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Open Trial
Venue: Dundee
Trial Held: 22 February 2009

Stakes CD, UD, WD, TD 



 I would like to thank ASPADS for the invitation to judge CD and UD at their open trial. My steward, Jackie Suckling, and I were very well looked after by Trials Manager Joyce Rae and her very able team of helpers. Thank you to the ladies in the kitchen for a lovely meal.


 Steward: Jackie Suckling

 I would like to thank Jackie for laying the search squares and stewarding the control round.

 1st Mrs C Ashworth and HARPERRIG GIGHA, Lab, 96, Q. A lovely round. Dusk was beautifully and sympathetically handled by Carol, who got the best out of her. Very well done indeed, a pleasure to watch.

2nd Ms K Kelly and KELDALE KING MONKEY, WSD, 58.5, NQ. Kenny is a very novice dog, and showed great promise. Just a bit of polishing up on the control round and sorting out the jumps needed. Nice nosework, and qualified in that section.



 Tracklayers: Bill Mackie and Gary Tait
Steward: Jackie Suckling

 I would like to thank my tracklayers, Bill and Gary, who both did an excellent job, and laid the tracks exactly as I wanted. Thanks also to Jackie, who laid the search squares and again was steward for the control round. Thank you also for being co-driver!

 1st Mrs S Kerr and DEARBHAIL CAILIN, GSD, 188.5, Q. Well done, Sheena and Cisco. You have been close so often, and today she did it in style. It was a great pleasure to share in your total joy.

2nd Mrs D McKay and KENMILQUIN KATE, ESS, 183, Q. Very well done. Breeze did a lovely track and a very good control round. She had a lovely happy attitude and was beautifully handled.

3rd Mrs P Cuthbert and PIERCE’S APPRENTICE, X-breed, 175, NQ. Just the jumps let you down today; an excellent track, 89/90, and a strong control round. Certainly one for the future. Well done.

4th Mrs A Pollard and HAGGIS OF THE GLEN, X-breed, 170, NQ. Hamish is certainly a character – I will remember the way he jumped the clear jump for years to come! The down stay let you down today, which was a shame, but I am sure it will be sorted soon.

 Best Nosework: Ms J Moulin and DURABLE OF DIRRINGTON, WSD, D.

 I would like to thank all the competitors who worked under me today. You were truly a very sporting bunch, and it was a pleasure to judge your lovely dogs. Well done to those who qualified, and to those who didn’t – you were only a whisker away, so your time will come.


Stake: WD

Tracklayer: Pam Cuthbert.

 Thanks to ASPADS for inviting me to judge WD, also a big thanks to Pam for everything from being tracklayer to search squares and control steward. I would also like to thank Shirley and Karen, who kept us fed and watered all weekend and to Joyce, trials manager another successful trial.

 1st John Hood with CHEYENNE DAWN - very nice rounds from you both, good steady track and a good control round. All the best in the future. Q, 187.5

2nd Bill Mackie with TYGUARD ANDIS - another very nice round from you both, if you had only got the articles from the track - this is never a problem in training, this was a one off. Good luck to you both in the future. NQ, 159.5

3rd Yvonne Walker with DIEGO CAUGHT ‘N’ THE ACT - Considering the dog had been very ill for a few months before the trial and had not returned to full fitness, this was a good attempt. The control round was good and the track started off well, the let down was the jumps. Keep up the good work and all the best in the future. NQ, 131.5



Tracklayer: Jim Jeffrey
Steward: Fiona Allardice

 Thanks to ASPADS for inviting me to judge. Many thanks to Joyce Rae and her helpers at base, also thanks to Jim for tracklaying and Fiona for stewarding – I hope you enjoyed your first time.

The weather was very windy both days, but it was dry; tracking was on stubble. 9 dogs entered and 7 ran.

 1st Julia Findeisen, TOLBERG JUMPING JACK, GSD, D, 218.5, Q. Zico worked well for you, with an excellent track and search and a full mark control round and jumps. Well done.

2nd Mary Edgar, KIPCROFT LEX, BC, B, 179.5, Q. Just missed two legs of the track; good control and jumps. Well done.

3rd Doug Shearer, DREAGANTA ALPHA CENTAURI, BC, B, 209.5, NQ. Alfie did an excellent track and search, and only lost one mark on control – pity about the jumps. Well done.

4th Jim McKay, CONADREW VASKO, GSD, D, 141.5, NQ. Hubble tried very hard at the track; good control round, just losing 1.5 marks, and full mark jumps. Well done.

Thanks to all the competitors for entering.

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