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Open Trial
Venue: Dundee
Trial Held: 23 February 2013



Steward: Joyce Rae

A trip to Gretna Green for our daughter’s wedding followed by a visit to see my elderly parents in Monifieth had a judging appointment added to it! 

Thanks Joyce, Sheena and the kitchen ladies for all your hard work.  Thank you, Joyce and Bill, for your hospitality,

Dundee in February – well, very cold but dry with absolutely no wind at all helped to make it a pleasant experience.  The dogs and handlers all acquitted themselves very well in both stakes and all were capable of qualifying.


CD searches were on very short grass and all the dogs found all the articles, even though I was worried they might be a little ungenerous.  The stays and control were mostly well done but the jumps took their toll.

1st Ms P Templeton’s XB, FRANKIE THE FLYER, 93.5/100, C of M.  A smashing Lab Cross who gained a well-deserved Certificate of Merit.

2nd Ms J Wood’s GSD, FORGUECROFT TOP GUN, 82/100 C of M.  Another well-deserved C of M for this pair.

3rd Mr J Mackay’ GSD, BARRYGLEN BERGEN, 71.5/100, NQ.  I know you said you had an agility problem, and although it wasn’t his day on the jumps, you were able to take away some positives which I understand helped get your UD Open the following day.  Well done.

Best of luck to you all in CD Champ.


TD commenced with the speak very close to the judge and steward, followed by heelwork to the sendaway, which was approximately 100 yards down the hill to a telegraph pole by the wall, then along the wall to the next telegraph pole.

1st Ms J Miller’s GSD, WOOLSHAN JAGER, 195.5/220 C of M.  A nice C/A round, only losing a few marks on the sendaway and redirect. Well done

2nd Miss Ann Bedford’s GSD, MOORSONS BROADWAY ENCORE, CDEx, UDEx, 185/220, NQ.  Just not your day for doing sendaways!  Everything else was fine.

3rd Mrs M Rogerson’s BSD, THREENINES KATIE, CDEx, UDEx, WDEx, 107/220, NQ.  The perfect C/A round, what more can I say?  Except, shame about the track.

Thanks to all the helpers and competitors for a nice trial




Tracklayers and Search Stewards: Jim, Bill and Frank

Thank you to ASPADS for my judging appointment.  Thanks also to the team at Dundee - Joyce and Sheena at base, Jim, Bill and Frank, track layers and search squares, Shirley and Karen keeping us fuelled with soup and pudding.


5 entered 2 ran.  Due to some snowy weather people erred on the side of caution and scratched rather than travel. In Dundee the weather was bright and cold with only a few flurries of the white stuff.

1st Jim McKay with Midge, GSD, 191, Q.  Good track and full mark square, 108, 35.  Solid control round, only losing 2 marks, just the return on the scale letting you down today. This from the 3 year old dog that Jim had given up on!  Believe in him, Jim, you both can do it!

2nd Joyce Rae with Tora, GSD, 53, NQ.  Tora unusually failed her track today, and missed 1 square article, 25, 28.  Good control with a 2nd attempt on the long.


6 entered and all ran, 4 GSD’s. 1 BC and 1 Lab.

1st Brian Glasgow with Indy, GSD, 188.5, Q.  Lovely track and the only dog to get 4 from the square, but with some mouthing of the articles, 109 / 31.  Excellent control round for 34 but no long jump today for 14.5.

2nd John Gray with George, BC, 187, Q.  Good track with John’s experience showing when things got sticky along the top leg., and then 3 from the square, 104 / 28.  Full mark control and jumps, 35 / 20.

3rd Anne Bedford with Diesel, GSD, 167, Q.  Solid track but only 2 from the square, 108 / 21.  No sendaway or long jump today, but with 26 and 14 had enough to qualify.

4th Alison Robertson with Dash, GSD, 160.5, Q.  Missed a bit of track out and you found the last article, and then recovered 3 from the square for 80 and 26.  34.5 for control (need I say more?) and full mark jumps meant that you qualified none the less.  Well done, Alison.

5th Frank Glancy with Fargo, GSD, 176, NQ.  Super track for 109,  and 33.5 for the control but no scale today was costly.

6th Fay Rae with Flynn, Lab, 165, NQ.  Strong red lab.  Good track for 106, but only 1 out of the square!  Full mark control and jumps 35 / 20.  Ouch!




Tracklayer: Jim Jeffries

Steward: Sheena Kerr

Thank you to ASPADS for the invitation to judge the TD nosework at their Dundee Open trial.  Thank you to Joyce Rae and Sheena Kerr for all your hard work organising the trials; thanks too to Jim Jefferies for laying all the TD tracks just as I asked, and also to Sheena Kerr for laying all the squares.

The tracking was on stubble and the weather was DRY with just a little wind.  Track articles: piece of carpet, cork and a small shotgun cartridge.  Search articles: a pair of keys, piece of green scourer, piece of leather belt, half a pencil.

Two of the three dogs showed me that they could track well but their search squares could have been better, each only finding two articles. The other dog went wrong after two legs but did a faultless square. That’s trials!

1st Joan Miller’s GSD, WOOLSHAN JAGER, 195.5/220, C of M.  A good strong track, but I would have like to have seen a better square today.  The only qualifier, well done.  (97+30+19)

2nd Ann Bedford’s GSD, MOORSONS BROADWAY ENCORE, 185/220, NQ.  A very nice steady track but I am sure the Lexi can also do a better square.  (98.5+30+18.5)

3rd Moira Rogerson’s BSD, THREENINES KATIE, 107/220, NQ.  Vito managed two legs of the track but something else was on her mind and distracted her from tracking, but then she switched on and did a perfect square.  (7+10+35)

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