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Open Trial
Venue: Dundee
Trial Held: 21 February 2010
TM, CD, UD, WD Stakes


Firstly a huge thank you to the Dundee committee for rallying round when I was unfortunate (some would say stupid) enough to break my wrist two weeks before the trial. This meant that, as I was unable to drive, I simply had to sit in the base drinking tea and trusting the team to carry out their duties unsupervised, a job they did magnificently - looks like they don’t really need me at all!!!

We had a fairly small entry but everyone seemed to enjoy the trial no matter how their dogs worked, and as the sun shone for two days, making it almost warm at midday, it was a pleasant weekend. A special mention for our new judge in CD, Roy Drummer, who set a nice straightforward round, ably assisted by Lesley and Jenny. I will leave Ed and Jim to thank their own helpers but they did a magnificent job and I know they saw some very good work.

As always Shirley and Karen supplied large amounts of good food and kept me in cups of tea as well!!

Finally a massive thank you to Brian at the Petfood Store for giving us a free sample of dog food for every competitor, and bags of food for first and second places in each stake. Much appreciated.



CD Stake

Judge: Roy Drummer

Steward : Jenny Beaton

Firstly I must thank the ASPADS Dundee committee for inviting me to judge the CD Open stake

A big thank you to Joyce Rae and her team, Jim, Gary, Shirley and Karen . This team never fails to manage a very successful and friendly trial.

Special thanks to Jenny Beaton, my Steward, who carried out everything I asked and more, and kept me on the straight and narrow.

There were 4 entries and 4 ran. All of them displayed potential to become good teams and progress in the sport. As ever, where dogs did not qualify, it was mostly jumps or stays which let them down. All handlers had lots of positives to take home. I thank them all for accepting my decisions and I wish all of them success in the future.

Square articles: 3” square beige carpet; 4” green hosepipe, dolly peg

1st Miss H Rajska with Lochiel Look No Further (Ty) BC. A very steady round throughout. Good nosework and control, even though he got up after 8.25 minutes from downstay, and did all the jumps.

C&A 39.5; Nosework 29; Jumps 19, 87.5 QWell done

2nd Mr N McMechan with Black Amaethon (Lady) XB. A very promising team. Unfortunate today not doing the jumps. One to look for in the future. Very well done

C&A 49; Nosework 29; Jumps 6, 84 NQ

3rd Mrs A Coles with Orchil Tom (Tom) XB. Very good control round. Full mark search. Nerves took over at the jumps, sadly.

C&A 48.5; Nosework 26.5; Jumps 0, 75 NQ

4th Jenny Dean with Gate Hasp (Faryl) WCS. Superb jumping by this young little dog. Its enthusiasm and excitability did nothing to calm Jenny’s nerves! Apart from the stays she made a credible attempt at everything , including a perfect sendaway

C&A 26; Nosework 21.5; Jumps 20 , 67.5 NQ




Tracklayers: Bill Mackie , Gary Tait, Frank Glancy

Search Steward: Heather Halton

Control Steward: Jim Jeffrey

Many thanks to ASPADS Dundee Branch for the invitation to Judge UD and WD at the spring open trial; this is a great venue with a lovely atmosphere. The weather was especially kind and despite threatening to snow on the Friday, Saturday and Sunday were sunny without a cloud in the sky; it was however very frosty and the ground subsequently was frozen solid.

Tracking was on stubble and I had a large grass field for the control (thanks go to the land owners for generously letting us use the land).

My thanks go to my super tracklayers, Bill, Gary and Frank, who did a great job and were great company. Thanks also to my partner, Heather, who laid the squares, and Jim, who did a terrific job stewarding in control and agility. ‘THE A TEAM’

Also a big thank you to the ladies in the kitchen, who did a terrific job keeping us all fed and watered throughout the trial.

Last but not least Joyce Rae, as always an ultra efficient trials manager, a great help and organiser who made sure everything ran like clock work, despite a broken arm!


1st Mrs Pam Cuthbert and SAM, X-Breed, D. Track 90/20, search square 34, control 35, agility 20, total 199, Q. The marks speak for themselves - faultless track and good square in the morning, then reproducing the form in the afternoon with full marks in the control and agility sections. Great handling and teamwork, a pleasure to watch.

2nd Mrs H Watson and DARCY, Dobermann, D. 68/10/27/33/20, Total 158, NQ. Not quite enough marks to qualify overall to gain the UD Open certificate. Darcy never gave up on the track, just missed out on the last leg. Very strong control round and agility section. Well done.

3rd Mr Nick McMechan and LADY, X-Breed, B. 89/20/35/33.5/5, Total 182.5, NQ. Nick and Lady (a happy little dog that works like a dynamo!) produced a great track and search, good control round, just not her day for the jumps. A good effort.

4th Mr John Gray and RUDIE, BSD. 85.5/0/34/34/20, Total 173.5, NQ. Nice to watch an experienced handler with a young dog. Good track however unlucky with the track articles, John. Good search. A very good performance in the control and agility sections.


1st Mrs Alison Pollard and HAMISH, X-Breed, D. Track 87/20, search square 34, control 34 and agility 12.5, Total 187.5, NQ. Alison and Hamish worked really well as a team. Hamish is enthusiastic and you can tell that he is enjoying trials. A strong nosework section followed by an excellent control round, just so unlucky on the jumps today. Well done.

2nd Ms Debbie McKay and BREEZE, ESS, D. Track 89/20/35/34/0, Total 178, NQ. A fantastic track - blink and you missed it! Great search square, followed by a strong control round, with a confident sendaway. Better luck next time on the jumps.

3rd Ms Yvonne Walker and MARLEY, Dobermann D. 80/10/33/32/9.5, Total 164.5, NQ. So close today, Yvonne. Marley produced a good performance on his track and search square. A good control round , unlucky on the jumps.

Thank you for entering your dogs, it was an enjoyable day. To all the competitors, best wishes in all future trials.

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