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Championship Trial
Venue: Dundee
Trial Held: 11 November 2007

Trials Manager’s Report

The trial was held on stubble fields, with the base being at Auchterhouse Village Hall. The weather was the worst it has been for a number of years, Thursday being cold and very windy, Friday cold and windy, Saturday and Sunday cold with rain.

Thanks go to:- The judges Ann, Bob and Julz, who set good tests although the conditions did not help. To Joyce and Jim for doing the work before the trial started and after it finished (believe me, it’s harder than running the actual trial). To the farmers who supply the ground and the village for the use of the hall. To the tracklayers, search stewards and control stewards, Bill, Joyce, Pam, Frank, Gary, Jim, Phillip, Dave, Jill, Maggie, Sheena and ………. Also to the people who ran the base and did the marks - Sheena, Joyce and Pam. I was informed they managed to help in the fields and in the base, as being female they can multitask. I’m not sure if this is discrimination or not. To Shirley, who with the help of Karen (quiet for once as she had lost her voice) did an excellent job in the kitchen. Shirley’s mince rolls went down a treat. She promises stovies next year. To the competitors, who all took the results well and despite the bad weather kept cheery throughout.

It’s the first time on a Sunday afternoon that there was no impatience while waiting on the presentation. In fact we were waiting on the competitors this year while they were chatting etc in the kitchen.

Looking forward to next year already and seeing everybody again but not sure about two of the judges (oops - shouldn’t have said that as they are Joyce’s sister and brother-in-law). Hope it doesn’t put you off.

William Rae


Stake: CD


Steward: Carole Hall

Thank you to ASPADS for the invitation to judge CD. Bill and Joyce run a great trial, complete with Shirley and Karen in the kitchen. The bowl of hot homemade soup at lunchtime was well appreciated, and the ‘mince in the roll’ (not bun)! The B and B we stayed at was fantastic, Marie Brown and her family couldn’t do enough for us. Carole was a great steward, putting the competitors at their ease – thanks, Carole. The weather conditions were not great, rain and wind in the morning but thankfully in the afternoon the rain stopped and gave the afternoon competitors a better chance.

1st     Rachel Young, SELDOMSEEN JUST MAYBE AT JARYSMYSTIC, WSD, 95.5, CDEx. This dog competes in open C in obedience and has just recently come into trials. Today she put it all together, complete with the jumps and did a lovely round. Well done, Rachel and Maybe. Good luck for the future to you both.

2nd   Barry Gilbert, IATKA FOLLOW THAT STAR, Standard Poodle, 94.5, CDEx. Today Freddie did his stays! Well done Barry, a very polished round by you both. He is lovely, good luck with him for the future. Won run-off with dog below - a recall in the car park under the street lamps!

3rd   Stevie Braithwaite, NORSHEP BRECK, GSD, 94.5, CDEx. Stevie was thrilled with Breck’s work today and quite rightly so! He is a handful but today listened to his mum and did a brilliant round. Enjoy him Stevie, and good luck for the future.

4th    Rosie Robson, CORBY CRAGS KIZZY, Labrador/Poodle, 93, CDEx. This little dog worked well today. Took a while to settle and work the square but did a lovely control round to finish. Good luck with her.

5th    Carl Dent, JARYSMYSTIC EZ SPELL, WSD, 89.5, CDEx. This is the first dog Carl has ever worked and what a fantastic bond they have. Sympathetically handled to bring out the very best in her. You both put in a very creditable performance and deserved your qualification today. Well done and good luck for the future.


Stakes: UD and WD


Tracklayers: UD - Jim Jeffries, Jill Carruthers and Bill Mackie: WD - Jim Jeffries, Jill Carruthers, Bill Mackie and Dave McRae

Stewards: Searches - Maggie Fraser (Saturday), Pat Cuthbert (Sunday): Control - Jim Jeffries.                          

My thanks to ASPADS and to the Dundee Branch committee, the former for the invitation to judge this trial and the latter for making it such an enjoyable time for me. The weather was not too kind, with the Saturday being cold and wet (perhaps a slight understatement), and the Sunday being absolutely Arctic because of the wind, although thankfully dry. Despite this the tracking in UD went well, with every competitor qualifying in the nosework, and only one failing C/A, with the scale doing the damage. WD, however, did not do so well, with only three teams qualifying in the nosework.

