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Open Trial
Venue: Dundee
Trial Held: 25 March 2007


Stake: UD and WD Nosework


Tracklayers: UD: Pam Wadsworth, both days; Steve Hirst, Saturday; Dave MacRae, Sunday: WD: Rory Duncan, both days

Search Stewards: Ailsa Anderson, Saturday and Frank Glancy, Sunday.

I would like to thank ASPADS for the judging appointment - Dundee is one of my favourite trials.  A Very BIG THANK YOU to Pam, Steve and Dave - laying tracks and recovering articles on rough/seeded plough is not easy, your legs must have been tested to the limit, as were some of the dogs.  Rory had the luxury of having a grass field to lay the WD tracks, but again the dogs did not find it easy.  Saturday was hot and sunny, Sunday was cool with a constant breeze, perhaps this affected the dogs.  Ailsa, a very experienced trialist, and Frank had “nothing to worry about”, because both had a fantastic success rate with the search squares, which was lovely for all dogs to finish on such a positive note.

As ever the ladies in the kitchen worked their socks off providing lots of goodies for us all - thanks go to Shirley and Karen, the soups and crumbles are wonderful.   Sheena and Joyce sorted out the scores at the base, and Jim managed another very enjoyable trial.  Thank you one and all who helped make this happen!


1st     CARISHILL PARSLEY, GR, with Hilary Morris.  Pepe worked with so much enthusiasm that it cost him a few marks on the track (87+ 20), and the search (34) was performed in the same manner.  With 5 for the gun it was obviously all sorted on the C/A. COM.

2nd   ABI NEVIS SAY DIE, X, with Ann Bedford.  Abi produced a fantastic track of 89 + 20, in the heat of Saturday afternoon - it was hot and dusty, but she just took it in her stride.  It was wonderful to watch after so many dogs had found the going tough.  Just lost one mark for a dropped article in the search for 34 and gun 5.  I did think it was going to be another win for you and Abi after such a brilliant track. COM.

3rd   MOONDANCE MATT OF BURNWATER, BC, with Rudi Fruzynski.  Matt worked well even with Rudi influencing him (all too tempting when you can see the track), track 83 + 20 and 32 search. COM. 

4th    PENTLAND VITHFARI, GSD, with Jonathan Massheder.  Duke missed out part of the track and still managed to qualify!  54 track + 20 and 34 search, obviously another good C/A round. COM.


1st     NORSHEP ROCCO, GSD, with Brian Glasgow.  Rocco worked a lovely track for 85 and recovered both articles.  With four from the search he was home and dry.  Keep up the good work Brian, it’s paying off very well. COM.

2nd   TWEEDSMILL LOCH TAY, FCR, with Carol Ashworth.  Holly enjoyed her track, recovered both articles and four from the search.  She is such a happy dog Carol, fingers crossed for your next outing. NQ

3rd   HUMBLE BUMBLE BEE, GSD, with Rachel Henderson.  Buzz had such fun today!  She got over three quarters of the way around her track and finished with four out of the square.  Rachel has the right attitude with her dog; it’s all a big game. NQ

4th    DEVILSBECK MUSTANG, GR, with Katy Whittemore.  Monty started off very well, getting over half way around the track and then it was as if he hit a wall.  He certainly works well for you Katy, a lovely partnership. NQ

Congratulations to everyone who qualified, and those who were not successful here, your day will come.  Each dog gave a very good account of their working ability.


Stake: TD Nose work


Tracklayers:  Jim Jeffrey and Gary Tait

Steward:  Jim Jeffery


Thank you to ASPADS Dundee for the invitation to judge the PD Stake and the TD nosework, quite a busy weekend. Thank you to Jim Jeffrey and his smashing team of helpers, from the tea ladies to the criminals, everything and everyone were spot on, even the weather was good.  I can recommend this friendly trial - to you soft Southerners who are afraid to venture North of Yorkshire, GIVE IT A TRY!

We had eight entries and tracking was on rolled plough (which can cause a mental block to some handlers, the dogs don’t seem to mind)  All of the qualifiers tracked in the morning, the afternoon tracks had dried out with the bright sunshine and seemed to make things tougher for the dogs.             

1st     Lorraine Wilson with ALFIE PEPPER POT, XBreed, Q, 201.5.  Well done Lorraine, it was Alfie’s day today, 3 and 4.

2nd   Ann Bedford  with WOLFHARTS DARK ISLANDER, GSD, NQ, 188.  Nice steady track Ann, he came to life in the square after the first article.

3rd   Jim McKay with CONADREW VASCO, GSD, NQ, 106.5.  Bad luck Jim

4th    Allison Pollard with PRIDE OF THE GLEN, G /Ret, NQ, 104.  Both of you were feeling the heat today.


Stake: PD


Tracklayers:  Jim Jeffrey and Gary Tait

Steward: Jim Jeffery - Thanks Jim, a steady hand calmed the nerves

Criminals: Gary Tait, Brian Glasgow, Cub Cuthbert, Rory Duncan.  Well done lads, Thank you


Five entries with one scratch left us with four teams taking part. Tracking was on plough. One failure left us with three qualifiers all on 2 and 4 after the nose work.   All successfully completed their control rounds and we moved onto the Patrol round.

We started with a wooded area to quarter (not many had done this before and it showed).   Then the chase - three criminals running away, the dog to bite any one of them, handler to take control; then Search and Escort and attack on handler followed.  Test of courage - three noisy thugs threatened the dog and handler with sticks, dog on lead to drive them back, then they ran off and re-launched their attack - dog released to attack.  Finally the recall, same routine as the chase (unfortunately none of the dogs did the recall or we might have had qualifiers).  My advice to the competitors - use the Opens to get more experience for your dogs and correct your weaknesses in training - it’s a big jump up to Championship.  Hope you enjoyed the tests I set for you and Good Luck in the future.

1st     Bill Richardson with CAPER KALI, BSD Mali, NQ, 262.  Recall and sendaway, Bill, the rest was fine.

2nd   Chris Gregory with VOMHAUSNYE QUANTUM, GSD, NQ, 246.  Lots of plusses, Chris, not all doom and gloom, I think you both coped well.

3rd   Joan Miller with TRKINDALE ACE, WSD, NQ, 239.  A few things to iron out, Joan, but it’s all there.

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