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Open Trial
Venue: Dundee
Trial Held: 26 March 2006



Stake: TD Nosework & PD Stake


Stewards: TD Tracklayers & Square Stewards: Jim Jeffrey, Bill Mackie & Gary Tait

PD Control & Manwork Steward: John Watts

PD Tracklayer & Square Steward: Bill Mackie

PD Criminals: Gary Tait, Alan Cuthbert and Lol Campbell

First of all I would like to thank ASPADS for the invitation to judge the TD Nosework and the PD Stake at Dundee. To Trials Manager Jim Jeffrey who kept everything running smoothly, Joyce Rae who sorted our accommodation out and entertained us on our nights out. Many thanks to you all, you all done a fab job and it was much appreciated.

My tracklayers did a brill job - thank you. And to John who once again stewarded for me in the PD Control & Manwork - thank you.

Tracking for both stakes was on short sheep grazed fields. Looked very nice, but looks are very deceiving. The weather conditions varied from rain to sunshine to real bad mist.

TD Nosework Results

1st           Mrs F. Mitchell & RENDALE ROBIN (Lab) D. Fran & Winston did a fantastic track & square and well deserved their win.  I think you & Winston will do really well in TD Championship. I remember seeing you in CD Championship and you have come a long way since then. Your hard work has certainly paid off. Well Done. 211 Q

2nd         Mr E. Brown & DIVAS DELIGHT (Lab) B. Ed & DD flew round the track and had no problems at all. Just exactly what I would expect from you Ed. Well done on your qualification and thanks for the huge Easter egg I won for you in the raffle - it was delicious. 210.5 Q.

3rd.         Mrs Ailsa Anderson & SEAHAAR SHELL (WSD) B. Ailsa was the first person to track in a field that saw no other dogs get round on that day. She made it look so easy and deserved to do well. Well Done. 205 Q.

4th          Mrs S. Shearer & DREAGANTA DEODUBH (BC) D. Sheila & Smudge missed a couple of legs on the track but more than made up for it with a Square that is to die for - it was perfection. Well done I am so pleased you qualified. 194.5 Q.

PD Stake

The manwork round started off with a Test of Courage from behind, then take control of the situation and then the criminals were to be escorted, (they knew where to go) and then an attack on handler would take place. Tidy that situation up and then it was on to the quarter which was out to the boundary, along a fence across to a hide and down to another hide where the criminal (Mr Campbell) was hiding. Once dog had located, handler could join it and sort the situation out.  Then it was onto the recall and chase, both set out exactly the same. Sounds so easy when on paper doesn't it?!

Being just an open I do not believe in setting a test to fool either the dog or the handler, I believe you can still see good from bad in the easiest of tests. I also like my manwork rounds to flow from one exercise to the other. My criminals did a fab job and I personally would like to thank them for their time and effort. In Geordie language - Ta very much!

1st           Mrs C Wright & NORSHEP AMBER GAMBLER. (GSD) B. Caroline, Amber's quartering needs a little more work and then I think she has the whole package for PD. She certainly likes it. 254 NQ

2nd         Miss Joan Miller & TRKINDALE ACE. (WSD) D. Unfortunately Ricky failed to get round his track, but gave a good account of himself in the manwork section. He is well controlled and listens well to Joan and he also has a beautiful escort. 188.5 NQ

To all the competitors that qualified well done, and to those that didn't keep working hard, it will come soon.




Steward: Lewis Hosie

Thank you to A.S.P.A.D.S. Dundee for the invitation to judge the Control and Agility at this northern venue.  Everything went extremely well. Trials Manager Jim Jeffrey and his team were spot on (Shirley and Karen looking after the troops with a special soup menu, and Sheena and Joyce at the base.)    The only fly in the ointment was the weather, very wet; nevertheless we had some sparkling performances.  Thank you to Lewis Hosie for scribing for me over the two days, your quiet friendly approach seemed to put everyone at ease, just what was needed to steady the nerves.

I set a straight forward test.  For UD, I started with the retrieve, then obedience, sendaway and jumps, the same for WD, but the send away was to cross poles in the middle of the field. TD started with the speak, then obedience, sendaway to the cross poles and redirect to the wall perimeter. Generally the dogs were pretty good.  We had a mixed bag of not quite ready to first class, but the pleasing thing was the attitude displayed by the handlers, who were very positive and up beat (even when disappointed).  Well done to you all.  To those of you who qualified congratulations, to those of you who failed this time, keep at it and think of all the things your dog did right!


1st           Mrs W Strang with VIKTOR AT BALKELLO (WSD) Q 190.5. Well done Wendy, steady throughout your round.

2nd         Mrs J Beaton with TRIALEX NORTHERN LIGHT  (GSD) N/Q 180. Bad luck on the sendaway Jen, a young dog learning his trade, nice to see.

3rd          Mr J McKay with CONADREW VASKO (GSD) N/Q 174. Another young dog. Not his day today, but it will come Jim.

4th          Miss H Rajska with LOOK NO CHANCE ENCOUNTER (BC) N/Q 170. Just little bits and pieces Helen.


1st           Ms R Henderson with HUMBLE BUMBLE BEE AT STRATHLEADER (GSD) N/Q 182.5  Bad luck on the jumps Rachel, but I like the look of him.  

2nd         Mrs C Ashworth with TWEEDSMILL LOCH TAY (FCR) N/Q 175.5. Have a re-think about your jump training and you will take off!

TD C&A               

1st           Mrs F Mitchell with RENDALE ROBIN (Lab) Q 211. Second win in two weeks, the score says it all. Good Luck in ticket Fran.

2nd         Mr E Brown with DIVAS DELIGHT (Lab) Q 210.5. Well done Ed, another one ready for ticket.

3rd          Mrs A Anderson with SEAHAAR SHELL (WSD) Q 205.            You appeared cool calm and collected, Ailsa? Nice round, well done.

4th          Mrs S Shearer with DREAGANTA DONN (BC) Q 194.5. A little work on send away and redirect, nothing you can't put right Sheila, Well done              

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