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Open Trial
Venue: Tillmouth
Trial Held: 15 November 2009

TM, CD, Vet Stakes



Stakes: CD, UD and Special Veteran

This was ASPADS first trial to be held in this area and at this venue. Thank you to the Tillmouth Hall Committee who allowed us the use of their hall for the base. A big thank you to the members of the Tillmouth Dog Training Club: Stevie and David Braithwaite, Mick Suckling, Katie Lawrie, Graham Lawrie, Madeleine Wilson, Ann Tait, Jo Moulin, Maureen Aitchison, Dorothy Smith, Sam Ashton, and Roy and Lesley Drummer, who all helped in some way before or during the trial itself. My apologies if I have forgotten to name anyone, but your help was very much appreciated.

Thank you also to our judges, Lorraine Wilson, CD and Veteran Stakes, and Nelson Smith, UD. Tracklayers were Sheila and Doug Shearer (UD), Jo Moulin (Veteran Stake), Roy Drummer (Veteran Stake and CD Steward on Saturday), Mick Suckling (UD Steward) and Zuzana Kerdova (Square Steward, Veteran Stake).

Special thanks go to Stevie Braithwaite, who did all the behind the scenes work, liaising with the farmers and securing the land we needed and a lot of running about whilst I was at work. It goes without saying that without the support from our local farmers, this trial would not have taken place and we are indebted to them for trusting us with their land.

We were extremely lucky with the weather. After a very overcast and damp week, the sun shone brightly on both days and made it a very pleasant weekend. Thank you to the competitors who entered, congratulations to those that qualified, commiserations to those that didn’t, but I hope you enjoyed the trial whatever the outcome.





 I would like to thank ASPADS for the invitation to judge the CD and Veteran stakes. I would also like to thank Jackie for being an excellent Trials Manager at the first trial at this venue, and all the base staff and people in the kitchen.


Steward: Roy Drummer

There were 11 entries, and 10 ran.

1st Helen Rajska and LOOK NO FURTHER, BC, D, 97.5. Well done, good control round, lost one mark on the jumps. A good square and retrieve.

2nd Mrs D Smith’s SASSY SUZY, Lab, handled by Sam Ashton, 83.5, NQ. A good control round, but a pity about the scale, and only two out of the square. Well done, you will soon be there.

3rd Mrs M Aitchison and KENMILQUIN DIAMOND GUY, G. Ret, D, 80, NQ. Mo had a good round – the only thing that let you down was the jumps. Get them sorted and you are there. Good luck.

4th Sam Ashton and MOSS OF PRIMSIDE, WSD, D, 77.5, NQ. Moss did well. He lost on his sendaway, sit and long jump, but he is very young and these are all things he will get right. Stick at it, and good luck.


3 dogs entered and all ran. All these dogs did excellent tracks and really enjoyed themselves. Thank you to Zuzana for stewarding, and to Roy and Jo for tracklaying.

1st Ann Bedford’s WOLFHART DARK ISLANDER, GSD, B, handled by Derek. Rhona worked her socks off for you. Well done.

2nd Fran Atkin and BRONFYNNON BRECON, WSD, D. Fran and Brecon worked well, and he really did enjoy himself. Well done.

3rd Stevie Braithwaite and NORSHEP SHULA, GSD, B. Well done, Stevie and Shula. A good track, but only three out of the square. Good fun was had!

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