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Open Trial
Venue: Tillmouth
Trial Held: 16 November 2013



Steward: Vicky Hunter

 Thank you very much to the Society for the invitation to judge at this trial. Huge thanks to my steward, Vicky, who kept me on my toes and was great company.

Many thanks to Jackie and her team, who worked tirelessly at the base and kept everyone fed and watered and made sure everyone got to the relevant fields. To the competitors, thank you for being such good sports and accepting my decisions.

On the day only 3 handlers and dogs worked but what great team-work and no doubt we will see them in years to come. Well done.

 1st Mrs Patricia Templeton and FRANKIE THE FLYER, Cross, 96, Q. Lovely team work and a pleasure to watch. Full mark jumps and lovely nosework. Worthy of 1st place. Well done.

2nd Mrs Elaine Barr and FREDDIE’S JUST DYNAMITE, Cocker Spaniel, 78. A lovely team to watch, and Freddie was like a tornado in the search square. Full of go and wanting desperately to please. Well done and no doubt we will see you both in many trials to come.

3rd Mrs Christine Chilton and SMARTIE PRIDE OF ARRAN, Cocker Spaniel, 74. This is a lovely team but Smartie was in sniffing rather than working mode and Christine had to work really hard to gain every point. Well done.




Steward: Vicky Hunter

Tracklayers: Lorraine and Derek

 Many thanks to the Society for inviting me to judge the Special Veterans Stake. It is pleasure to see these dogs competing, enjoying themselves and getting on with the task in hand.

Thank you to Jackie, trials manager, and all the team of supporters, who welcomed us all and guided us to the correct venues. Many thanks also to the kitchen staff who, once again, delivered lovely food and drinks throughout the day. Thank you to Vicky, who was great company and laid the search squares very successfully in not very pleasant weather conditions, and thank you to Lorraine and Derek, who laid the tracks on ground that was quite wet, but their experience and guidance was invaluable.

Many thanks to the competitors, who worked very well and enthusiastically throughout the day, and accepted my decisions.

 1st Mr Doug Shearer, DREAGANTA ALPHA CENTUARI, BC. It was lovely seeing this team motor round the track and attack the search square with enthusiasm. Alfie was delighted when he picked up the last track article, which was a tennis ball. Very well done and great to watch.

2nd Mr John Tait, PINFOLD FLY, BC. Another great team to watch. Fly methodically and diligently worked the track, enjoying the articles, which were chew sticks and a tennis ball. A pleasure to watch and well done.

3rd Mrs Fran Atkin, BRONFYNON BRECON, WSD. Lovely team work on the track and only dropped 3 marks, as Brecon wanted to investigate clumps of grass, which obviously held lovely smells. Great to watch. The search square was done enthusiastically and he was the only one to get all 4 articles. Well done.


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