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Championship Trial
Venue: Dundee
Trial Held: 09 November 2014



Tracklayers: Jim Jeffrey (both days), Gary Tait, Steve Hirst, Bill Mackie

Steward: Joyce Rae


Manager: Pam Cuthbert

Base: Pam Cuthbert, Joyce Rae

Catering: Shirley Jeffrey and Karen Tait

Farmers: Rob Caird, Robert Knox and Andrew


I never need asking twice to visit Scotland. So I am very grateful to ASPADS for the invitation to judge the TD Championship in Dundee, 2014. From the first contact regarding the trial to the final presentation on Sunday this was a total success. Managed by Pam Cuthbert and supported by the above team and others, the trial was brilliantly put together. At a personal level, I was made to feel very special, with every aspect of my visit taken care of. Each aspect of the trial was carefully thought out and skilfully put together over the trial days.

The tracklayers were excellent, putting my pattern onto the fields exactly as I hoped and called the position of each competitor and dog with great accuracy. My square steward did a superb job also, which allowed me to concentrate on judging, with everything else taken care of. Joyce also took on the role of C/A steward. Once again she did a terrific job and put each competitor through the round without an extra word from me. Thank you to you all.


Tracking was on stubble with a fair amount of green showing through, which made for a decent tracking surface. This was born out with some terrific performances from some of the dogs. All dogs did most of the track and showed how good they are. The control field was grass, which remained firm despite quite a lot of overnight rain. It was a pleasure to watch these dogs go through the round. I was particularly impressed with the overall control of the dogs throughout the test. The very best was on show and proved just how good they are. Fay Rae volunteered to run first and immediately set a very high standard. The rest of the field was asked to run in reverse order, so that the leader after the nosework, Barry Gilbert, ran last. In the end it was very close but a worthy winner immerged - very well done to Moira and Vito, and to all who kept the interest going right to the last exercise.




A final thank you to the local farmers who allow us to use their land, to the school for allowing it to be used as the weekend base and to the garden centre for stepping in at the last minute to be used as the base for the first day of the trial. .

Happy trialling – see you around.


11 entered, 10 Ran, 5 TDEx qualifiers and 1 TD

1st Moira Rogerson, with THREENINES KATIE (Vito), BSD, B, 205.5

2nd Barry Gilbert, with GLENALPINE COSWORTH (Cossie), BC, D, 202.5

3rd Bill Richardson with KENOCTO OCTOBERS DELIGHT (Eck), BSD, D, 202

4th Mike Williams with MARINA BEN’S PAL (Marina), Cross, 188.5


Also qualifying TDEx:

Mike Williams with TADMARTON ELEANOR (Tara), Lab, B, 176

Qualifying TD:

Sarah Burroughs with TARNEDGE VELVET (Ester), Lab, B, 157


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