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Championship Trial
Venue: Stamford
Trial Held: 23 July 2006


Trial’s Managers Report

When I was invited to take over ‘Stamford’ trial, I did with more than a little apprehension. However my husband Peter said he would support me and give me all the help I needed. Very many thanks Peter for all that you did. I had in mind that the trial should be well run, happy and with a good atmosphere, so that all the hard work done would not seem so wearing. I was so lucky my team WAS BRILLIANT. You all made my job so much easier and it was gratifying to know that I had such an experienced team. Special thanks must go to Dorothy and John Bowen who worked like Trojans in the kitchen and made sure that everyone was well satisfied - who would work in a kitchen on their “umpth” birthday.  (I think it was her 21st)  To all my judges who put on a really good test mindful of the dry conditions; and the tracklayers and stewards too working in very hot conditions (till the thunderstorm on the Saturday). The base was in the capable hands of Kate Peyton and Wendy Magyar - they do work well as a team thanks. There is also now a new title for trials - ‘Land Agent’ - Marianne Foers who seemed to magic another field from out of the blue when sheep, as they do, got in places where we did not expect them to be. Also many thanks Marianne for the lovely meal you gave the helpers as we sat in your beautiful garden - it was lovely. It was disappointing that there were not as many qualifiers as I would have liked there to be, but conditions were hard. We had an awful lot of scratches  - people mainly deciding that perhaps the heat was not conducive to a fair chance. To all those people who rang - thanks for your consideration for the helpers. To those people who felt that a phone call was beyond them, may I suggest they lay a track or two in competition or perhaps wait in a field for a track to mature or realise perhaps that a whole group of dogs cannot do the stay in case so and so turns up. I really do think it is the height of bad manners. Moan over! To everyone at the trial, thank you very much indeed for making my job so much easier - your company and hard work was very much appreciated. I will let the judges name their helpers for their own stakes.



Stake: CD


Search Stewards: Heather Hardaway and Chris Stewart

C/A Steward: Heather Hardaway

My early memories of this trial go back to Belton House, Grantham and some memorable evenings at the Blue Ram. I am very grateful to the Committee of ASPADS for the opportunity to judge and to Jean Morley and her team for their hospitality. Congratulations to Jean and her team also on, at least as far as CD is concerned, an efficiently organised trial with a very happy atmosphere. 

CD was held on Saturday the 22nd July and although there had been a shower and some thunder just before we started, the long dry spell had created a large number of wide cracks in the ground which we took account of when positioning the jumps. We had ample space with the searches completely separate from the C & A. The grass was generally about 3 to 4 inches with some wispy bits rather longer. Sendaway was 55 paces to a clearly visible patch of white flowers between two trees in a hedge. Search and retrieve was carried out first. C & A started with heel on lead which was followed by the hurdle with heel off between the jumps and other exercises, the last individual exercise being the scale. Competitors reported in two groups. I had hoped to do all the stays together, this was not possible and the two groups worked in very different conditions.

During the morning the sun became increasingly bright and the temperature increased until the stays when it was very hot. Whilst the second group did their searches and retrieves the breeze increased whilst the sky became ever darker. When we came to the first C & A of that group there were rumbles of thunder and it became obvious that discretion should rule over valour. We decided to delay, which was just as well as the heavens opened and thunder and lightning prevailed. We started again when things quietened a little, although the rain and some thunder with lightning in the distance continued. By the time of the second batch of stays the rain had stopped but it was still windy and grey.

Sadly, I am sure some dogs in each group had been disturbed by the thunder and this had particularly affected their searches.

My two stewards were excellent. Chris put out the stakes for the searches and kept the competitors coming whilst Heather placed the articles and stewarded the C & A... My thanks to you both.

Search articles were:           Piece of stick 3.25” approx, Strip of green wellie 5” x .5”, Metal 4” x .5” x 1/8”.

31 entered - 21 worked

1st           Mr A Bolton, NORSHEP SHADOW GSD (D) 91 Qual Ex.  2 articles from the search, only two dogs recovered all three. Excellent control round, sound and stylish throughout, and very agile. Well handled in spite of Alan being unwell. Hope you recovered quickly.

2nd         Mrs J Rutter, STARDELL MAIA AT NYEWOOD BC (B) 86 .5  Qual Ex.  Unfortunate to be the first to work in the second group. Thunder rumbling around was a real test and still put in a first class performance. The only blip being the return on the scale which I am sure can be attributed to the conditions. Well done indeed.

