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Open Trial
Venue: Dundee
Trial Held: 22 February 2015


Stakes: UD and WD.


Tracklayers: Frank Glancy, Cath Gordon, Jim Jeffrey

Steward: Sandra Dawson

My thanks to ASPADS Dundee for the invitation to judge these stakes; my thanks to Pam, Sheena and Joyce at base, and to Shirley and Karen in the kitchen – their meal at the end of the day was a life-saver!  Frank, Cath and Jim, in the tradition of Dundee tracklayers, were exemplary.

The weather wasn't too bad first thing but got progressively worse as the day went on.  By the control and agility round it was cold, raw and miserable, with wet snow swirling about in strong winds.  I felt almost as sorry for Sandra as I did for myself; however she was not only most helpful and supportive, as always, but also managed to remain upbeat and great company throughout the day.

On the day we had four competitors, two each in UD and WD.

UD Stake:

1st           Jenny Beaton with CRAIGESK GRAY WOLF, Axel, 185.5, NQ.  Axel completed a very good track and then took all four articles out of the square in just under two minutes.  However when he arrived at the control field he decided that he was just going to run off and play in the snow, despite all exhortations to the contrary!  He then went on to get full marks in the jumps.  So, despite his control aberration he only missed qualifying by a few marks.  How frustrating, Jenny – but I'm sure he'll do very well in the future.

2nd         Alison Robertson with FORGUECROFT MIDNIGHT FOLLY, Folly, 132.5, NQ.  Folly lost the track about half-way round and missed one article from the square, but otherwise put in a virtually perfect performance, so I'm sure that she too will do very well in the future.

WD Stake:

1st           Bill Mackie with BUDLAUBER ANYA, Lizal, 194.5, Q.  One member of this team was constantly looking to eat sheep's droppings, which was a worry, especially during the stay; but, that apart, this was an excellent performance and a very well deserved qualification.  Congratulations, Bill!

2nd         Elaine Barr with FREDDIE'S JUST DYNAMITE, Freddy, 142, NQ.  Freddy lost points here and there throughout the day, but this is a cracking dog; Elaine and Freddy are a great team who also should do very well in the future.

All four teams worked very well and the handlers with good nature in increasingly appalling conditions.  Very well done to you all.  


Stake: TD


Tracklayers: Jim Jeffries, Bill Mackie and Frank Glancy

Stewards: Shirley Windsor and Joyce Rae

Thank you for the invitation to judge TD open.  I would like to wish Heather Patrick a speedy recovery from illness which prevented her from judging this year.  Many thanks to my tracklayers, Jim Jeffries, Bill Mackie and Frank Glancy, stewards Shirley Windsor and Joyce Rae, and also to Shirley and Karen in the kitchen and Sheena Kerr at base.

Saturday was sunny and frosty, ideal tracking weather, but soon turned to very windy!  Sunday was another day and weather system, tracking in a blizzard!  Control was completed first to a high standard and only one competitor failed the jumps.  Tracking was on stubble, articles were 3” white electrical cable, bundle of green garden twine knotted in the middle and a large pine cone.  Search articles were a 4” bolt, 6” x 1” piece of scourer, 2” x 2” underlay and 3” x 1” piece of wood.

1st           John Gray with WAGGERLAND WELLS, George, 211, Q.  Full marks in control, and found the 4th article in the square but did not want to bring the bolt out.  Lost 2 marks on the track - lovely team to watch and well deserved win.

2nd         Lorna Cottier with STARDELL MARS, Clyde, 198, Q.  Sendaway let this team down today.  Tracked in a blizzard! Worked hard on one corner of the track to get all the way round; Lorna showed her experience by letting the dog work it out.

3rd          Joanne Ramsay with THREENINES ANNA, Rhanna, 170.5, NQ.  Joanne qualified in every section but not enough overall to qualify.  Worked very hard on the track in very challenging windy conditions, missed the last two legs and the end article.

4th          Joyce Watson with COLINTON CEIL, Cally, 162, NQ.  Joyce qualified every section but did not qualify overall.  Worked her track in all that wind and just failed to get the last few legs.  

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