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Championship Trial
Venue: Stamford
Trial Held: 24 July 2005


It is still known as Stamford Trial, even though the base has changed since the early 80's when I ran the Trial at Burghley House… then on to a farmyard at Uffington, with Steve Horsecraft at the helm, lately to a caravan site in Greetham, and now the upmarket Community centre at Greetham. A few changes over the years then,  to make the Trial  better for everyone involved, and nearer to the tracking ground.( It is still 7 miles ) but there is nowhere nearer to use as a base. Still, many of the landowners and working team are still the same.

The trial went well, and I apologise for the lateness of this report, having had quite a lot on recently. I don't know how I had time to work for a living.

I want to thank all those Trials people who turn up year on year at Stamford to help in whatever capacity. People who have come here to judge, are frequently put on the 'team list' and give up their time to help next year.

Dorothy Bowen judged last year, and with John, took on the unenviable task of catering this year…. You both did a brilliant job, thank you so much. As always the staunch supporters are always there to help, Sue Ashby, Vana Moody, Charlie Taylor, Lynne Baker, Jean and Pete Morley and our 'resident criminals' Steve Lancashire, Tom Davis and. Iain Forrest. Judy Meekings judged WD, brought Joan Watkins (don't think it's the last time Joan), John Wykes and Charlie as tracklayers. Suzanne Plumb in UD had Jane Gray as search steward and Ruth Payton and Sue Ashby as tracklayers. Rod Roberts in PD had Graham Reaney as Patrol Steward and Debbie (new to the sport) as Search steward. The tracklayers were Charlie and Lynne. Alison Tohme had Lisa Coull as her steward in CD. What a great team we have.

It was a great trial, hard work, all the usual kind of hassles, but that's Trials. We all enjoyed it. I think. See you next year……. Oh, does anyone want to take over as Trial manager????



CD Stake:


Many thanks to: ASPADS for inviting me to judge, Jackie Gibney for undertaking the unenviable task of Trials Manager, Dorothy and John Bowen for the fabulous food both at base and in the field; Lisa Coull for stewarding search squares/stays and scribing the C & A round;  Jean Morley and Kate Peyton for completing the score sheets and marking up the catalogues, certificates and prize cards; Pete Morley and Norma Ansell for stay stewarding; the competitors for entering under me and accepting my marks with good grace. 

27 entered; 25 ran; 9 breeds were represented.

Square articles:

Metal teaspoon

3" x 2" green scouring pad

6" unused wooden pencil

Those that qualified thoroughly deserved to do so and I saw some extremely professional handling by those in the cards which fully reflected the training put in; resulting in competent and confident performances worthy of the title CDex.

1st           with 94.5  was Mrs J Dykes with DAISY DOO, X breed, bitch.  This lovely little dog completed the fastest square and scored a full point control round.  Made the jumps look insignificant! 

2nd         with 94 was Mrs G Flowers with THISTLE DAWN, GSD, bitch.  Full mark jumps/stays and cracking heelwork.   Congratulations.

3rd          with 91 marks Mrs J Speake with SANTROVASO SONATA UDex, GSD, bitch.  Full mark jumps, despite a scary moment for owner, dog and judge on the scale !

4th          with 89.5, CC Essex Police, EXPOL TYLER OF NEWCOURT, GSD, dog.  Full mark jumps/stays and all three articles out of the square. A very stylish GSD and extremely well handled.

Also qualifying CDex with 88.5, Ms M O'Kelly with WACCY ZACCY, WSD, dog.  Full mark jumps/stays and another with all three out of the square.

Hard luck story of the trial - Jane Hedges with her FCR bitch which was the first dog on the field and set the standard for the trial being the only dog to obtain full marks in the square but unfortunately went out on the scale.  Very nearly there Jane.

Dog the judge would most like to take home - Sideshow Bob, a lovely X breed that had springs for feet! 

For those whose success was deferred, please carry on training.  Enjoy your dogs, your trials and yourselves.  I did!


Stake: UD


Stewards: Jane Gray (search) & Lorna Cottier (control & agility)

Tracklayers: Ruth Payton & Sue Ashby

Thanks to ASPADS for the invitation to judge the UD stake, I thoroughly enjoyed myself over the two days. Thank you Jacqui and your team for running such a well organised trial, thanks also to Dorothy and John in the kitchen for their hard work keeping us fed.

Expecting the weather to be hot I took the usual shorts, sun cream etc but it was dull and cool which was more suitable for the dogs as tracking was on short, dry grass. My two tracklayers Ruth and Sue did an excellent job laying the track pattern in fields that were different shapes and sizes giving each team an equal chance of getting round, thank you girls. The track pattern, although straight forward, tested the handlers but most teams got round - sometimes the dog does know best. Special thanks go to Jane my search square steward, no failures and such good company too.

stamford UD track small

Control and agility followed and I was ably assisted by Lorna. She put all the competitors at ease guiding them around the long grass field. We saw excellent sendaways with some teams getting full marks but heelwork and retrieve were not so good, maybe it was the long grass? Jumps were well done with only two teams failing and no failures for the down stay. Thank you to the handlers that informed me that they were not putting their dogs in the stay.

Now to the qualifiers:

1st           Mr D Shearer and DREAGANTA DONN (BC) 195 pts. Well handled by Doug, Donn seemed to hit a brick wall on one corner of the track but with your help found the leg and didn't put a paw wrong from then on. Losing only 1 on the C & A brilliant, a pleasure to judge you, congratulations on your win.