3rd          Mr R Coitino, KENMILLFORE COPPER, GSD, (D) 84 .5  Qual Ex.  Another good round . A little untidy in the control section. 2 articles, retrieves can be improved. Full mark agility. Congratulations.

4th          Ms D Walker, FFIGLINA OBERON, Dalmatian, (D) 77 CD only.  Qualified in all sections, just short of overall marks for the Ex.  Heelwork is the area most in need of improvement.  Also recovered 2 articles. It’s well within reach. Well done.

As ever, a day of mixed fortunes. Overall the area most in need of attention was the search. You only have four minutes, which is ample time provided the dog is clear about what is being asked of him before being sent in the square.

My thanks to all the competitors for entering and for the manner in which they accepted my decisions.


Stake: UD


Tracklayers:  Graham Brumpton, Paul Morling

Steward:  Susan Cable

Thanks to ASPADS for the judging appointment.  I had 2 lovely days judging pleasant competitors with lovely dogs.  The weather was red hot; tracks were on well grazed sheep fields with lots of droppings and not much grass, consequently not easy going for young dogs.  The dogs that completed the track did it well, others grazed on sheep droppings.  The standard in the control was high but we lost a few on the agility.

Thanks to my tracklayers, Graham and Paul, who did a great job and were good company.  Paul, my knight in shining armour, went beyond the call of tracklaying duties and tried his best to keep me dry when we had a downpour at the end of the second day - thanks, Paul!  Susan was my square and control steward for both days, and did a super job; she was also my chauffeur for the weekend.  Thanks, Susan.

Jean was a lovely Trials Manager; she made sure I was OK and always had a smile.  Thanks to Dorothy and John in the kitchen, Kate and Wendy at the base, and everybody else who helped behind the scenes to make the trial run smoothly.

My square articles were:- a piece of sheepskin, a piece of foam dressing, a piece of hard green plastic and a wooden curtain ring.  The track articles were a gun cartridge and a spatula.

1st           Jenny Miller, FOXFOLD CO-ALITION, X Breed, Q UDEx, 199.  Lovely dog, lost only 1 mark overall, and that was me being picky.  Excellent.

2nd         Margaret Jones, RUSKATH ONESTEP AHEAD, WSD, Q UDEx, 197.  Super little dog, very little to fault and a delighted handler.  Well done.

3rd          Celia Bourne, FLAME OF THE FOREST, WSD, Q UDEx, 187.  Another lovely track in difficult conditions.  Well done.

4th          Cath Phillips, TRACKMOORS MORGAN, Malinois, Q UDEx, 186.  A quiet gentle handler who gets the best out of her dog.  Well done.

Also qualifying UDEx

Mr G Emmerson, DHERRINGTON ROY, BC, 181, Well done.

Mt T Green, CHANASK VOLGA, GSD, 176. Well done.


Stake: WD


Tracklayers: Sue Ashby, Judy Meekings, Charlie Taylor

Stewards: Pete Morley (search), Judy Meekings (C & A)

Kitchen: Dorothy and John Bowen

Base: Kate Peyton, Wendy Magyar, Lynne Baker

Thanks to all for a happy trial.  Well done Jean on your first attempt at Trials Managing – a job well done!

The boiling weather took its toll of Man and Beast.  Congratulations to all who attempted the test - you must be very proud of your dogs’ efforts.  Well done to my team, who unfortunately had to retrieve so many articles, but still remained ‘cool’ and brilliant company.

1st  Barry Harvey, Lab, 179.5, Q.  Well done, worked very hard in storm conditions.

2nd  Barry James, BC, 179.5, Q.  Extreme conditions, well done.

3rd  Beryl Kimberley, GSD, 169.5, NQ.  Shame about the stay, but did the best track.

4th  Pat Werner, Kelpie, 146, NQ.  Happy lively dog, but the weather beat you today.




