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Championship Trial
Venue: Stamford
Trial Held: 27 July 2008

Trials Manager’s Report

There are so many people to thank for all their invaluable help in completing another successful Stamford Championship Trial that I just hope I don’t miss anyone out.  The farmers around our working area are just fantastic - they come up trumps every time and seem to magic an extra field just when we need them. However a lot of the groundwork is done by Marianne Foers, who visits farmers regularly and keeps me informed what is happening in the fields.  At these difficult times a lot of the farmers diversify to get the most from their land, but with Marianne’s gentle persuasion we had enough land. Many thanks, Marianne, for all your hard work before and during the trial and also for the lovely meal you put on for us one night - your garden looks prettier and more interesting each year. 

Most of the land was ‘hayed ‘ off, sheep grazed or set aside. The WD land was the best I have ever seen it, with a good covering of clover. 

To my judges, Jacqui Gibney, PD; Jean Howells, WD; Linda Newbold UD; Sue Jones CD - you were a great bunch, putting on good tests suitable for the stakes.  We had lots of experienced tracklayers and stewards, each doing well for the judges.  I must just mention one person - Tricia Harding.  She rang me about a fortnight before the trial - was I still running it and did I need any help. Welcome to Stamford, Tricia, and thanks for all your hard work. The criminals did an excellent job too for the PD.  I will leave each individual judge to name their helpers. To my new base steward, a very special word of thanks, Judy Meekings, for all your hard work and careful directions to all the competitors. She worked well, very often under difficult circumstances.

There are two more very special people - Dorothy and John Bowen. Stamford owes them both a huge debt of gratitude.  They come up all the way from Surrey trial where they cook for many folks and then do the food for us at Stamford.  Dorothy also brings lots of goodies and her Pavlovas are to die for.

The competitors were all eager and to those who qualified, well done - and to those who didn’t, there’s always another trial round the corner that will possibly suit you and your dog just as well.

Jean Morley


Stake: CD


Square and Control Steward:  Joan Watkins

Many thanks to ASPADS for the invite to judge the CD Stake, appreciation to Jean and Pete Morley for all their hard work before and during the trial, credit to Judy Meekings back at base - you were all great company. Also a special thanks to Joan for her stewarding assistance, she being a seasoned steward made everything relaxed and made my job easy, and also managed to put the competitors at ease, as in this stake we had a number of new handlers attempting trials for the first time.  With this in mind I tried to set a straightforward test, as I know from my own past experience that CD, even with the new changes to its format, is still difficult for young dogs to obtain qualifying mark in all sections.

Squares and retrieve were on the whole very well done; as usual it was the sendaway, stays or jumps which some dogs had not quite perfected. I hope competitors went   away with some positives and understood the areas that require a little more work.

27 dogs entered and 22 worked; 7 qualified CDEx and one CD.

1st Mrs Ann Trodd,  BAILLIE OF CHELASA,  XB, (D), 97.  Excellent control, only losing a mark on heel free, full mark jumps, and 2 marks lost on nosework. A well deserved winner, Ann, with your charming cross beardie.

2nd Mrs Liz Price,  KESTENBAR PARIS,  GSD, (B), 93.5.  Full mark control round, bits and pieces elsewhere, but first time out with Grace you must be pleased, Liz.

3rd Mr Dave Craven,  DISCO MISCHIEF MAKER,  WSD, (D), 93,  No mischief making with Disco  today, super round, just lighten up the long jump and you will have it sorted.

4th Mrs Penny Bann,  JENNALINE’S QUACKINUP WISUKY,  GSP, (D), 89.  He did you proud today, Penny, excellent round and lovely to watch; good luck in the future.

Also qualified CDEx:

Mrs Wendy Siggers, HEATHGATE ISLA UDEx, WSD, (B), 88

Mr D Self, TREGONHAY THORN, ESS, B, 86.  Hope you enjoyed your 30 year old Malt to celebrate your qualification!

Mrs S A Cooper, TRUBON CIMMINI TRUBEL, Weim, (B), 81

Qualified CD:

Mrs L Doody, SPLASH OF JD (NAF), WSD, (D), 75


Stake: UD


Steward:  Zoe Finlay

Tracklayers: Sue Ashby and Kate Payton

Thank you to ASPADS for the judging appointment.  Thank you to Jean and Pete and their behind the scene helpers for running the trial, to John and Dorothy for running the kitchen, Judy for manning the base, doing all the scores and certificates (and for providing the headache pills!), to the farmers for allowing us to use their land and Marianne for all the miles she did sourcing the land for us.  Thank you to my tracklayers, who did a wonderful job with 10 out of 16 competitors completing the tracks.  Special thanks to my steward, Zoe, for being such good company and doing a brilliant job on the control round in the morning and then putting all the squares out perfectly in the afternoon. 

Tracking was on very well grazed grass and the sheep had left lots of tasty snacks for the dogs, but thankfully most of them managed to resist the temptation!!  Track articles were a 2.5" piece of rubber inner tube and a 3.5 x 2.5" piece of cream carpet.  Square articles were a 2.5" diameter green plastic lid, 2.5" yellow hosepipe, 4" black cable and 2.5 x 1" brown carpet.  Out of 14 squares Zoe only had to collect 5 articles, so all the dogs did really well, or Zoe was very smelly!!  Thanks to all of you who entered, we saw some really nice work from you all.  Good luck in your future trials.:

1st Q, 190.5, Andy Baker and SID THE LEMON SQUEEZER.  Lovely work from this team.  Very well done.

