Parkinson four days

C&A scribe & steward: Yvonne Carpenter

The first thank you must go to Pete Hodgkins, he did a wonderful job finding land for this trial, not an easy task after 3 months without any appreciable rainfall.

A HUGE thank you to Pete, Tom & Vana for laying accurate tracks, in all weathers,  giving each competitor the best opportunity on the day. Unfortunately the weather & ground conditions proved to be too much for some dogs, don’t worry it will be wonderful next year.

Monday was very windy & warm with baked ground, Tuesday super a.m. but very wet p.m., Wednesday appalling, Thursday sea fog, wet & windy, improved in the afternoon, Friday, Saturday & Sunday beautiful.

Jan laid the searches for two days with a very bad foot, (probably a broken toe), ouch! even had to use Tom’s wellies. Jan eventually gave in but ended up working in the kitchen - you can’t keep this very special lady still for long. Jan, I hope you are feeling much better by now.  Pat Parkinson is renowned for her baking & its all true, the cakes & scones are beautiful I can vouch for that!!!!  So Pat was released from Kitchen duties & came to lay searches, another multi-talented lady, many thanks to Jan & Pat for all your hard work out in the field, you are brilliant.

Yvonne stewarded & scribed for me on Sunday; she is so efficient.  Profuse apologies for not thanking you publicly at the presentation on Sunday, Yvonne, I would have been lost without you, thanks.

The ladies in the kitchen worked their socks off providing us with lots & lots of goodies out in the field & a welcome return. Thank you Linda Cammidge, Pat Hodgkins, Pat Parkinson, Jan Darby & anyone I have not mentioned (my apologies) I feel the catering is one of the hardest jobs at a trial.

Thank you to Mary Hardacre for the beautiful written certificates, another very talented lady.

1st           205 ELOWOOD DILL OF SHADDOWDOWN Lab with Sue Redshaw. Dillon worked first thing on Tuesday & he appeared to find the tracking easy, gaining 3&4. The C&A round was super Dillon worked a lovely round. Sue was less than enthusiastic before they started to work, but the nerves were forgotten & Dillon came up trumps. Many congratulations Sue & Dillon, it was certainly your day. Enjoy your visit to the KCC`s & the best of luck.

2nd         203 GLENALPINE PHOEBE OF STARDELL BC with Wendy Beasley.  Phoebe worked on Saturday the last track of the trial, she worked the track in her “personal style”, Wendy was delighted with her & rightly so. Gaining 3&4 with a full point search, lovely to watch. Just lost 2.5 on control, a very polished round, unfortunately failed the clear jump which was very expensive today. She is knocking Wendy, congratulations to you both.

3rd          202 WTCh TYTRI LACE OF TRENTVALLEY BC with Margaret Robinson. Lace worked on Thursday afternoon. Because we were late for her track I offered the spare to Margaret but she declined, Lace just got on & did it, not finding it easy, but never giving up, showing the calibre of this dog. Gained 3&4 & a comfortable C&A round. Lace won the run off for 3rd place. Congratulations.

4th          203 DUNSLAYNE BLUE OMEN WSD with David Waite. Merlin tracked Tuesday morning just an odd little hic-cup, but the drops in the search cost you the ticket & the run off! (Enough of my mutterings). Merlin did you proud at this trial David, knowing how thorough you are in training, you WILL get there & I shall be there cheering you on.

5th          201.5 WAGGERLAND MURPHY with Dave Marchant.  I know you don’t wish to be reminded -but that 2nd article would have been sweet if Murphy had found it instead of you.

6th          193 DIVAS DELIGHT with Ed Brown a super all round performance.

7th          193 WTCh WAGGERLAND FLOSS with Ann Fowler solid N/W & good C&A

8th          190 CONNEYWARREN TUCKER BOX with Colin Ball, a dog that gives his all on the tracking.

9th          189.5 FURSDON TWYLYTE TRAMONTANO with Alyson Tohme poor dog had thunder & torrential rain when she was tracking, but worked her socks off, a well deserved TDX

10th        187 WTCh JOLLY JILL with Pat Herbert Jill did not find the tracking easy, but stuck at it & gained another TDEx

11th        187 FLYNTASTIC RED JAFFA OF TARNFORCE with John Wykes, very accurate tracking from Jaff

12th        WTCh BRIDGALPINE LIBRA OF STARDELL with Wendy Beasley, this was Libbys penultimate performance & what a joy she is for you Wendy, enjoy the KCC`s & may she have a long & I know it will be, a very happy retirement.

13th        180.5 DOUBLE TOP AT HARTSHILL with Tony Lockyer. Tony who? This is Gyps first TDEx (of many I have no doubt)!!!

14th        TD only 174 SKIPAWAY ZORRO with Julie Skipp. Oh, so close Julie, he did his best when it was difficult going.

Thank you to all competitors for entering. Congratulation to everyone who was successful here, but remember it is not called failure it’s called experience & I have had plenty of that!

Final thanks to Barry & Linda Gilbert for all their help before & during the trial, it is appreciated.

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