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Championship Trial
Venue: Dundee
Trial Held: 08 November 2009

TM, CD, UD, WD, TD Stakes


 I would like to thank all the judges, helpers and competitors for making this trial a success. I will leave the judges to thank their own tracklayers etc, but a few individual mentions must be made. To my other half, Bill, who thought he was made redundant this year from the admin but still came out and tracklaid, to Jim for sorting out the fields with me, the other Bill for dealing with all the jumps and to Shirley and Karen in the kitchen, a magnificent job as usual.

The rest of the Dundee team were also fantastic, tracklaying, stewarding and generally just being there. The judges were a pleasure to work with and I must give special mention to our new friend Dave - you can come back to Dundee anytime! (Bob and Ann are, of course, welcome as well, but we knew you before)

The competitors, some of whom had not been to Dundee before, seemed to enjoy themselves and the dry weather helped; OK, not Friday afternoon but the rest was fine. A special mention also has to go to the farmers who let us wander around their fields and to the brilliant Mr and Mrs Brown who give our judges B & B and spoil them rotten.

Unfortunately I have to finish my report with something I found very disappointing. Can I ask competitors that if you are lucky enough to win a trophy and are not prepared to look after it and clean it before it is returned then please do not accept the trophy, we will look after it here.

To all who made this trial work, thanks again.





Steward: Lorraine Wilson

Thanks to ASPADS for this invitation to judge the CD stake at their Dundee trial. Joyce Rae and her team work so well together and as a result run a good trial.

The weather for the weekend was good, with sunshine greeting us on the Saturday morning. The control/search field was very short grass, even so, not all the squares went according to plan.

The competitors were a happy bunch which made judging a pleasant experience. Many thanks to my trusty steward, Lorraine, who, as always, did her best to put them at their ease.

7 entered, 5 worked. Jumps and stays, as usual with this stake, took the most casualties.

1st Avril Bryson with EVIE, Patterdale, B, 85, Q CDEx. What a cracking little dog, great attitude and character. No return on the scale was the major panic of the day, but she gained enough to secure this qualification.

2nd John Hammond and FLECK, GWP, B, 80.5, Q CDEx. Not the easiest of dogs, and I know John has struggled in the past and was talking retirement. Did just enough in each exercise to gain this qualification. Well done John for persevering.

3rd John Gray and RUDIE, Mali, D, 86, NQ. Certainly the best control round of the day, sadly let down by the jumps. Though I suspect it won’t be long before this experienced handler sorts this glitch and Rudie will start his career in earnest.

4th Helen Rajska and TY, BC, D, 76.5, NQ. Just a bit of tidying needed for this dog to get it together and get his qualification. Sendaway and jumps caused problems today.

NB. A quick mention for Heidi and her poodle DOYLE. Doyle did try but today was not your day. You both seem to enjoy yourselves so much, which is as it should be. Sendaway and jumps need attention but work on the rough edges and it will come.




Tracklayers: Bill, Gary, Frank and Dave

Steward: Pam

Thanks to ASPADS for the invitation to judge both the UD and WD stakes at Dundee. This was my first visit to this part of the world and I enjoyed every minute. Thanks to Joyce Rae, Trials Manager, for running a marvellous and well organised trial, and also for looking after my wife Liz and keeping her happy (something I haven’t managed to do in 36 years!). Thank you to Karen and Shirley in the kitchen for keeping us fed and watered.

I would also to thank my tracklayers, Bill, Gary, Frank and Dave, not only for being excellent tracklayers but also for their very enjoyable company. A special thank you goes to Pam, my steward for 2 days. She never stopped laughing and smiling, even throughout the rain, and did a superb job - a pleasure to have your company. Our accommodation was superb; Mr and Mrs Brown treated us like good friends.

The tracking was on stubble with a good grass growth for both the UD and WD stakes. UD tracked in the morning and WD in the afternoon, with control sandwiched between the two. The weather was very good, with rain only on Friday afternoon and occasional wind in the afternoon, so unfortunately WD did get the worst of any conditions.

In UD we had 10 competitors and I was treated to some wonderful tracking, with 8 of the teams making it look ooh so easy and some doing it in less time than it took the tracklayer to lay it. After the control we had 5 qualifiers.

