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Championship Trial
Venue: Stamford
Trial Held: 22 July 2007

Trial Managers Report

I am very lucky to have such a good team in helping to run this trial. When you live near a trial it is easy to slip down the road and keep an eye on the land to see what is available to use. My trip down to the area early on in June gave no indication that we would have any land at all. Many farmers had changed their use of land by ploughing, keeping cattle, or preparing for crops. Marianne Foers did a sterling job in keeping me well informed on what might be available. Then we found that our usual control field would not be available and the one we were given was near to building works. But all turned out well even though we had a few scary times when the electric fence was not turned off in time for us. Still no-one finished up with a hot dog!

There are so many people to thank who give their time for others to enjoy their hobby. John and Dorothy Bowen are two very special people, who work extremely hard and do the best 'bacon butties' and make sure everyone is fed and watered. Special thanks to you both from all at the trial. To all the tracklayers and stewards who give their time and effort unstintingly- thank you. No doubt the judges will add their thanks too. There is also Kevin (I don't even know his surname) but he is the caretaker for the Community Centre and nothing is too much trouble for him. When we had a terrible storm on the Friday and the 'tenters' were flooded out - he allowed the girls to sleep in the centre and even provided folding beds for them. He really was a star. I hope his pups(poodle) are doing well. I cannot miss out my husband, Peter, who did so much before and during the trial. He was a tower of strength to me. Thanks a lot. I got a few phone calls during the trial, mainly because people did not read the report sheet and finished up at the wrong place. Travel directions are for you to get to the trial safely and in good time. For those who qualified well done; the others might just need a little bit more luck on the day.

Jean Morley


Stake: CD


StewarD: Peter Morley

Many thanks to A.S.P.A.D.S. for the invitation to judge the CD Stake at Greetham championship trail. And to Jean Morley for being the trials manager who faced some tough times through out the week, not just with the caravan and camping, but with some atrocious weather making parking for all the control rounds very awkward, but true to form Jean pulled it off. Also thank you for the excellent accommodation - thank you very much. Big thanks also to John and Dot in the kitchen, for keeping us fed and watered, and to Kate, Wendy and Jan in the base. To Peter, my steward for two days - a great man knows his stuff. Laid all the search squares to perfection and gave clear

instructions in the control round, but he is also very witty and good company – thanks, Peter. To Marian, for the great food on Thursday night, thank you. Many thanks to the land owners for allowing us to use their fields in such wet weather. Thanks to Roger Shrimpton and Judy Meekings for your lovely company too, and to every one who entered - thank you.

Over the two days we saw some very good young dogs being worked some by experienced handlers and some not quite so experienced. We had some very new handlers who were not quite ready, and a little bit of guidance would be advised. For any newcomer to trials - if your dog does go walkabout in the stays, and you are asked to collect it, please do not walk off, as it may upset some of the other dogs.

The stake started with the search, the articles being a 3" piece of orange rope, a yellow cartridge, and a 2.5" black rubber disc, then the dumbbell. The control round started with the two minute sit stay, then the heel on leash, followed by the recall, then heel free to the sendaway, which was 75 paces to two white cross poles (that was a problem to one or two dogs). Then back to the jumps, which had been left in a line from the PD round - this did not prove to be a problem to any of these young dogs. We ended with the ten minute down stay. Jumps and stays took their usual toll but the rain did not help in the stays - it just poured down.

1st     Jain Douglas, with ROTHIEVALE CIARA, Lab, 94.5. This little lab did every thing at speed, but was well under control with Jain, and was the only dog to do the down stay in the worst of the rain. Well done, and good luck to you both in the future.

2nd   Hazel Burton, with HAZTONS LUCKIZA LADY, WSD, 93. Another nice round from this young team. Well done.

3rd   Linda Newbold, COLLIEWOOD DANCING BRAVE, WSD, 88.5. Another good round from this young dog in experienced hands. Shame about the long jump. Well done.

4th    Sheila Tannert with STYPRESON EBONY, Lab, 88.5. What a beautiful round. Hope you sort the down stay out, but today wasn’t the best of days to sort it. Good luck.

Also qualifying CDEx:


Pat Williams with SUNSHINE PIP, 87.5

Sharon Carter with IVYMOOR SOLID GOLD, 86

Nick Williams with SUNSHINE AMTEC, 84.5

Doug Tungatt with NOVEM SUNBIRD, 83

Qualifying CD:


Good luck to for the future everyone who took part.