2nd         Mr A Fox and DAZLEROCK'S BRYN N SCOOBY TOO (BC) 188 pts. An excellent track followed by 4 out of the square in 2 minutes. Bryn decided he didn't like the gun noise but I am sure it was the echo he spooked at and in Andy's experienced hands it won't become a problem. Well done.

3rd          Mr J Watts and JAYESS ROUGH N TUMBLE (GSD) 186 pts. Again another excellent track gaining 88.5 marks and 4 out of the square. Timba gave us a scare on the scale but his attitude and John's careful handling got him over. Well done on 3rd place.

4th          Mr K Johnson and DUNNSLAYNE BLUE SKIES (WSD) 180.5 pts. Nervous handler but Sky can track. Lovely control, I am sure you will make the top stake in the not too distant future. Good luck.

Also qualifying UDex.

Ms K Peyton and GLENALPINE SOLOMON (BC) 180 pts.

Mrs S Shearer and DREAGANTA DEODUBH (BC) 179 pts.

Mrs J Stamp and RESERVOIR RESCUE (XB) 178.5 pts.

Mrs R Cahill and BAYRIVER AMBUSH OF SALENZE (GSD) 177.5 pts.

Mr I Bradley and HOEGRANGE ZEUS (Lab) 172 pts.

The above team was a delight to judge, their attitude to our sport was wonderful.

Miss K Woolley and TYNSIL TIGER WALKS AT DUNSA (GWP) 169 pts.

Mrs P Thomas and BONZER HONEYSUCKLE BLOOM (Lab) 166.5 pts.

Thanks competitors for entering. I wish you all success at your future trials. Also I do apologise for the lateness of this report due to a blip on my part.


WD Stake


Tracklayers :Vana Moody, Charlie Taylor, John Wykes

Search Steward: Joan Watkins


I would like to thank ASPADS for the invitation to judge.  The trial was well run by Jacqui Gibney, with the able assistance of Jean Morley and Sue Ashby at base, and Dorothy and John Bowen in the kitchen.  Many thanks to you all, and to everybody else whose hard work helped to make a successful trial.

All the tracks were laid just as I wanted - thank you all very much.  Joan laid squares and stewarded the C & A with her usual cheerful efficiency, and was also a friendly companion at the B & B.  Thank you, Joan.

WDEx track Stamford for WTM small

On the face of it the tracking land looked awful, very dry grass which had been cut the previous week, and so I set a fairly simple track pattern.  However, most of the dogs showed that we humans have no idea about what is easy and what is hard to track on.  Dogs which were motivated to track had no problem whatsoever, and we saw some stunning tracks, in spite of loads of hares running round the fields.  Searches were also well done, with very few articles left for Joan to pick up.

Control and agility was on the last day, unusual in these days of high fuel prices, but as a judge it's a format I enjoy; I think it adds to the atmosphere of a trial, but can understand why it's no longer the norm.  We lost a few nosework qualifiers, some on the jumps, and some struggled with the Sendaway, but the overall standard was good.  All the dogs completed the stays.


1st           Chris Stewart with BELDORM DUNCAN, Standard Poodle dog.  Duncan tracked brilliantly, 89.5 with both articles, and then got all 4 articles out of the square.  This was followed by a very stylish control round, and full mark agility.  Well done! 193

2nd         David Waite and DUNNSLAYNE BLUE OMEN, WSD dog.  Merlin made the track look easy, and recovered all his articles with style.  A very tidy control round and full mark agility gave him a well deserved qualifier and second place.  190.5

3rd          Angela Porter with CARIS TYLER WOOD, Golden Retriever dog.  Charlie stormed round the track, with both articles recovered, but with speed came a bit of inaccuracy.   The square was well done, and the control and agility was almost faultless, a joy to watch. 187.5

4th          Di Boxall and BOXALONG BOY, WSD dog.  Drift tracked well, but lost marks with rather a lot of casting.  The square was very well worked, and his control round was stylish.  A close run thing on the agility, but gained enough for a good qualifier. 187

Also qualified: 

Sue Scott and LUCA'T THAT, Mali bitch.  186

Liz Warrior with OH MY K-KATIE, Crossbreed bitch.  186

Robert Currie and VOMHAUSNYE PUNK, GSD dog. 183.5

Fran Atkin and BRONFYNNON BRECON, WSD dog. 178.5 

Rowena Hodnett with DRUMMAJOR GOOD LUCK CHARM, Rott bitch. 178

Sue Ashby and THE ECHO, WSD bitch. 173.5

Hazel Holt and TRACKMOOR TOLKIAN, GSD bitch.165.5



PD Stake


Tracklayers: John Wykes  Lynne Baker

Stewards: Donna Walker  Graham Reaney 

Criminals  Steve Lancashire, Tom Davis, Ian Forest, John Wykes.

My Tracklayers, Stewards and the Criminals were all great exactly what was required.

The food good - no shortage of bacon and egg sandwiches brill. Thanks Dorothy and John.

 The organization Grand plenty of help when required what more could the judge ask.

The competitors were a cheerful bunch not as much as a moan about the lockout. (Not that I heard anyway)

1st           Lorna Cottier  WT Ch MELNONA JAZZLAND TDex PDex  Crossbreed.  Q 272.  Lorna and Hamish worked as a team throughout good in all sections With Lorna's handling superb in the lockout worthy winners best of luck at the KCC's

2nd         Wendy Beasley  WT Ch BRIGALPINE LIBRA OF STARDELL TDex PDex   B/C Bitch Q 265. Super Bitch a credit to the sport.

3rd          John Watts WT Ch STARLIGHT BLUE TDex PDex  WSD Dog  295

Another good round from this great dog.

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