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Championship Trial
Venue: Dundee
Trial Held: 09 November 2008


Judge: Frances Ball                     

Steward: Sheena Kerr

Thank you to the committee of ASPADS for the invitation to judge the CD at Dundee and giving me the opportunity to deliver my own family Christmas presents this year!!

Thank you to Joyce and Bill for running another nice trial and to Sheena Kerr for her excellent stewarding.  The stake was run on stubble, which concerned me with regards to the jumps, but we managed to find a fairly spike free area on which to put them.  Either the dogs or the competitors were very inexperienced so unfortunately we had no qualifiers, but all the dogs acquitted themselves very well indeed, with very few marks between all six of them.  The heelwork had only a halt at the end because of the stubble, but I allowed an extra command at the change of pace.  The sendaway was approximately 75 yards to a stone wall but this, unfortunately, caused a great deal of problems with no dog gaining more than five marks.  Talking to the competitors afterwards, I think that this was just due to inexperience and the dogs not being quite ready yet.

1st Mr John Hammond’s GWP, GAVIL DALLAS.  A very capable dog just let down by the sendaway, long jump and the return over the scale.  74.5, NQ

2nd Mrs Alison Pollard’s XBreed, HAGGIS OF THE GLEN.  A very young dog with bags of potential and enthusiasm mainly let down by the sendaway and sit stay.  73.5, NQ

After a run off

3rd Mrs Carol Ashworth’s Labrador, HARPERRIG GIGHA.  A cracking young bitch that still lacks confidence in the jumps, search and retrieve.  Lots of potential to build on!  70, NQ

4th Ms Karen Kelly’s WSD, KELDALE KING MONKEY.  A dog that CAN do everything! – just needs to polish up all his control exercises. Nice jumps!  70, NQ

Thank you to all at Dundee – helpers and competitors – for making this a lovely weekend and for the beautiful plate which is now up in our newly decorated living room!



Judge: Colin BALL

Tracklayers: Frank Glancy, Pam Cuthbert and Dave McRae

Stewards: Frank Glancy, Pam Cuthbert and Dave McRae

Many thanks to the committee of ASPADS for the invitation to judge the UD and WD Stakes at this trial.  Also my thanks to the Working Trials Manager, Joyce who told me ‘she was in charge’ and organised the C.D (the disc and not the stake!!) and Shirley and Karen in the kitchen.

I must also thank my wonderful tracklayers Frank, Pam and Dave, who laid the tracks just right and also laid the search squares – a lot of work, thank you again.  Pam then put on her posh voice and stewarded the C/A .

We worked UD and WD both days.  Tracking conditions were good and we saw some very good dogs and others for which it was just ‘not their day’.  Most dogs got three or four articles from the square.


1st Angela Higgins BC, LAETARE SWEET CHARIOT.  What a star.  Libby dropped just half a mark in the nosework, then a good control round saw a good win. Well done.  189.5, Qual UDEx

2nd John Hood’s BSD, CHEYENNE DAWN.  A reasonable nosework round, leaving one article in the square, but then Fly decided that the control round was not for her, especially the sendaway.  I’m sure she can do better.  155, NQ

3rd Bill Mackie’s GSD, TYGUARD ANDIS.  A good start on the track but lost the last two legs, then four from the square.  Sendaway was not Meka’s best, nor was the down stay.  Keep at it!!  140.5, NQ

4th Mr and Mrs J and K Wykes BC, KIPCROFT MEG OF TARNFORCE, handled by Kate Wykes.  Unfortunately Meg overshot a turn and couldn’t recover, then two articles from the square.  But what a sendaway – full marks!!  A good C/A .  Another trial will see a qualification 


1st Doug Shearer’s BC, DREAGANTA ALPHA CENTAURI.  Alfie made the track and search look easy, losing just two marks.  A good C/A round saw him in to first place.  Well done, Alfie and Doug.  190.5, Qual WDEx

2nd Mr Jim Mackay’s GSD, CONADREW VASKO.  Hibble struggled to find the last leg but stuck to it and found it – well handled.  Three articles from the square and a good C&A brought him in to 2nd place.  170.5, Qual WDEx

3rd Mrs M Edgar ‘s BC, KIPCROFT LEX.  Lex missed out a box on the track but found all the articles.  A good sendaway and jumps gave you a well earned qualification. 168, Qual WDEx.

Thank you all for competing - I hope you enjoyed the test. Many thanks for the plate (and for playing the CD and the badge, Joyce!) and Frances for the cake!




Tracklayers: Jim, Bill, Gary, Bill

Steward: Ann Bedford

Thank you to ASPADS for the invitation to the Ticket at Dundee, and to Joyce Rae and her team at base.  My very grateful thanks also to my team of tracklayers – you did a brilliant job – and to my steward, Ann.  Your help and company made my job so much easier.

The weather covered rain, gales, sleet and sun – in fact, typical Dundee.  Tracking was on stubble, and I saw some brilliant tracks, as the marks show.  Control was something else; I was disappointed in the standard, as all dogs struggled.  I set what I thought was a simple test, but it turned out to be not so simple.

1st Pat Parkinson, WTCh DREAGANTA DOUBLE DECKER AMONG MELNOLA, BC, 207.5.  Best track and search, with 162.  Well done, and good luck at the KCC’s.

2nd Anne Fowler, WTCh WAGGERLAND FLOSS, BC, 206.  Lack of control on the sendaway made the difference between first and second place.  Well done, she was brilliant to watch.

3rd Jill Carruthers, JASUETER RED GARNET, GSD, 203.5.  Kim got stuck a little on the track at the start, but then was so impressive.  Brilliant to watch – well done.

4th John Wykes, WTCh FLYNNTASTIC RED JAFF OF TARNFORCE, BC, 202.  Jaff did a fabulous track; he was so steady he didn’t notice the wind.  The jumps were costly this time.

Also Qualified TDEx:

Sheila Tannert, WTCh STYPERSON BRIAR, Lab, 201.  best control round.

Pat Parkinson, CARISHILL HYACINTH, Golden Ret, 201.

Moira Rogerson, SELDOMSEEN TWIST, WSD, 193.5


Heather Halton, CAREFREE COOL CUSTOMER, Lab, 185.5

Qualified TD:

Moira Rogerson, STARDELL HEBE, BC, 171.

Thanks to all the competitors for entering; I enjoyed watching you work your dogs.  Good luck to you all in the future.

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