Stake: U.D


Square Steward and C/A Scribe: Kate Wykes

Tracklayers: Jeff Poole and Judith Owens-Poole

Thank you to the Society for asking me to judge, I had a wonderful time in spite of the weather on the Friday. My tracklayers were absolutely brilliant and great fun to be with, fitting the tracks into the fields we had been given. Kate did a sterling job laying all the squares and scribing for the C/A. To the people in the base, thank you for looking after us, especially Dorothy and John in the kitchen, and of course to Jean and Pete for managing the trial.

Friday started off quite nicely with the C/A in fine weather, but we lost 6 of the 10 competitors on the C/A. It then started to rain, and rain, and rain….. and unfortunately out of the 8 dogs who came forward to track only 3 managed to get round and only 1 of these also qualified on the C/A.

Saturday - what a difference a day makes. The weather much improved, though still a little damp to start with, so to the C/A where we only lost 3 of the 11 competitors. In very nice weather we proceeded onto the nosework where all bar 1 got round and came away qualifying on the nosework.

1st     Mrs E R and Mr P R Hulley, REMUDA RED PEPPA STETSON, CDEx, ASD, (B), handled by Liz Hulley. An extremely competent all round performance by this pair gave nobody else a look in. Congratulations on your win and good luck in the future. Qualified Ex, 192

2nd   Mrs E Mestraud, WOLFHART FIRENFUL IDES, CDEx, GSD, (B). A good all round performance, unfortunately not up to the standard of the winner, but still a very good qualification. Qualified Ex, 181.5

3rd   Miss K Sheeran, KRIEGERGEIST ADONIS, GSD, (B). Another good performance and a good qualification. Qualified Ex, 179

4th, ARO               Mrs J Meekings, STYPERSON BRIG AT WINDLEBROOK, CDEx, Lab, (D). Only one to qualify on Friday, well done in those conditions. Qualified Ex, 176.5

Also qualified UDEx:

ARO, A Hurst, THE LIFE OF RILEY, CDEx, WSD, (D). 176.5

Mrs S J Hough, TRICK OR TREAT, CDEx, BC, (D). 175

To all those who qualified well done, to those who didn’t, better luck and lots of hard work for next time, and better weather for those who lost out because of it.


WD Stake


Tracklayers: Sue Ashby, Vana Moody, Tom Darby, Paul Morling

Stewards: Judy Meekings, Christine Stewart

Many thanks to ASPADS Committee for the invitation to judge the WD stake at the Greetham trial. Trials Manager Jean Morley and her team ran a very successful and well organised trial, and I thank you for all your hospitality. Thanks to Marian for Thursday evening at her lovely home, and for organising the land and escort duties (she gets everywhere!), and to Dorothy and John Bowen for a fine job in the kitchen.

Special thanks to my team of helpers, Judy and Christine for putting down the search squares and stewarding the control and
agility rounds, and tracklayers Sue, Vana, Tom and Paul. You were a very conscientious team who all did a splendid job, were good company and a pleasure to be with. Thank you all once again for your time and efforts.

Of the thirty one entries, twenty six took part, and I was treated to some very good nosework performances, and a good standard of control and agility, although one or two handlers came very close to getting their fingers burnt picking up dropped search articles.

Tracking was on grass of various lengths and density. The weather on Thursday was fine and dry, but some dogs found the going difficult, and the day finished with one qualifier. Friday started off again fine and dry, and then it started to rain about midday – and did it rain….   A torrential downpour all afternoon. It was so bad that some nosework qualifiers decided to scratch from the control and agility, and we finished up with one dog, the eventual stake winner, doing the stays all on its own, with the rain still bucketing down! Saturday was in comparison a good weather day, and with some really good all round performances we had four qualifiers, making a grand total over the three days of six.

Track articles: 1” x 1.5” carpet, 1.5” x 2” underfelt.

Search articles: 1” square webbing, cigarette paper packet, 0.5” x 2” leather and 0.25” x 0.5” x 2” rubber.

