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Open Trial
Venue: Blyth
Trial Held: 11 February 2007

Trial Manager’s Report

There are so many people I should thank, that it would take up the complete edition of Working Trials Monthly!

I became Trials Manager when Alan Bolton was taken ill two days before the trial.  I am sure everyone will join with me in wishing Alan a speedy recovery.  The help I received from so many people was incredible, and trials people showed what a truly wonderful bunch of people they are.  Everyone worked together, and the trial ran as well as I could have hoped for.

I will leave the individual judges to thank their helpers, but I must say you were all wonderful.  The weather was inclement to say the least, but everyone got on with their jobs.  Thank you to the CD judge for towing one of your competitors out of the mud!

I must thank the farmers for use of their land, and to Bill for the use of the Bebside Club, where the base was situated - you were so helpful.  Thank you to Pam and Debs at the base, and to Ali who escorted to the WD and PD fields - you were brilliant.  I must point out that these three do not actually compete in trials, but nothing was too much trouble for any of them to keep things going.  Debs - you achieved in two days what people have tried to do for years - make me tidier!!!

Thank you to all the competitors for accepting the last minute changes we made to some of the arrangements with good grace.  Finally, very special thanks must go to Joan, and to Derek, one of Alan’s sons.  Joan made sure we had all of the paperwork we needed, and was at base in between being with Alan - you were terrific.  Derek did so much of the “behind the scenes” work, putting up signs at the fields, sorting out jumps along with Nelson, escorting to the fields, and a hundred and one other things.

Stevie Braithwaite


Stake: CD

Judge: Gwen Matear  

Stewards: Gwen Matear, Helen

Thanks to the Society for the invitation.  Thanks to Helen for standing out with me in such horrible weather. Thanks to Stevie and her team for carrying on with the trial following Alan's illness; it can't have been easy but you all did a great job.  Get well soon Alan, we missed you!

Only 2 of the 5 competitors made it on the day and despite appalling weather the dogs and handlers did well, particularly on the down stay.

1st           Sam Ashton and DOTTIE DOTTIE, (WSD), Q, COM, 80.5.  A lovely controlled performance from Sam and Dotty.  Well done Dottie on her first full round jumps!

2nd         Kim Astbury and CHINA CHINA, NQ, 77.5.  After a great square it was a shame China didn't quite make it on the jumps.  Better luck next time Kim.


Stake: UD


Tracklayers: Heather Patrick, Fran Mitchell, Anne Dent, Jacqui Hall, Iain Forest

Stewards: Phil Glasgow (Squares on Fri), Greg (Control and Squares)

As usual, a lovely trial, with dreadful weather, and a great team who all pulled together to make the trial a success in Alan’s absence.  Many thanks to my tracklayers, Jacqui, Fran, Anne, Heather and Iain, to Greg who was my control and square steward – his first time stewarding a competition, and he did a great job – and to Phil, who laid squares on Friday.  Thanks also to the ladies at the base, Joan, Pam, Deborah and Stevie, who did a great job as Trials Manager at very short notice, and to Alan, who did all the hard work in the weeks leading up to the trial.

I saw lots of very good young dogs, most of whom tracked like a dream, despite the dreadful weather conditions.  As usual, the stays and jumps took their toll, so we ended up with no qualifiers, although most dogs failed by just a whisker.

1st           Bill Norman and ADAIRWAY BRIGAND, GSD.  Nice round, unlucky not to qualify.  Well done.  184.5, NQ.

2nd          Hilary Morris and CARISHILL PARSLEY, Golden Retriever.  Lovely happy dog, who did very little wrong.  179, NQ.

3rd           Bill Mackie and TYGUARD ANDIS, GSD.  Super round, but got up after 8.5 minutes in the stays.  174.5, NQ.

4th           Rudi Fruzynski and MOONDANCE MATT OF BURNWATER, BC.  Long jump was costly, very little to fault otherwise.  172.5, NQ.


Stake: WD – nosework and C/A

Judge: Ann Bedford

Tracklayer: Stan Banks

Stewards: Ryan Craig and Phil Glasgow

Many thanks to ASPADS and Alan Bolton for this judging appointment. Unfortunately Alan chose not to attend the trial, preferring to relax in a warm hospital bed whilst his minions froze out in the fields. Get better soon Alan, we all missed that sense of humour!

Well done Stevie Braithwaite,  for taking on the running of the trial at such short notice and for doing such a good job – Joan Bolton ran the hospital hotline beautifully! Pam and Deb as usual, did a grand job in base.

Thanks to Ryan, Phil and Stan for doing their bit and for being such good company.

Weather varied from bright, cold and windy to wet, very cold and very windy. Saturday’s competitors certainly drew the short straw when it came to the weather, it threw everything at them. 10 entries, 9 worked over 3 days, due to land availability.

1st           Mark Adams and PORTALUTRA KYLES DREAM. GSD. D. 189.5. Mark and Tyson kept it together to achieve a very creditable qualification. Best nosework in the stake followed by good C/A.

2nd          Fran Mitchell and KEENSHAW BUTCH. Lab. D. 180. Harvey is a young lab dog showing lots of potential. Only let down on this occasion by his square.

3rd           Jenny Holt and BEELAHOLT ZIGGY ZAG. BC. B. 169. Young collie that worked hard  to get the track, good square. C/A needs a bit of tidying.

4th           Ann Dent and WHERE’S BOB. WSD. B. 162.5 NQ. Another young collie, this time a good track let down by the square. Missed qualifying on the jumps.

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