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Open Trial
Venue: Tillmouth
Trial Held: 17 November 2012

Trials Manager’s Report

When you run a trial in November you never know what the weather will be like.  Fortunately for us, it was dry and not too cold. 

Thank you to Tillmouth Hall Committee, who allowed us to use the Village Hall and adjoining field for the base for this trial.  Thank you to our 3 farmers this year for the use of their land, without which there would be no trial.  And a big thank you to the members of Tillmouth Dog Training Club for all their help before and during the trial, especially Madeleine and Paul in the kitchen, who did a great job in keeping everyone fed and watered.

A big thank you to our three judges who gave up their time to judge – UD, Moira Rogerson; CD and Special Veteran, Pam Cuthbert; and Intro, Sheila Shearer.  I will leave them to thank their helpers.  A big thank you to Stevie Braithwaite for doing a lot of behind the scenes work for me, liaising with the farmers regarding the tracking land etc.  Thank you to the competitors for entering – I hope you enjoyed yourselves and congratulations to those who qualified, and good luck in the future.

Jackie Suckling


Stake: UD


Tracklayers: Stevie Braithwaite, Rachael Henderson

Square Stewards: Nelson Smith and Fiona

Control Steward: Nelson Smith

Thank you to ASPADS for the invitation to judge, and to Jackie Suckling and her helpers for running a nice friendly trial.  Thank you to Nelson and Fiona, who is new to trials and very keen – Nelson paced the squares out and Fiona put the articles in, hence two square stewards.  The tracks were on stubble and 3 of the dogs sailed round them, but we only had one qualifier due to the jumps.

7 entered, 4 ran.

1st           Mrs J Findeisen’s BANDAITCH DIRTY HARRY, Cross, D, 180, Q.  A missed track article and no return over the scale were his main faults.  A super dog with lots of character and style.  Well done, Julz, may Harry continue to be such fun to work with.

2nd         Mrs L Wilson’s LEETSIDE WHIZZ KID, WSD, B, 177.5, NQ.  A return over the scale or a long jump would have made all the difference.  Once you’ve got the jumps sorted you’ll be away.  Everything else is good.

3rd          Mrs D Marshall’s MILLHARBOUR JAKE, ESS, D, 161.5, NQ.  Lovely nosework, shame about the jumps, and that itch in the stays.




Tracklayers: Stevie and Jo

Steward: Anna

Many thanks to ASPADS for inviting me to judge.  Our trials manager, Jackie Suckling, defied the weathermen to arrange a cold but sunny day ideal for a trial.  Thanks to Anna, my steward, who did a fantastic job on her 1st time out - great company - and to Paul and others in the kitchen for perfect bacon butties.


In CD 3 entered and we had 1 qualifier.

1st Lorraine Porteous and RANNAH, Dobe, 95, Q.  Not an easy dog to handle as she is so excitable; she could easily bubble over but Lorraine handled her beautifully in a lovely calm controlled manner to produce an excellent round.  A well deserved qualification.        

2nd Patricia Templeton and FRANKIE, FC x Lab, 79.5, NQ.  A lovely lad, Patricia.  He did a beautiful round for you, just the scale letting you down.

3rd Maureen Keel and QUINKY, Schnauzer, 66.5, NQ.  He is such a wee character.  Stays and jumps to be worked on, but you’re getting there.


Thanks to Stevie and Jo for laying the tracks and to Anna again for the squares.  Wow, these dogs had not forgotten their jobs!  It was a joy to watch them.

1st Brian Glasgow, ROCCO, age 8.  Fab track, just the last 2 legs had you working hard, and a full mark square.  Well done.

2nd Fran Atkin, BRECON, age 10.  Another brilliant track, round on rails, and looked like he wanted to keep going.

3rd Bridgette Montague, PEGS, age 9.5, nearly 10.  Again, the tracking was lovely; good square apart from Pegs ‘Tena Lady’ moment - but after all I’m nearly 10.

4th Doug Shearer, ALFIE, age 6.  So fast and accurate round the track. He took one corner so quickly that Doug nearly got wrapped in his line.  Alfie got all the articles out the square, or so we thought, but had picked up a piece of stubble next to the article!

5th Rachel Henderson, BUZZ, age 9.  Buzz still knows what to do, as does Rachel, running round the square to put Buzz into the uncovered corner.  Well done.

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