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Championship Trial
Venue: Stamford
Trial Held: 19 July 2009



Due to Lynne Baker being unwell I stood in for her so the trial could run. With the team she had organised, it was a great success. My thanks to the following: to Jean Howells, in the kitchen all week, and square steward 1 day for PD, as well as writing certificates; to Jan Darby who manned the base, kept the scores and did any job that was needed; to Wilf Stewart in the kitchen; to Tom Darby and Arthur Jeal, jump monitors; to Tom, Arthur and Sue Ashby, who marked the fields on Monday; to Tom, Arthur and Jeff Poole, who tracklaid WD, and Sue, who stewarded squares and C/A for Judith Owens-Poole, then they all moved on to UD for Margaret Robinson, except for Arthur, who qualified UDEx, and then moved to PD to tracklay for Jeff, with Judith and Tom; to Wendy and Andy Magyar who tracklaid UD on Saturday; to Averil Salisbury, who stewarded CD for Chris Stewart, with Caroline Martin putting the poles out, who escorted as well, and also helped in the kitchen.

Without Marianne Foers liaising with the farmers there would not be a trial; she did a fantastic job finding the fields needed, as well as escorting when needed, and then managed to feed us all one night at her lovely home. Paul Morling organised the ‘criminals’ Tom Davies, Penny Bellis, Vic Snook and himself.

Thank you all on behalf of Lynne, who hopes to be in charge next year.

Vanna Moody



Stewards: Averil Salisbury, Caroline Martin

My thanks to ASPADS for the invitation to judge the CD stake, it was nice to see a mixture of experienced handlers and some new faces to trials. Thanks also go to Averil and Caroline, my stewards - first time for Averil and a very professional performance it was, too. To Jan Darby (scores and booking in), Jean Howells and my husband Wilf (working hard in the kitchen - 1st timers again), Tom Darby and Arthur Jeal (jumps - perfect timing for taking them down), and Vana for keeping everyone on the straight and narrow - many thanks to you all for a wonderful trial. Finally I would like to thank the competitors for allowing me to judge their dogs. You were a great bunch with some fabulous dogs. Sadly I only had 2 qualifiers. Stays and sendaways were a weakness but failure to attain sufficient marks for the jumps accounted for 10 non-qualifiers. Several of you are so close to qualifying, so keep up the training and I hope CDEx is not far away.

1st Vic Snook and WOOLSHAN INKSPOT, GSD, Qual 95. Fylo put in a super round.

2nd Ann Fotherby and JACKOVALL IS IT ANY WONDER, BC, Qual, 87.5. Another good round, pity about the down stay.

3rd Bridgit Montague and KLIPPER RIVER HARMONY, Lab, NQ. Pegs did lovely control and nosework.

4th Angela Moslin and GREAT ARAMIS OF DARK BRIGHTNESS OVER WILDFIRE, BSD (Groen), NQ. So very close today, just short on the jumps.

Good luck in the future to all those who entered.



Track Layers: Tom Darby, Jeff Poole and Wendy and Andy Magyar
Steward: Sue Ashby
ase Steward: Jan Darby
Trials Manager: Vana Moody

Thanks to ASPADS for the invitation to judge, and special thanks to Vana for taking on the role of Trials Manager at short notice. As one would expect, with the experience of Vana, Sue, Jan and their team everything ran like clockwork. The catering was excellent thanks to several people who stepped in, including Caroline Martin.

Special thanks to Sue Ashby whose experience and opinions are invaluable when setting up a control round. Her company throughout the trial made my job so much easier. Thanks, Sue. Thanks to Jan for her efficient scoreboards and also for ensuring the competitors arrived for their tracks at the right time and place.

Thanks to all my tracklayers who laid each track to perfection and Andy in particular who indicated precisely and accurately every corner about 5 paces prior to the dog taking it. Thanks to Arthur Jeal for erecting the jumps and generally being the best gofer around.

The competitors, without exception, were all a great bunch. They viewed the very dry land with a little bit of trepidation, then proceeded to get on with it, doing their best with no complaints. Thanks

1st Moria Rogerson with XANDOAS CHANCE, CDEx, BC. Moria, Chance is so impressive and he is definitely on his way, taking the shortest route possible to the top. Brilliant nosework, super attitude, fantastic ability, excellent handling. Really does the Xandoas name proud. Just one little problem, he’s not mine. Ahhhhhhh!!! Well done. Track 85, Articles 20, Square 34.5, Control 33.5, Agility 20, Total 193, Q UDEx.

2nd Pat Herbert with GLENALPINE MOO, CDEx, BC. Pat, if judges could mark for enthusiasm little Moo would come out tops. I think she lost marks on the track for working too hard. She looked as if she wanted to cover every inch of the ground and check every blade of grass, just to make sure she was absolutely right. Fantastic attitude and brilliant handling. She definitely intends to get to the top very quickly, she obviously hasn’t got time to mess about in the lower stakes, so put your running shoes on. Also another brilliant full point S/A.

81/20/35/32.5/17.5, Total 186, Q UDEx. Also won the run off with AJ for second place.

3rd Arthur Jeal with HARWOOD FARM BOY, WSD. AJ did a super track under quite difficult conditions. Lots of ability and good concentration produced a really good workmanlike performance for such a young dog. Brilliant full point S/A contributed to a good control round. Well done. 83/20/32/32/19, Total 186, Q UDEx.

4th Lee Payne with LITTLE ROUGH RHINESTONE, X-breed, (BC x GSD). Diesel did an excellent track. A tiny sticky corner cost him 2 of the 5 marks he lost. Unfortunately his concentration faded a little in the square and he left an article behind which proved to be very costly. A super control round losing only 0.5 point from this very, very handsome lad. Diesel of course, not you, Lee. 85/20/25/34.5/20, Total 184.5, Q UDEx.

