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Open Trial
Venue: Dundee
Trial Held: 27 March 2005


UD Stake

Judge: Jim McKay

Tracklayers: Rachel Henderson and Davy McRae

Search steward: Louise McLaren

My thanks to Dundee ASPADS for this judging appointment and to Bill Mackie, Joyce Rae and co for the running of the trial.

The track and search were conducted on soft plough of a shivery, damp, misty day. Only three partnerships competed on the day but it was worth the journey to see these three work - they were all a joy to watch.

My thanks also to Rachel. Davy and Louise. They were spot on - and they had the pleasure of seeing the dogs confirm this.

My thanks also to Shirley Jeffrey who seems to have the logistics of the catering down to a fine art. Of a cold day we were all the more appreciative of how well we were looked after by Shirley and by daughter Sharon.

Joyce and TRAVIS were first on and they did a near perfect track. TRAVIS then brought all four articles out of the square in 3'48". Track and articles 109. square 32.

Hilary and QUINCEY were on next and their track was, almost impossibly I would have thought, even better. QUINCY then brought out all four articles in 3'16" Track and articles 109.5 square 34.

Bill and KALI were on next for KALI'S first trial and thy too had a superb track with kali desperately keen to work. KALI cleared the square in 2'49". Track and articles 107. square 32.5.

1st           Hilary Hirst with TRIJEM ALL AMERICAN TALE OF AVAWAGA (ASD) NQ 189.5

2nd         Bill Richardson with CAPER KALI (BSD) NQ 183.5

3rd          Joyce Rae with NIXTEV GLENCADAN (GSD) NQ 174.,


TD Nosework & PD Stake


Tracklayers: Gary Tait, Rory Duncan, Steve Hirst

Searches: Sheena Kerr who did every thing I asked apart from nicking my timer on Saturday Night, She did drive all the way back on Sunday to return it. Thanks.

You've seen the add ;~  "Let the train take the strain" Oh Yeh! Picture the scene 'Good Friday' little ole me looking forward to 5 hours of chilling out nothing to do but aimlessly gaze at the countryside, read a book, maybe even doze a bit. Reality check I get to Newark station in plenty of time, the train arrives I struggle along the aisle with my two bags fighting my way past luggage stacked between the seats still thinking I'd booked a window seat, when I find I realize, the booking clerk must have been having a laugh, the seat was next to the pillar between the seats in the seat next to me was an elderly lady with a forbidding expression her bag on my seat I tried a friendly smile and pointed to my seat she snarled removed the bag grumbled when I put my bags on the rack when I was finally seated I remembered my book and glasses were in my bag, as the old lady had jammed her elbow on the arm rest between us I had to scrunch up my right shoulder lean forward like a gundog on point and crane my neck to the it an attempt to see through the window, looked like a long way to Newcastle were I had to change, the rest of the trip was uneventful but claustrophobic with people standing in the isles and no open windows. I was an hour and a half late but met Bill Mackie who had waited patiently all that time for the train to arrive. It's hard to stay grumpy when you're around Bill, Joyce and Jim.

From that point on I had a blast, when I looked at the land the rough plough was quite friendly, not like the deep rutted clay that we see in the midlands. But a sandy soil had broken been down by the weather to a reasonable surface, with some footprints visible. Listening to Bill Mackie and Jim Jeffery talking in a language that seem to be a cross between rattling a tin of stones and a sort of verbal shorthand I thought this is going to be a challenge (as I of course speak perfect English) But by Saturday lunch time I'd got it down to a fine art look at the facial expression then where they are pointing add that to the context and you've got it sussed.

TD NoseWork

Saturday weather Misty and almost still.

1st           Heather Halton CAREFREE COOL CUSTOMER. Sound in all areas. Well done 209 Q

2nd         Betty Calderwood ISLA WAY AHEAD. Good solid nosework. Well done 201.5 Q

3rd          Jill Carruthers JAUSETER RED GARNET. Super brisk track. Well done 200.5 Q

4th          Joan Miller TRKINDALE ACE. The first time I've awarded a full point track. Well done 199.5 Q

Fran Mitchell RENDALE ROBIN. Good solid work Well done 195Q

Everyone qualified my nosework comfortably but Crusher (Dianne) Dugdale managed to kill two on the C and A

My Track layers were excellent did everything as I asked. Thank You.


PD Stake

Sunday wind and rain not to bad but very wetting.

The Nosework caused some problems with yesterdays tracks appearing to be stronger than today's.

We lost three on the track, the control and agility was less than impressive but two managed to qualify

The Manwork

We had done the search on the tracking field so the Patrol round was going to be quite brisk.

My two biting Criminals were in black waterproofs and there sleeves had old police trouser legs over the pads making them partially concealed.

The competitors seemed a little edgy at the briefing so I thought I'd lighten things up a bit by insulting Joyce, So with a big grin I said to the competitors "I want you to start walking towards the start point as soon as the previous dog does the chase, as you can see Joyce isn't built like a Greyhound, so don't make her run about more than necessary" From the end of the final exercise it was a good 100 yards, Talk about shocked and stunned Joyce went across the field with all the grace of a startled gazelle, absolutely awesome!!

Enough of this twaddle.

1st           Alistair Fruzynski XANDOAS SPLASH 263 Q

2nd         John Gray GRITTENBROOK MECCA 246 NQ

3rd          Heather Patrick XANDOAS QUIZMASTER 152 NQ

4th          Bill Richardson MUIRKIRK LUKE 121 NQ

I cannot thank my tracklayers enough they did every thing I asked superbly.

Tracklayers Gary Tait, Rory Duncan, Jim Jeffrey

Searches Pam Cuthbert Super Job found all the articles and never once forgot to start the watch.

Control and Patrol Steward Joyce (moves like a like a startled gazelle) Rae.

Criminals Jim (fleet of foot) Jeffery Gary (how do you want me to run) Tait, and

Lindsay (I can keep really still) Errington.

Finally Thank to ASPADS for the invitation to Judge.

Bill Mackie for being a great Trails Manager

And Joyce (the power behind the throne) Rae.

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