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Open Trial
Venue: Tillmouth
Trial Held: 16 November 2014





Tracklayers: Stevie and Colin

Steward: Samantha Ashton

I should like to start by thanking ASPADS for the invitation to judge this stake and I would also like to thank sincerely Jackie Suckling for her work as trials manager; all the ladies in the kitchen; all the base staff, tracklayers Stevie and Colin, and Sam, my steward who did her job to perfection.

We had 6 competitors who all ran and worked very hard. Tracking was excellent in the main, and where it was not, it is just a matter of practise for the teams involved.  It is there, ready to develop.

Most of the C/A was also very good but, as ever, jumps and down stay made the critical difference.  Again - more practise.  All teams will have taken home some very pleasing positives and will be able to practise the things which are not quite there

1st Mr F L Campbell with CONISTAN DANNY BOY, 198.5, Q.  A super round; steady and most competent.  This team is on its way.  Well done, both of you.

2nd Mrs M Biddle with JACKANORY WHAT A STORY, 180, NQ.  Well done, both of you; just that little moment at the start of the down stay lost it.  A lovely round.

3rd Miss A Bedford with BERTIE WOOFSTER, 178.5, NQ.   Nice performance, Ann, but he was not jumping today.

4th Mrs F Davidson with SUNNY FIRECRACKER, 142, NQ. Well done, Fiona.  Keep working at it.  You will get there.

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