In WD we had 7 competitors, with 4 qualifying after the nosework, and again it was a pleasure to watch these teams at work. Unfortunately the control took its toll and we didn’t finish up with any qualifiers.


1st Lorna Cottier and ADDRESS TO A HAGGIS, X-Breed, Q, 190. The first to work and set a very high standard, and coupled with a very good control round Lorna was a very worthy winner. A pleasure to watch you and Haggis work.

2nd Mrs Alyson Pollard and HAGGIS OF GLENDALE, X-Breed, Q, 189. Another excellent nosework round. Hamish did you proud.

3rd Mrs Heather Halton and KISDONS VANDAL, Wirehaired Vizsla, Q, 181. What a wonderful attitude Herman has. Never gives up and gives you 100% effort. Congratulations.

4th Mrs Cheryl Savage and GLENLOXLEY STAR WIZARD, BC, Q, 179.5. An excellent overall performance and deserved qualification.

Also qualified UDEx:

John Hood and CHEYENNE DAWN, BSD, 169.5. Well done, John and Sly


1st Angela Higgins and LAETARE SWEET CHARIOT, BC, 183, NQ. Excellent nosework. What a pity about the jumps. The rest of the control round was very good; hardly put a foot wrong. Good luck in your future trials.

2nd Mr Brian Glasgow and NORSHEP ROCCO, GSD, 161, NQ. Again the jumps took their toll but otherwise a very good round.

3rd Kate Wykes and KIPCROFT MEG OF TARNFORCE, BC, 160, NQ. The best track of all. Meg hardly put a paw wrong the whole way round and showed what tracking is all about. Hope you work out Meg’s little issues.

4th Jackie Hall and NUNNEYSWOOD RYTHYM ‘N’ BLUES, Ches Bay Ret, 153.5, NQ. So near. Search and jumps very costly. Good luck in the future.




Tracklayers: Jim Jeffrey and Bill Mackie

Steward: Sheena Kerr

My thanks to ASPADS for the opportunity to judge this stake and to Joyce Rae and her team in the help given in the organisation and running of the trial. Everyone worked well together and there were no hiccups that I am aware of. Thanks also to Shirley and Karen in the kitchen working away and serving up the grub.

I would like to re-iterate a comment I made at the prize giving in that the high percentage of nosework passes were not of my making but due to two things: firstly, the diligence of the tracklayers Jim and Bill and the search steward Sheena Kerr; and secondly, the handlers and their dogs’ ability to complete the test to the necessary standard.

I set the test to suit the terrain and the prevailing conditions, and passed on my instructions, but the tracklayers and steward were the ones who carried them out, in this case exactly as requested, and my sincere thanks to them for that. After that it’s up to the competitors and their dogs to accomplish the test set.

The weather over the trial ranged from horrendous wind and rain to clear skies and sunshine but in any case it made no difference, with nosework being equally good in all conditions.

The C/A performances were extremely mixed, from reasonable to brilliant and this is where it was really decided. One team in particular I could only describe as outstanding but unfortunately went out literally at “the last hurdle”.

1st Mrs Pat Parkinson and CARISHILL HYACINTH, G.Ret, B, 207.5. Quality performance in nosework and control, where the dog worked her socks off. I understand that subject to KC approval this ticket makes her dog up to WT Champion. You looked a bit overwhelmed, Pat.

2nd Mrs Diana Collie and Ir WTCh COLLIEWOOD BROWN EYES BLUE, WSD, B, 207. Another excellent all round performance but pipped at the post by the narrowest of margins.

3rd Mrs Kathy Ingham and ObCh RUSKATH OTHENTIC IMAGE, WSD, B, 197.5 Points. Good all round performance from this dog, converting over from another discipline. The Sendaway was costly.

4th Mr Doug Shearer and DREAGANTA ALPHA CENTAURI, BC, B, 187. Struggled a bit at one corner of the track but worked hard to get out of a difficult situation.

Also Qualifying TDEx:

Ms Jacquie Hall and MERCURY SKYLARK, G.Ret, B, 180.5.

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