2nd Q, 184.5, Carole Hall and PENRITH NELL.  Darcy zoomed round the track with such a positive indication that Carole was lucky to stay on her feet!   Well done.

3rd Q, 184, Len Newman and SALLY BELL.  Lovely little collie with one of the best track marks, pity about the missed article. 

4th Q, 183, Barry Gilbert and IATKA FOLLOW THAT STAR.  Freddie tracked in the worst weather of the weekend with heavy rain and wind, but he kept going and worked it out.  Well done.

Also qualifying UDEx:-

177.5, June Raymond and CANDLEWIND ROMULUS.  Lovely track and square.  Well done.

Lovely mix of breeds worked; well done to all of you and to those who didn’t quite make it, keep on with the training - you will get there.


Stake: WD


Tracklayers: Lynne Baker and Arthur Jeal

Search Steward: Tricia Harding

Control Steward: Peter Morley

My thanks to ASPADS for inviting me to judge the WD stake at Stamford.  I enjoyed the 4 days in spite of inclement weather, ie sunny, cloudy, wet, extremely wet, hail and very strong winds.  Oh well, it’s only summer!  Thanks to the farmers for allowing us to use their land and to Jean for organising a good trial, and for being so helpful and friendly.  Dorothy and John, as usual, made a brilliant job of running the kitchen – thanks to you both, we were well fed and watered.  Special thanks to Marianne for the lovely evening meal in her beautiful garden.

My thanks to my tracklayers, Lynne and Arthur, my square steward Tricia and C/A steward Peter.  You all did a brilliant job in difficult weather conditions, and were good company.

44 dogs entered the stake and 33 dogs worked.  9 dogs completed the track, 2 unfortunately without articles.  A lot of dogs found the tracking difficult, although the ground looked really good.  There were a few hard luck stories on the tracks, and a few went out on the C/A; I ended up with 4 qualifiers.

1st Sheila Tannert with STYPERSON EBONY, Lab, B.  A good track with both articles.  Four out of the square and a nice control round gave you a well deserved first place.  182 / 200

2nd Vana Moody with GLENALPINE SHEP, BC, D.  Nearly came a cropper on the track but managed to recover, getting 1.5 articles.  Four out of the square and a good control round gave you second place.  Well done.  175.5 / 200

3rd Julia Findeisen with TOLBERG JUMPING JACK, GSD, D.  A few hairy moments on the track, with only one article, left you needing a good square – although Zico was tired, he managed to get four out.  A nice control round gave you your qualification.  Well done.  171.5 / 200

4th Keith Gillett with STARNIAS SPECKLED WOOD, BC, D.  Working well until you cut a corner off the track and then missed the last article.  Luckily you then did a lovely square.  Your C/A  round was good, except for the long jump.  Well done.  165 / 200


Stake: PD


Tracklayers: Vana Moody and Barry James

Steward: Christine Stewart

Patrol Steward: Lynne Baker

Criminals: Andy Magyar, Linda Newbold, Tom Davies and Jeff Allen

Many thanks to ASPADS committee for the opportunity to judge the PD Ticket.  Jean and Pete Morley and their team worked very hard (sometimes in very trying circumstances) to make the Trial a success. Thank you to Dorothy and John in the kitchen, Judy at base and scores, and all the competitors, who showed both patience and good sportsmanship throughout. Many thanks too, to everyone who worked with me on the field; my tracklayers, Vana Moody and Barry James, who laid more tracks than expected(!), and Christine Stewart, who stewarded both search and C/A - you all did an excellent job, and were good company. Lynne Baker was an excellent steward for the patrol round, and Dean Woodcock and Abbey did the run through.

My ‘criminal’ team were second to none. Andy Magyar and Linda Newbold were in the hide, and the chases and recalls were carried out with precision by Tom Davies and Jeff Allen. Thank you all very much.

First exercise was the speak; dog was left at the walk-in pole, handler joined me for a briefing and the speak.  Search or track could be worked first at handler’s discretion, followed by the gun test.

After the nosework and C/A there were only two qualifiers - Dave Marchant  and Murphy on 2 and 4, and John Wykes and Jaff on 1 and 2.

Patrol test. Two chaps playing bat and ball, handler challenges on the move, they both run.  Dog detains one; the other slopes off to hide.  Handler searches detained man and escorts back to start.  Dog quarters field to find hidden man, handler searches him in the hide, escorts back to start, dog and handler distracted, and handler is attacked.  Field is then quartered for two innocent council workers carrying out tree surgery.  Once located, handler is satisfied they are innocent, walks away.  One of the guys appears, is challenged and runs, dog is recalled.  He goes into the wood to find his other mates.  The bad guy now appears, dog sent to detain him.  Handler joins dog, deals with bad guy, then, taking the dog by the collar, is challenged from the wood - dog sent for TOC on noisy hooligans, weapons dealt with and hooligans escorted a short distance to start.

1st John Wykes with FLYNNTASTIC RED JAFF AT TARNFORCE, 258.5.  A good patrol round (131/150), with a heart-in-the-mouth recall, confirmed this win. I was delighted to present him with his second ticket to make him a WTCh.  Congratulations John and Jaff.

2nd Dave Marchant and WTCh WAGGERLAND MURPHY. After a good nosework and C/A round, many of us thought Dave and Murphy would take the ticket.  But Murphy chose to be selectively deaf on the recall, which cost him the qualification.

3rd Paul Morling and BASIL. Sadly, only 1 out from the square, and then Basil hurt his jaw on the chase, and had to withdraw during the patrol round. A pity, as his work up to then was really good.

Thank you to everyone who worked so hard to make the Trial successful; although you are appreciated by many, you are told so by few.

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