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Championship Trial
Venue: Dundee
Trial Held: 11 November 2012



Steward: Sharon Dunn

Thank you very much to ASPADS for inviting me to judge at this championship trial.  Many thanks to Sharon, my steward, who just gets on with the job and keeps me right, and as always is great to work with.  Thank you also to the kitchen staff, who always produce great food and refreshments.  Thank you to all of the staff at the base who do such sterling work.

To the competitors, many thanks - what a great group of very enthusiastic dogs and handlers; it was a pleasure to see you all work and thank you for accepting my decisions.

Unfortunately there was only 1 qualifier but I am confident that the other competitors will soon be qualifying and going on to achieve many qualifications.

1st Mr John Gray, WAGGERLAND WELLS, WSD, 95.5, Q.   What a great team to watch!  George did everything that John asked of him with great enthusiasm, especially the search square; he completed it in 48 seconds, which was amazing to watch.  Well done and I know this team will continue to achieve many more qualifications.

2nd Mrs Jenny Beaton, CRAIGESK GRAY WOLF, GSD, 80, NQ.  Another great partnership, with a dog who was keen to work.  The full mark search square was a pleasure to watch.  It was unfortunate that Brin did not complete the jumps but I am confident that before long Jenny will get this sorted.  Well done and no doubt we will be seeing much more of you both in future trials.

3rd Ms Patricia Templeton, FRANKIE THE FLYER, X-Breed, 78, NQ.  What a fantastic partnership!  Frankie is well named ‘The Flyer’.  He is so enthusiastic and does everything with great gusto, and Patricia obviously enjoys working with him.   The control round was a pleasure to watch but unfortunately Frankie decided that the scale was not for him.  Well done and again we will be seeing more of this team in the future.

4th Ms Jenny Wood, FORGUECROFT TOP GUN, GSD, 75.5, NQ.  Again, lovely teamwork.  Another enthusiastic dog who wanted to work, and really tried hard.  Unfortunately, again the jumps were not for Maverick, but no doubt Jenny will get this sorted and will be back.  Well done and great to watch.

Well done to all of the competitors, who all worked so hard.  Qualifying is within reach and I hope to see you all in future trials.

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