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Open Trial
Venue: Dundee
Trial Held: 23 February 2014




Tracklayers: Frank and Gary

Stewards: Shirley and Joyce

 Thank you ASPADS for the invitation to judge WD and UD at the Dundee open trial. It was a pleasure to be invited back after thoroughly enjoying my last visit. Many thanks must go to Pam Cuthbert, who ran her first trial and did a fabulous job, with a well-run and very friendly trial. You’ve obviously found your vocation. Grateful thanks to the kitchen team for keeping me fed and watered. The food was a delight - ruined my diet for a few days.

My tracklayers Frank and Gary were brilliant; everything done exactly as I wanted and great company for both days. Both my stewards, Shirley on the first day and Joyce on the second, were excellent and it was a pleasure to have their company.

We had very wild conditions for the nosework, but in spite of this the standard of tracking was superb. There were 7 entries in WD and 5 in UD


1st Lorna Cottier, STARDELL MARS, BC, D, 187.5, Q. An experienced handler with a young dog. A pleasure to watch this couple work in very strong winds and complete the track with ease. Love to see this team work in the higher stakes.

2nd Jim Jeffrey, RANDOLPHFIELD NERA, GSD, 167, NQ. Brilliant track losing only 1. What a shame about the jumps - everything else was excellent. No doubts you will get it.

3rd Andrew Rintoull, SILBERSTERN BLUE BLAZER, Weim, 165, NQ. Again, but for the scale. A lovely team to watch and qualification is easily within reach.

4th Bill Mackie, BUDLAUBER ANYA, GSD, 162, NQ. A lovely track, Bill, but jumps very costly, all the rest is fine. Good luck in future trials.



1st Jenny Wood, FORGUECROFT TOP GUN, GSD, D, 176.5, Q. An excellent all round performance. Wind was a problem at start of track but once Maverick got into his stride it was lovely to watch. Odd bits to work on in control, but a worthy winner. Good luck in Championships.

2nd Joyce Watson, COLINTON CEIL, X-Breed, B, 172.5, Q. Another excellent performance. First class tracking team; those missing 2 search articles were very costly on the day. Best of luck in future trials

3rd Lorraine Wilson, LEETSIDE WHIZZ KID, BC, B, 166.5, NQ. Got the trophy for the best nosework and very well deserved. Sendaway and jumps proved costly. Good luck

4th Alison Robertson, FORGUECROFT DASH N DAMMIT, GSD, 128, NQ. A lovely team. Unfortunately on the day the wind proved a little too much. Best of luck in your future trials




Steward: Joyce Rae

Tracklayers: Jim Jeffries and Bill Mackie

Thank you to the Society for inviting me to judge at the Dundee Trial. Thank you to Pam Cuthbert, Trials Manager, and her team of helpers who made everyone very welcome. A great big thank you for the kitchen staff, who again provided lovely food throughout the day and kept the judges very happy.

Many thanks to the four contestants and their dogs, who worked extremely well, in conditions which were not very pleasant and who accepted my decisions.

 1st Mr John Gray, WAGGERLAND WELLS, WSD, 157, NQ. John and George did a perfect control round, which was a delight to watch. George was very keen to work as his marks showed. The weather for the track was very windy and dog and handler struggled but persevered, but did not quite make it. We will no doubt be seeing a lot more of this team. Well done.

2nd Mr Brian Glasgow, RANDOLFIELD NEILA, GSD, 128.5, NQ. A good control round with Brian and Indie and on his redirect took every command, which was good to watch. Lovely team work and it was another disappointing track as the weather and conditions had the upper hand, but again handler and dog worked well. Well done.

3rd Miss Ann Bedford, VYTENSA BORDER REIVER, GSD, 118.5, NQ. A lovely control round and to Ann’s embarrassment Diesel retrieved the cone for her with great delight. Again the weather was awful and again handler and dog tried their hardest to get round the track, but disappointing for them. Well done

4th Mrs Julz Findeisen, BANDAITCH DIRTY HARRY, 109, NQ. A lovely control round and all was going very well until Harry decided not to leave the run out marker on his sendaway. You have trained his sit stay too well, Julz. The track was windy and gusty and Harry struggled, but as a team they worked well and tried their hardest. No doubt we will be seeing much more of this team in the future. Well done.

 Thank you again to the four contestants. The dogs worked so well and I hope you all enjoyed yourselves as much as I did.


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