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Open Trial
Venue: Blyth
Trial Held: 10 February 2008

Trials Manager’s Report

I feel that I must include in my report a reference to the trial held at Blyth in 2007.  Unfortunately, the day before the trial started I became quite poorly and needed to be hospitalised.  I had marked the fields out, booked the rooms and got the base, but was not able to physically participate in the running of the trial. As I was insisting the trial go ahead so as not to inconvenience competitors it was left to my wife Joan and Mrs. Reliable (Stevie Braithwaite) to run the trial.  They didn’t know where the tracking land was, as it was new, but it was ten miles from Blyth and I had just acquired it after losing the land in Blyth.

We were left with the situation of me on one side being interviewed by St. Peter at the pearly gates and Joan trying to get directions to the tracking land.  With support from the competitors and helpers a very successful trial was held and this to me is what Working Trials is about - help and support when needed without having to ask.

Now for the 2008 Trial, which was held in glorious weather for a change.  As I am still incapacitated and unable to drive yet, and with Joan working full time I had to consider not holding this Trial, but once again Stevie stepped into the breach and ferried me around farms, walked the fields to let me know how many tracks could be run and where and did a daily commute of 4 hours once again.  Without running the risk of embarrassing her, this trial could not have gone ahead without her.

My thanks to all of the helpers, the kitchen staff, scorers, escorts, judges and anyone else who helped to make this a happy and successful trial.  May I suggest that at the next Working Trials Council Meeting that Stevie be elevated to sainthood?  They can do that, can’t they?

Alan Bolton




Tracklayers: Moira and Heather ( Friday), Steve and Denise ( Sat and Sun )

Steward: Ann Bedford

Thank you to the society for asking me to judge UD. We had a good weekend; the weather was excellent with sunshine, the company was excellent.  I would like to thank Trials Manager, Alan Bolton (good to have you back again), Pam in base and Stevie B for doing all the running around, also my tracklayers, Moira, Heather, Steve and Denise for laying the tracks just as I asked.  Also my friend Ann for stewarding squares and control, and for looking after me - I need it sometimes.  Thanks to all the competitors who entered, and I hope you enjoyed the test.

I had 21 entries and 17 ran.

1st Tom Mills and MADAM MEG, (BC, B), 196, Q.  Meg did you proud, with an excellent track and search with 2 and 4.  Control was good and full mark jumps.  Well done, and good luck.

2nd Polly Thomas and POLLGINA GLADYS GLADSOME, (Lab, B), 188.5, Q.  Maggie did an excellent track, 2 and 3; that article in the square cost you.  Control was good, lost point on scale.  Well done.

3rd Pam Wadsworth and BURSTEAD CON OF ROANLODGE (Cocker Spaniel, D), 182, Q. This little dog worked its socks off; got stuck on one corner, sorted it out and then flew round. 1 article, but 4 out of the square.  Control could be better but it is all there, full mark jumps.  Well done.

4th Stevie Braithwaite and NORSHEP BRECK, (GSD, D), 172.5, Q.  Breck tracked well up till the last leg, and then saw the square being laid; 1 article on the track, 4 out of the square, which was excellent.  In the control he was very excited, but did well; lost 1 on the jumps.  Well done.

Also Qualifying:

Carl Dent and JARYSMYSTIC EZ SPELL, (WSD, B), 167.5, Q.  Did a very good track but just 1 article and 3 out of the square.  Control was good, but the send away let you down, lost 2 on the scale.  Well done.


Stake: WD


Tracklayers: Moira Rogerson, Bill Richardson, Fran Mitchell and Jacqui Hall

Stewards: Heather Patrick and Joan Bolton

Thank you to ASPADS for the invitation to judge.  It was great to see Alan Bolton back on form as trials manager, keeping us all in order at base!!  The accommodation was lovely and the meal and company on Saturday night were great.  Heather, thanks for doing a brilliant job stewarding; I know you were concerned about getting your PD round sorted out for Sunday but you made everyone feel at ease and were spot on both days.  Thanks to Joan for keeping everything consistent for the competitors over the two days and for putting out the squares so well on Sunday.  You both made my job a lot easier. 

To my tracklayers, Moira and Bill on Saturday and Fran and Jacqui on Sunday - you all did a great job. 

The test was very straightforward and the weather was fine and dry both days.

1st Yvonne Carpenter and HEX AT CARFELD, BC, Qual, 191.5.  Hex is great, full of enthusiasm and well controlled by Yvonne!!  Lovely round, and thanks for being such a good sport, Yvonne (you know what about!!) Good luck with her.

2nd Bill Norman and ADAIRWAY BRIGAND, GSD, Qual, 183.5.  Only dog to gain full marks on heelwork. Well done Bill.

3rd Mary Edgar and KIPCROFT LEX, BC, Qual, 181.  Gained the highest track mark, lovely to watch, well deserved qualification.


Stake: PD

Judge:  Heather Patrick

Tracklayer: Iain Forrest

Steward: Moira Rogerson

Thanks to the society for inviting me to judge, especially to Alan Bolton, trials manager (who is looking so much better), for running a good trial: also thanks to all who helped organise the trial. Special thanks to my tracklayer Iain Forrest, as well as Moira Rogerson, my steward, who kept me right, and to the criminals Iain Forrest, Tom Davis and Steve Lancashire – they all made my first time as PD judge enjoyable.

1st John Grey’s BSD Malinois MOUSE, 299.5.  Mouse had me worried at the down stay, apart from which she performed very well and did a beautiful patrol round.

2nd Bill Richardson’s BSD Malinois KALI , NQ, 250.5.  Kali gave a good performance overall, it was the recall that was her undoing at this trial.

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