The WD part of the control field was on a slope, levelling out at the top. The sendaway was 90 paces up the slope to a post on the level part of the field, and was not obvious to the dog from the sendaway start point, but could be easily seen by the handler. This caused a problem for some dogs, but was generally well done, with ten dogs getting seven marks or over. Retrieves were good, heelwork and agility average. No dog moved in any of the stays.

1st     Jane Webb and INSTICTIVELY PIPPA, WSD. Qualified WDEx with 190.5 marks (track 87.5, articles 20, search 34, control 34, agility 15). Tracked on Friday before the rain started and did a very good track and search square, losing just 3.5 marks overall. Jane and Pippa were one of four teams that came forward for the C/A during the torrential rain in the afternoon. Just a blip on the scale marred an almost faultless round in the conditions. Pippa was the only dog in the stays, again in torrential rain, and looked a very wet lonely dog out there on her own, but stuck it out to qualify and take a very well deserved first place. A great future for this pair looks assured. Well done.

2nd   Robert Willatts and MOORMILL NILANDU, FCR. Qualified WDEx with 188 marks (87, 20, 33.5, 30.5, 17). Tracked on Thursday, a steady, solid and very good all round performance by this team; they work very well together and were a pleasure to judge. Good luck for the future. Well done.

3rd   Jim Szmidt and SIMBA SON OF MUFASA, GSD. Qualified WDEx with 187 marks (88.5, 20, 30, 32, 16.5). A very impressive keen young dog that looked as if he really enjoyed his work. Very well handled and the makings of a really good team. Well done.

4th    Joan Watkins and DURSTONE O’RILEY, WSD. Qualified WDEx with 178 marks (88, 20, 26, 30, 14). A very positive track with both articles on not the easiest of fields. A pleasure to watch. Cut the agility a bit close, but otherwise a good all round performance. Well done.

Also qualifying WDEx:

Bob Shropshire and STYPERSON OLIVER, Lab, 177 (85, 20, 25, 27, 20)

Manda McLellan and ASTRA STORM, BC, 172 (89, 10, 20, 33, 20)


Stake: PD               


Tracklayers: Barry Gilbert, Barry James, Andy Magyar

Search, Control and PD Steward: Lynne Baker

Criminals: Steve Lancashire, Tom Davis and Andy Magyar

Thank you to ASPADS for the invitation to judge the PD Stake at this popular venue. Thank you to Jean and Pete Morley, to Dorothy and John in the kitchen and all the team at the base - well done. To my tracklayers, Barry, Andy and Barry - thank you, they were testing conditions to lay tracks in. Lynne, thank you for your company and professionalism over the three days - you were the tops.

The weather was atrocious on Friday and took its toll on the nose work, with only one qualifier. Saturday was a little better and we had four qualifiers. All competitors got through the control round making a total of five qualifiers for the PD on Sunday.

The PD round started with the Test of Courage; the first part was on the lead and the dog had to drive back three hostile men with long mops. The next part was the same armed men waving their mops to keep the dog at bay whilst running towards the handler; the dog was released to attack and defend. Then came the Chase; one criminal came into the field shouting and ran off down the field to a parked vehicle with the dog in pursuit. Once the criminal reached the vehicle and went inside a second criminal broke behind the dog. The handler then had to get the dog off the first pursuit on to the fleeing second criminal running to a run out point. Next was the Quarter. The dog had to check hides, a vehicle and an innocent rambler en route to the final location with two criminals in a hide. Then came the Search, Escort and Attack on handler. Finally the Recall, which was a repeat of the chase.


1st           Wendy Beasley with GLENALPINE PHOEBE OF STARDELL, (BC), Q, 263.5.     Well done Wendy, your second ticket in a couple of weeks, making Phoebe a WTCh. My only qualifier, you kept your nerve to produce the goods. Good luck at the KCC.

2nd         Lee Payne with SWEET ASSASSIN, (WSD), NQ, 248. Best I have seen Buzz work over the two days. Bad luck on the run out, Lee; tough decision for me to make. If Buzz can maintain this standard your time will come.

3rd         Jeff Poole with LATCHETS BOSS, (GSD), NQ, 235.5.   Not your day today, Jeff. We all know you have your hands full with Boss, but I’m sure you will sort things out.

4th          Tracey Park with WAGGERLAND BROOK, (BC), NQ, 220. Going well until the manwork, Tracey, but his lack of training due to lameness caught up with him today.

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