Also qualified UDEx:

Ian Brown with TRI ONE JETRIL, CDEx, WSD. Brecon did a very nice track and square, and apart from the S/A, her control round was competent. She is very young yet and will grow in confidence and experience. Good luck.

85/15/32/26/17, Total 175

Thanks to all the competitors and all involved in running the trial, especially the farmers for the use of their land.



Square and C/A Steward: Sue Ashby
Tracklayers: Tom Darby, Arthur Jeal, Jeff Poole

Many thanks to ASPADS for the invitation to judge, it really is an honour to be asked over. To Lynne Baker for all the work put in before the trial; due to ill health Lynne was not able to be there as trials manager and I’d like to wish her well. So in stepped Vana Moody, who did a super job, as did everyone who came and helped; the trial ran smoothly and we had a really enjoyable week. Jan Darby was in base and did a great job as usual; in the kitchen Jean Howells, Arthur Jeal and Wilf Steward kept us well fed and watered throughout the trial and Marianne Foers dealt with all the farmers for the land.

A huge thank you to Sue for stewarding the C/A and squares each day, and to Tom, Arthur and Jeff who laid the tracks. I could not have asked for a better bunch to work with - thank you for being such great company.

Lastly a really big thank you to the farmers; without their co-operation, not just for this trial but through the year, we would not have a sport.

We started each day with C/A followed by the tracks. For the most part the weather stayed dry and was quite warm and windy which made the tracking quite tough. Thank you to all the competitors, for allowing me the opportunity to judge your dogs, it was a real pleasure. Best of luck to you all at future trials.

1st Margo Brothwell and TANGHAM LITTLE RYAN, CDEx, UDEx, Cross, 187.5, Q WDEx. Ryan put in a very good performance in all sections. Well done and good luck for the future.

2nd David Waite and EYLAUERHOF RULA, CDEx – WDEx, Rott, 185, Q WDEx. Another lovely round to watch and judge. I was impressed by Rula’s perseverance on one of the tougher pieces of tracking ground. Very well done.

3rd Dave Olley and LITTLE RAYMOND, CDEx, UDEx, Cross, 175.5, Q WDEx. Another dog with a good attitude. Ray had to work really hard on the track; missing the last leg and article proved costly. Well done, lovely work throughout the rest of the round.

4th Barry Gilbert and IATKA FOLLOW THAT STAR, CDEx – WDEx, Std. Poodle, 175, Q WDEx. A steady all round performance from Freddie. Well done.

Also Qualifying WDEx


Polly Thomas and POLLGINA GLADYS GLADSOME, Lab, 171

Hayley Philipson and POPLARTIME MYSTICAL MUSIC, CDEx – WDEx, Gt. Dane, 169

Ruth Bryant and MEISTERWERK BRUISER, BC, 168.5

Dave Craven and DISCO MISCHIEF MAKER, CDEx, UDEx, WSD, 160.5

Qualifying WD




Tracklayers: Tom Darby and Judith Owens-Poole
Stewards: Searches, Jean Howells; C/A and Patrol Round, Judith Owens-Poole
Patrol Round Helpers: Tom Davies, Vic Snook, Paul Morling, Penny Bellis

My thanks to the committee of the Society for the invitation to judge at this trial, and to Lynne Baker for the initial organisation. Unfortunately, due to illness, Lynne was unable to fulfil the role of trials manager, but Vana Moody stepped in and did a sterling job of organising us all. I would like to thank my excellent team of helpers; we are very lucky that these people are prepared to give so freely of their time to keep our sport alive. Not already mentioned are the three background staff, Jan in Base, Wilf (volunteered) in the kitchen and Marianne who did all the liaison work with the farmers.

The ground and weather conditions were quite demanding, with sparse growth on some of the fields and a very drying wind on the more exposed areas of ground. Having previously competed and helped at this trial and knowing the possible challenges of the English summer weather I had set what I considered to be a straight forward yet testing track and search, followed by a straight forward control round. We were limited with the use of the field due to the very high wind during the test. All teams tried extremely hard throughout these tests, but unfortunately we did lose three in the nosework section and one in the control.

Marianne had, at the last minute, managed to secure the use of a large, sheltered field for the patrol round, which allowed me to set a series of exercises that were designed to test the skills and fitness of the dogs (and handlers). Without exception the six teams that took part in this section performed very well indeed.

1st Dave Marchant with WTCh WAGGERLAND MURPHY, 282, PDEx. The only team to get 2 and 4 on the nosework (the main requirement, according to the late guru, Mr. Hadley, when asked by me years ago, ”What makes a good PD dog?”). They continued to turn in a very respectable round throughout despite the fact that Dave has been ill lately.

2nd Gary Martin with TYTRI ROY, 279, PDEx, and Best Patrol round Trophy. The ‘if only’ team of the trial. ‘If only’ the track article. ‘If only’ the long jump. I have no doubt though, that this team will go on and win another, if not more ‘Tickets’.

Good luck to both of you at the KCC’s

3rd Wendy Beasley with WTCh GLENALPINE PHOEBE OF STARDELL, 267.5, PDEx, and Best Patrol round by a bitch. Steady all round performance as one would expect from this team.

It had been five years since I had judged Championship PD, and on the last occasion I was disappointed with the overall standard of teams in the competition. However, on this occasion I was impressed with the standard throughout. Those who ‘knock’ the stake should take the time to come and see the huge amount of effort that goes into producing dogs that perform to such a high standard.

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