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Championship Trial
Venue: Dundee
Trial Held: 11 November 2006



Stake: CD


Stewards: Searches - Jenny Beaton, Jackie Suckling; C/A – Jenny Beaton; Scribe: Jackie Suckling.

I would like to thank ASPADS for the invitation to judge the CDEx stake at Dundee.  Thank you also to Bill and Joyce Rae for making me welcome, and thank you to the ‘kitchen ladies’ - unsung heroes and heroines - for keeping us fed.  Thank you to Jackie Suckling for driving us to the trial and acting as scribe for me.  Thank you to Jenny Beaton for being a very good control steward, as well as being involved in the search squares, along with Suzanne Plumb, and to Pat Hodgkins ‘on the gate’ making sure our competitors came down to us at the correct time.

We were lucky with the weather in that although it was cold and windy, the black clouds waited until the stake was over before the rain poured down.

1st     Mr Brian Glasgow and NORSHEP ROCCO, GSD, Q, 95.5.  A really lovely round, though gave us some heart stopping moments with the scale jump!  Very well done indeed, though I don’t know who was more thrilled - Brian or Phil!  Our only qualifier.

2nd   Mrs Hilary Morris and CARISHILL PARSLEY, G.Ret, NQ, 87.5.  A lovely round once Pepe got settled; sadly the scale jump was your undoing, everything else was good.

3rd   Ms Karen Kelly and DOUGIE WHO?, X.Breed, NQ, 84.5.  A really super dog with loads of character, just little bits and pieces stopping him from qualifying. Well done.

4th    Mrs G McCulloch and FORGUECROFT PATHFINDER, GSD, NQ, 84.  A lovely Shepherd handled sympathetically, again just a couple of things to sort out.  Well done.

I would like to thank all the competitors for being such a pleasant, sporting group of people; it was a pleasure to judge your lovely dogs.  You all have very capable dogs, and I am sure that it will not be very long before the qualifications start to come.


Stake: TD


Tracklayers : Bill Rae, Joyce Rae, Bill Mackie, Jim McKay, Steve Hirst and Hillary Hirst.

Square Steward and C&A Scribe: Kate Wykes

Thank you to the society for asking me to judge.  I had a wonderful time and was well looked after; it's a trial I would recommend to anybody.  From a judging point of view it was so nice not to have to concentrate for a whole week; and what a wonderful bunch of tracklayers, great fun, never a dull moment and still did a fantastic job, giving everybody a fair chance: thank you all, you were brilliant, and without you our sport would cease to exist.  Kate did her usual good job of laying the squares and scribing on the control day, plus keeping us all in order and organised, thank you.

Tracking was on stubble.  The weather was fairly good to us, with not too much rain, only showers, but a fairly strong wind for most of the trial.  The tracking was very varied; some dogs found it straight forward and others struggled.  There was no pattern to this, either in the time of day or the pieces of land.  We had nosework qualifiers from am and pm tracks, but not always on the same day, and no piece of ground proved un-trackable. At the end of the nosework, we had 15 qualifiers. 

So to the control.  Control was also on stubble, but it was fairly dry so didn't cause a problem from the point of view of working a dog.  I set what I thought was a fairly straight forward test, without any intention of trying to catch out either dogs or handlers.  I hope everybody enjoyed it, but I would have to say that in my opinion the overall standard was not brilliant - but enough of that, and we finished up with 9 qualifiers at the end.

1st & CC Winner WTCh LAETARE DAY JAVU, CDEx-TDEx, BC, (D), Handler Mr B Gilbert.  An excellent overall performance by this experienced pair proved far too good for the rest of the field on this occasion. Well done. 200.5, Qual TDEx

2nd & Res CC                      MERCURY SKYLARK, Golden Ret, (B) Handler Miss J Hall.  Another good round from this pair gave them the res CC.  Good luck in the future. 196.5, Qual TDEx

3rd          ARO WAGGERLAND BROOK, CDex-TDex, PDex, BC, (D), Handler Ms T Park.  I've never seen anybody run all the way round their track before, deserved a place just for that. 193, Qual TDEx

4th          ARO LATCHETS BOSS, CDEx-WDEx, GSD, (D), Handler Mr J Poole.  Managed to hold it all together on the control field. Well done. 193, Qual TDEx

Also qualified:

FIRCROFT DOON, CDEx-TDEx, PDEx, BC, (D), Handler Mrs J Owens-Poole, 192.5, Qual TDEx

MANPOL ROBYN, CDEx-TDEx, PDEx, GSD, (B), Handler Mr J Poole, 192, Qual TDEx

WOODHEADS BLACK AGNES, CDEx-TDEx, Lab, (B), Handler, Dr L Errington, 191, Qual TDEx

DIVAS DELIGHT, CDEx-TDEx, Lab, (B), Handler, Mr E Brown, 187.5, Qual TDEx

RENDALE ROBIN, Lab, (D), Handler, Mrs F Mitchell, 175.5, Qual TD

Best Nosework: DREAGANTA DEODUBH, BC, (D), Handler, Mrs S Shearer

Thank you to all the competitors for entering under me and for excepting all my decisions.  To those who qualified, well done; to those who didn't, better luck next time.

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