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Open Trial
Venue: Tillmouth
Trial Held: 13 November 2011


Stakes:  CD, UD and Special Veteran

When you run a trial in November you never know what the weather will be like.  Fortunately for us the weather was dry and not too cold.  Thank you to Tillmouth Hall Committee who allowed us to use the Village Hall and adjoining field for the base for this trial.  Thank you to our 2 farmers for the use of their land, without which there would be no trial.  A big thank you to the members of Tillmouth Dog Training Club for all their help before and during the trial, especially Sam Ashton and Jo Moulin, who tracklaid on the Saturday, and everyone who gave a helping hand in the kitchen making sure everyone was fed and watered.

A big thank you to our two judges, Gary Tait, UD, and Nelson Smith, CD and Special Veteran.  I will leave them to thank their helpers.  A big thank you to Stevie Braithwaite for doing a lot of behind the scenes work for me, including liaising with the farmers regarding the tracking land.  Thank you to the competitors for entering, I hope you enjoyed yourselves and congratulations to those who qualified and good luck in the future.





Steward: Roy Drummer

Tracklayers: Jo and Sam

Thanks to ASPADS for inviting me to judge the UD stake at Tillmouth, and to Jackie and all the helpers who participated in the trial, especially everyone within the kitchen.  I would also like to thank my tracklayers, Sam and Jo.  They did a sterling job and if it weren’t for helpers like them, the trial would not go ahead.  Thank you to Roy for stewarding and doing search squares – his humour kept me entertained all day, and I must not forget to thank both him and Lesley for their wonderful hospitality over the weekend.

The only disappointment was the tracking ground – I had wanted to check it on the Friday but was assured that there was plenty of ground and all good quality – a lesson for me – always check it yourself as the tracking ground did not live up to the description and would not have been my choice.  However, despite this, the dogs and handlers did a marvellous job:

1st Moira Rogerson with THREE NINES KATIE, 195 Q.  Very good round from you both - well done.

2nd Ann Bedford with MOORSONS BROADWAY ENCORE, 191.5, Q. Very nice nosework, only dropped 1 mark - all in all a very good round, Ann.

3rd Lorraine Wilson with LEETSIDE WHIZZ KID, 185.5, NQ.  Excellent nosework - full mark track - a shame that things didn’t go as well in the C/A.  All the best in the future to you both.

4th Adele Whittemore with ANJOODA MIRAMBO, 161, NQ.  Another nice track; only dropped 4 marks - but the jumps were the downfall on the day.  All the best in the future at trials.

Thanks to all competitors for entering and turning up, despite only receiving their report times a few days beforehand, and for accepting my decisions on the day.  I did enjoy watching you all and appreciated your patience during the long wait for the stays, which almost occurred in the dark.

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