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Championship Trial
Venue: Dundee
Trial Held: 13 November 2005

T.D. Stake,


Track Layers, Joyce & Bill Rae, Bill Mackie, Gary Tait & Jim McKay.

Search Steward. Pam Cuthbert. Control Scribe, Lorraine Wilson.

Shirley Jeffery was in the kitchen & chief bottle washer.

I must thank ASPADS (Dundee) for making my judging appointment so enjoyable, with all the work and enthusiasm of the team. Thanks to Bill & Joyce for their hospitality. My tracklayers, stewards were great and a pleasure to be with. I believe that Gary must be the youngest TDex tracklayer well done on your first commitment at this level, I do find it sad that we have a big shortage of track layers, when so many are judging a stake where they have never track laid!! I feel that the judge should be a competent tracklayer in the stake to be judged.

My search steward Pam was excellent (thanks for the sweets) and lastly thanks to Lorraine for scribing for me.

The weather was very good compared to my last visit. The strong winds made Thursday & Fridays hard with only two qualifying on each day, Saturday we had eight.  The control day was fine and sunny.

I set an open track pattern bearing in mind the terrain and the environment of Scotland. My articles where all of different texture, wooden dowel, bamboo and a piece of rubber on the track. In the search a 10inch bolt, wooden peg, rubber grommet and a plastic tube containing water. Even with these sizes we only had two 3 & 4s, surely this proves that you do not have to have all the articles to fit in a matchbox. The tracklayers & search steward have to retrieve unfound articles so why make them so small. Why not judge the pick up, carry and present?

We witnessed some smashing tracks with three on 94.5. Lorna working her dog through an area that a hare had just run, Tracey's speed and accuracy and lastly Sheila (Heather) working through a tough patch but because of her better search, Sheila won the best nosework trophy. We had twelve qualifying after the nosework and finished with six.

I wanted to have an over all package. The exercise not won & lost on the sendaway in the control section. We started with heelwork around the jumps and the steward. The speak is in the control section so I was looking for control, sendaway 80 yards at an angle and a 90 yards redirect along a wall, followed by the jumps. 

Thanks to the competitors for entering, accepting my marks and test. Also for taking the time to say how much they enjoyed my test. I have passed the Dundee judging accreditation with a credit in the Scottish language!! And look forward to the possibility of judging in Scotland again.

1st           & CC. 207.5 Q WTCh STYPERSON BRIAR, Lab - S Tannert.

2nd         & Reserve CC. & best nosework track & search 205 Q WTCh STYPERSON TERN, Lab - S Tannert. Leading after the nosework but the long jump being very costly.

3rd          199.5 after run off. WTCh LAETARE DAY JAVU, BC CDex - TDex - B Gilbert.  

4th          199.5. WTCh MELNOLA JAZZLAND, Xbreed - L Cottier. 

Also Qualifying,

197.5 WAGGERLAND BROOK, BC CDex - TDex, PDex - T Park.

191.5 STYPERSON LOMOND, Lab CDex - TDex  - S Boyall.

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