Tracklayers: Lynne Baker & Andy Magyar

Stewards: John Watts & Andy Magyar

Scribe: Laura Bardwell

First I would like to thank ASPADS for the invitation to judge this stake at Stamford.  Also thanks to Jean and a great team, right through from the kitchen to land management; then of course a special thanks to my track layers, stewards, criminals, and scribe.  To my tracklayers, both of whom in very difficult circumstances did their best to get the competitors round.  (Sadly conditions and luck beat most.)  And to my two stewards, who were both good company and first class in the manner in which they applied themselves to their respective tasks.  (John, Squares & Patrol Round: Andy, Control)

Thanks also to my Criminals, Steve Lancashire, Tom Davies, & Ron Jaques. A special thanks to Steve who took on the responsibility of ensuring everything and everybody was in the right place and ready at the right time, from practice sessions to equipment and people, all in place and of the right calibre.

Thanks to John Phillips for doing a couple of practice rounds to ensure distances and things were got right. (After all we did expect a significant number of rounds with 20 entries). And finally my scribe Laura, who, as always, is there to take the brunt of my various tantrums, both at trials and at training sessions when I need someone to take the blame.

Now to my nosework.  I set a not too difficult track for dogs at this level.  Sadly, short grass, arid ground conditions and unforgiving sunshine took a heavy toll, leaving us after the nosework with only three qualifiers.  Significantly, all three worked in the same field (even eventual ticket winners need that bit of luck.)

Control and Jumps.  On the whole the control was done well, as were the jumps, however we did lose one of our qualifiers bringing us down to two going into the PD round.

Patrol Round.  About 2 hours prior to the round I gave all competitors a full explanation in writing of my round, (copy follows) and prior to the test gave a question and answer session. We had by this time four teams, 2 non-qualifiers, 2 with the opportunity to qualify. I took the two non-qualifiers first and then the two hopefuls.

1st           Dave Marchant and WAGGERLAND MURPHY.

A brilliant effort by this young dog (youngest in the stake), of course Dave played a small part also.  Nosework 110, Control 28.5, Jumps 20, PD Round 135.

2nd         Geoff Poole and LATCHETS BOSS.

This team had the best track and for the most part gave a good performance, however some confusion on the sendaway robbed them of a qualification.  Nosework 107.5, Control 23, Jumps 19, PD Round 128.

3rd          Tracey Parks and WAGGERLAND BROOKE.

Another good performance in all sections, however a failed recall proved costly, robbing this team also of a qualification, and of course 2nd place.  Nose work 104, Control 34, Jumps 19, PD Round 104

4th          Judith Owens and FIRCROFT DOON

Sadly Judith was one of the many nose work casualties but stayed and did the full test, and managed to qualify in all other sections.  Nose Work 49, Control 28½, Jumps 19, PD Round 112.

Patrol Round Instructions to Handlers

Test of Courage:  A person about 80 - 100 yards away needs to be challenged; this person will appear scared and back away.  On instruction from the steward, the handler should send their dog.  As the dog nears the lone person, others will join him and attempt to drive the dog back. On instruction from the steward, the handler should join their dog, take control of the situation, and escort the three back to the start area.  No search is required at this time.

Quarter:  For this exercise, the handler is required to send their dog to quarter the area in search of the hide criminal.  As the dog approaches the area of the hide, the steward will inform the handler that there should be no further commands.  On arrival at the hide, the dog will be given a short time to bark; once the dog has done this (or not), the handler will be told to join the dog.  Once the handler arrives at the scene and brings the situation under control, the exercise is over.  However, the search and escort should be continued without interruption.

Search and Escort:  This is the only point where a thorough search is required (thorough but not intrusive).  Once the handler is satisfied the search is completed, the criminal needs to be escorted back to the start area.  (Please note the criminal knows the direction he needs to take).  At some point, an attack on the handler will be made; once the dog is fully committed to the defence of the handler, a 2nd attacker will be called in.  Whilst at all times remaining calm, the handler needs to call the dog from the 1st attacker, and redirect it onto the 2nd attacker.  At all times the handler needs to keep control of the situation, and when in control, continue the escort back to the start area.  Only a cursory search is required of the 2nd attacker.

Chase:  As the search and escort ends, the two attackers will become uncooperative, and question the handler's right to arrest them.  They will then inform the handler that they are leaving.  A normal conversation should ensue; as they move away, the handler should send their dog on the steward's instruction.  Once the dog has stopped the 1st criminal, the handler needs to take control of the situation, and redirect the dog onto the 2nd criminal.  There will be an obvious run out point.  The dog needs to stop both in a determined manner for full points.

Recall:  This will be conducted in the same fashion as the chase, but with a single criminal.  The handler will recall on the steward's instruction.  A different direction to the chase may be used depending on circumstances.

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