I would thank my tracklayers and stewards for their diligence in doing exactly what I asked of them in spite of the conditions, and also to Bill Rae and Shirley Jeffries for the hospitality both at the base and on Saturday evening, which could only be described as superb.

My thanks also to the competitors for their participation and to those who commented afterwards to me that they had enjoyed the test. I would repeat what I said at the end of the presentation - trialling is to be enjoyed, and I believe that if as a competitor you don't enjoy it then do not expect your dog to do, so as you tend to put your dog under pressure to succeed. I say this from personal experience during a "downer" period.


1st     Mrs M Edgar and KIPCROFT LEX, (BC), 189.5, Q. A tidy little dog that worked its socks off, practically turning on its nose at every change of direction. Had the articles out of the square in jig time. Good control round to finish off. Gave her handler a good lift as I believe they experienced some difficulties in getting to the trial.

2nd   Mrs Sheila Tannert and STYPERSON EBONY, (LAB), 183.5, Q. An excellent nosework round from this team, followed by a similar C/A section.

3rd   Mrs Helen Kelly and LAETARE DYAMI, (BC), 181.5, Q. Another excellent track and search from this team, with an excellent C/A which was only marred by a hiccup at the long jump.

4th    Mr Frank Glancy and MISTERGEES COOL JAZZ, (GSD), 161, Q. Good track, lacks a little article incentive in both track and square but did enough to qualify. Good C/A round.


1st     Mr and Mrs Roy Drummer and MOSSDEW DELTA FORCE, (FCR), 180.5, Q. Top drawer track in the conditions prevailing, with the dog loving every minute. Good square and good C/A round, but oh so nearly blowing it all on the scale!

2nd   Mrs Hilary Morris and CARISHILL PARSLEY, (G.Ret), 173.5, Q. A lovely, smallish dog working well on the track but being kind to his     handler due to the conditions on the track. Excellent square and good C/A round.

3rd   Mr Jim McKay and CONADREW VASKO, (GSD), 170.5, NQ. Excellent track and struggling a bit in the square but did enough. Good control round but the agility cost them a qualification.

4th    Mr Brian Glasgow and NORSHEP ROCCO, (GSD), 131, NQ. Struggled on the track but achieved an excellent square. Excellent C/A.


Stake: TD

Judge: ANN CLARKE     

Tracklayers: Joyce Rae, Pam Cuthbert, Hilary Hirst, Bill Rae, Bill Mackie, Gary Tate, and Frank Glancy

Search stewards: Frank Glancy, Bill Mackie, and Phil Glasgow

Control steward: Sheena Kerr

Thanks to ASPADS for the invitation to judge and to Joyce and Bill for running this trial. I was provided with an excellent team of tracklayers and stewards who were all very good company. The weather was less impressive - strong winds, very cold and very wet on the tracking days - fortunately not all on the same day. The stubble fields looked very nice but unhappily not many dogs tracked on them, and although all dogs worked hard, some very well qualified tracking dogs were probably beaten by the conditions. I thought the snow was being saved for Sunday but happily the sun came out; however by then we only had five nosework qualifiers. Unfortunately, the control and agility reduced these to three.

1st     and CC, Pat Parkinson and CARISHILL HYACINTH, Golden Ret, B, 190.5. A very impressive track in the conditions - just lost a bit of concentration towards the end and missed the end article, but found all four in the square. Made hard work of the sendaway but the rest of the control was good. Very well done and good luck at the KC’s next year.

2nd   John Wykes and FLYNNTASTIC RED JAFF OF TARNFORCE, BC, D, 180. A very steady tracking dog who worked hard to get round the last track of the trial, with a sharp-eyed handler helping out with the articles. Jaff shares the winner's dislike of sendaways, but I am sure both handlers will overcome this problem soon. Well done.

3rd   Judith Owens-Poole and Ir.WTCh FIRCROFT DOON, BC, D, 177.5. An excellent track at the end of the last day, and was making it look easy when he just kept on going and missed the last two legs and of course the last article. However made up for it with a perfect square and only lost 2.5 marks on control and agility. Well done.

4th    Lorraine Wilson and ALFIE PEPPERPOT, Cross, D, 176, NQ. Very positive track with all the articles, but only two from the square. Another dog who saw no reason to run to the wall that I thought looked so inviting. Better luck next time.

Thanks to everyone who helped at this trial and particularly to my tracklayers and stewards who more than made up for the weather conditions. Thanks also to the competitors for their entries and for their sporting attitude to their dogs and the vagaries of the weather.

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