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Open Trial
Venue: Tillmouth
Trial Held: 14 November 2010


Stakes: UD, CD and Special Veteran

For the second year, the gods smiled on us and we had good weather for the two days, the rain holding off until the very end.  Thank you to Tillmouth Hall Committee, who allowed us to use the Village Hall and the adjoining field for the base for this trial.  Thank you to our two farmers for the use of their land, without which there would be no trial.  A big thank you to members of Tillmouth Dog Training Club for all their help before and during the trial, especially the ladies in the kitchen, Madeleine, Vicky and Dorothy, who looked after everyone so well.

A big thank you to our two judges, Roy Drummer, CD and Special Veteran, and Brian Glasgow, UD; to Lorraine Wilson for stewarding CD; to Doug Shearer, who stewarded, tracklaid, and generally helped out where he could; to Ann Bedford, Stevie Braithwaite and Leslie Drummer, who also tracklaid for UD and Veteran.  If I have forgotten anybody, please accept my apologies.

I must specially thank Stevie for doing a lot of the behind the scenes work for me, and for liaising with the farmers regarding the tracking land.  And thank you to the competitors for entering; I hope you enjoyed yourselves.





Steward: Lorraine Wilson

Firstly I must thank the ASPADS committee for inviting me to judge the CD Open stake, which I thoroughly enjoyed.  A big thank you to Jackie Suckling and her team, Stevie, Mick, Madeleine, Dorothy and Vicky.  This team’s hard work ensured a very successful and friendly trial.  Special thanks to Lorraine Wilson, my steward, who carried out everything I asked and more, and kept me on the straight and narrow.

There were 13 entries and 10 ran.  All of them displayed potential to become good teams and progress in the sport.  As ever, where dogs did not qualify, it was mostly jumps or stays which let them down.  All handlers had lots of positives to take home.  I thank them all for accepting my decisions and I wish all of them success in the future.

Square articles: 4" knotted cloth; 4" green hosepipe, dolly peg

1st Miss Sam Ashton with MOSS OF PRIMSIDE (Moss), BC, 92.5, Q.  A very steady round, lovely search square. Control 48, Nosework 30, Jumps 14.5.  Well done

2nd Mr Nick McMechan with BLACK AMAETHON, (Lady), XB, 90.5 Q.  Lady was sympathetically handled by Nick.  Excellent control round.  48.5, 24.5, 17.5.  Well done

3rd Ms Zuzana Kerdova with LISKA CERNA (Liska), Lab, 83.5, NQ. This was an excellent control round and nosework.  Sadly the jumps let her down this time.  48.5, 30, 5.

4th Ms Zuzana Kerdova with SUKI GIBB, (Suki), Lab, 79, NQ.  Super control and nosework rounds only losing one mark but sadly Suki did not want to jump today, which has cost her a qualification.  49, 30, 0.




Tracklayers: Doug Shearer, Stevie Braithwaite, Ann Bedford

Steward: Doug Shearer

Thanks to ASPADS for inviting me to judge the UD Stake at Tillmouth; this trial has the potential of turning into a very popular trial.  The friendly, relaxed atmosphere was great, thanks to Jackie Suckling (Trials Manager) who kept everything ticking over throughout the weekend - I know what it is like.  Thanks to the ladies in the kitchen for their efforts in keeping me fed and watered well done.  Thanks to my tracklayers, Doug Shearer, Sat/Sun, and Stevie Braithwaite, Sat, and Ann Bedford on the Sunday - well done and thanks again.  A special Thanks to my control steward/search steward, Doug Shearer, a man of many talents as this showed during the weekend; he made my weekend very easy, so that all I had to do was enjoy and judge.  Thanks to the farmers for allowing us to tramp over their land.  Without the land we would not have trials.  Thanks to Sheila Shearer for allowing me to share their home during the weekend.

Thanks to the competitors for entering under me and accepting my decisions; it was a pleasure to watch and judge your dogs. The only drawback was that I did not have any qualifiers, which was disappointing because any of the dogs could have qualified on the day.  The nosework was a breeze, no difficulties there; it was all down to the jumps and down stay.

Thanks to everyone for a very pleasurable weekend.

7 dogs entered,   5 dogs competed.

Miss J Miller, WOOLSHAN JAGER, GSD, 185.5, NQ.  This lively GSD just wants to work, and he certainly enjoys himself.  It was a pity the down was this team’s downfall - he sat up at 9 minutes.  Overall this was a good display and a team to watch in the future.  Good Luck in future trials.

Ms. J Moulin, DURABLE OF DIRRINGTON, WSD, 176.5, NQ.  As the marks show, this was wasn’t a bad round, but the clear and scale made the difference to this being a perfect round.  Good Luck for the future.

Mrs A Whittemore, ANJODA MIRAMBO, CDEx, GSD, 161, NQ.  The down stay was costly for this team; Jack got up on 7 minutess.  Stood for a few seconds then lay back down, Adele must have thought on returning he had done it.  Good Luck in the future.





Steward: Mick Suckling

Tracklayers: Ann Bedford, Lesley Drummer

Firstly I must thank the ASPADS committee for inviting me to judge the Special Veterans stake, which I thoroughly enjoyed

A big thank you to Jackie Suckling and her team, Stevie, Mick, Madeleine, Dorothy and Vicky.  This team’s hard work ensured a very successful and friendly trial.

Special thanks to Mick, Ann and Lesley for their help with stewarding and square and tracklaying.  The weather was unkind but all went very smoothly and we enjoyed watching the old but so very competent dogs so much

There were 3 entries and 3 ran.  Square articles: knotted towelling, red plastic jar top, 3" yellow rubber, 4" piece of string:

Track articles: piece black tube, 3" piece of wood, small toy

1st Mrs L Wilson with ALFIE PEPPERPOT, (Alfie), XB, Track 119.5, Search 35, Total 154.5.  Super track, collecting all 3 articles on the way round; full mark search.  Just half a mark lost.  Lovely to watch.  Well done

2nd Mrs S Braithwaite with NORSHEP SHULA, (Shula), GSD, Track 119.5, Search 28, Total 147.5. Lovely track collecting all 3 articles.  Shula got 3 out of the square but insisted on standing on the fourth!  A great round.  Well done

3rd Ms A Bedford with WOLFHARTS DARK ISLANDER, (Rona), GSD, handled by Mr D McAuley. Track 10, Search 35.  Rona was more interested in her Mum than finding the track but had a full mark search square.  Lovely dog, not in the mood for tracking today - the prerogative of a veteran lady! 

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