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Open Trial
Venue: Dundee
Trial Held: 24 February 2008


Stake: CD


Stewards: Jenny Beaton and Brenda MacConnell

Thanks to Dundee for the invitation to judge CD.  This club runs two trials and two rallies every year plus a huge bank of training tips, experience and encouragement, so it was very nice to give something back. So well run by Jim Jeffrey and his team with great catering from Shirley and Karen.

My stewards were perfect and I just had to stand back and mark the scores down.  Jenny is very experienced and Brenda soon will be. Good luck with your own dogs and thanks very much.  7 entries, 5 ran.

1st Tonia Alonzi and GLEN, Weimeraner, the only qualifier with 81.  Lovely round from a big handsome boy. Well done.

2nd Lisa Duggan and TIG, BC, 81.5, NQ  Very nice control round and nosework, just beaten by the jumps.

3rd Karen Kelly and KENNY, WSD, 76.5, NQ.  Full mark search and scale, but just short on control.

4th Pam Cuthbert and SAM, X, 75, NQ.  Best control mark but beaten by the jumps.

5th Jull Ridley and SKIP, X, 56, NQ.  This lovely brindle cross will get there when his stays are sorted out.

Thank you all for entering and good luck.


Stake: TD  


Tracklayers:  Frank Glancy, Bill Mackie

Steward: Betty Calderwood

Thanks to ASPADS for this judging appointment; it was great to get out to a trial again, catch up with folk and see some good dogs work.

Organisation was done by Jim Jeffrey with Joyce Rae’s assistance, so thanks to them for their hard work, and also to Sheena Kerr at the base and Shirley Jeffrey for the wonderful mince rolls, we’ll be having them at Lauder!

The conditions were better than expected, it stayed dry though very windy and the stubble fields seemed of good enough quality.  My Mum, Frank and Bill were kept busy as a few articles needed retrieving by them after the dogs worked. At least it kept you warm! Thanks very much for your assistance.

1st Katy Whittemore and DEVILSBECK MUSTANG, G Ret, (D).  Tracked in the worst looking field; loads of tractor tyre marks and at the edge of the woods.  However Monty was committed to the task in hand and apart from being slightly downwind on the last leg causing him to miss the article, he gave a very confident performance.  Still needs to work on his stamina for the search but there is no doubt the quality of this team.  Excellent C/A ensured his entry to TD ticket stake; the best of luck and keep the enjoyment. 183, COM.

2nd Alison Pollard and PRIDE OF THE GLEN, G Ret, (D). Day of the Goldens obviously, with an excellent nosework round by Bailey; worked very steadily with great concentration and maintained this in the search.  Unfortunately a very silent speak and no redirect proved expensive, just missing out on the qualification by half a mark in control.  185, NQ.

3rd Jenny Beaton and TRIALEX NORTHERN LIGHT, GSD, (D).  Jed attempted the nosework well, but missed out two boxes on the track and his search wasn’t strong enough to make up the marks.  A good positive attitude throughout the C/A, though a bit fidgety in the stay. 125.5, NQ.

4th Roy Drummer and MOSSDEW DELTA FORCE, FCR, (D).  Sam (good name!) was tracking well but for some reason his concentration waned and he forgot to turn at the 6th corner.  Excellent C/A, he’s already qualified to work ticket and you can see why. 115, NQ.

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