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Open Trial
Venue: Blyth
Trial Held: 13 February 2005

Trial Manager's Report

Many thanks to the farmers who let us use their fields for our trial. The weather always plays a large part on this trial and normally it is adverse weather conditions with typical northeast rain, sleet and snow. This year, for three weeks prior to the trial, we had none of these only the wind which dried the fields enabling the farmers to plough my tracking land, however they kindly gave me sufficient land to run the trial.

My thanks to Deborah who ran the base, provided refreshments for competitors and a hundred and one other things, also to Betty and Pat for supplying the food for judges, stewards and helpers and Dennis who did a bit of everything. Last but not least my judges, Jean Morley PD, Nelson Smith WD, Heather Patrick UD, Rachel Henderson CD, and Liz Roberts for C&A for WD and UD. Liz took this appointment at very short notice due to a large entry.

To all competitors I hope you enjoyed the trial and good luck for the future.



UD Stake


Search steward: Pat Nelson

Tracklayers: Bill Norman, Jackie Hall and Fran Mitchell

I would like to thank ASPADS and Alan Bolton for the invitation to judge this trial. There were 14 entries, 10 of which did beautiful tracks, only 1 dog didn't manage to get sufficient articles out of the square - Debbie Meade's GSP retrieved all 4 articles in under 45 seconds.

Unfortunately after the control round there were only 4 qualifiers.

1st           John Watts and TIMBA (D) GSD A well deserved win a beautiful square and only losing one on the track. Well done. 196.

2nd         Mrs S Plumb and BANDIT (D) WSD a full mark square and another excellent tracking dog. 193

3rd          Davie Todd and GENNY (B) GSD. A lovely keen bitch losing only 1.5 on her track - 183.5

4th          Mrs Doreen Wait and JAZZ (B) BC , in spite of her nerves Doreen did an excellent track and square with her dog - only losing 3 in total on her nosework - a pleasure to watch. 176

Good luck to all the competitors at their next trial.

Special thanks to Pat Nelson for making sure that I was at the right place at the right time and keeping me fed and watered.

WD Stake


Tracklayers : Dave Todd, Rachael Henderson on Saturday

Stevie Braithwaite, Lol Campbell on Sunday

Steward : Anne Forrest

I would like to thank A.S.P.A.D.S. for the judging appointment, and to Alan Bolton the trials manager as well as the caterers who looked after me so well.  My tracklayers Dave, Rachael, Stevie and Lol did a first class job.  My square steward, Anne, did an excellent job - I enjoyed your company over the 2 days - thank you.

1st           Yvonne Carpenter with CARFELD GRIFF CDEx, (BC) 197

Griff found the track and square easy.  Well done Yvonne, after saying "if he goes wrong blow me off" he goes on to win the stake.  You have a bright future ahead with Griff.

2nd         Mr. J. and Mrs. F.M. Atkin with BRONFYNNON BRECON CDEx (WSD)190.5.  This dog and handler worked very well as a team.

3rd          Mr. B. James with TYTRI KAY (BC) 186.5.  Barry must be very pleased with Kay, as she worked in the worst field of the qualifiers - works well in water! Excellent, well done.

4th          Mr. I. Forrest with ARCONNE ALI (GSD) 179.  Lovely track and square - I like this shepherd's attitude. Rebus worked well.


Mrs. J. Olley with SMILEY BOY UDEx (X BREED)

Handler Dave Olley, not the fastest tracking dog but he stuck at it and did very well.  Well done Dave.  177.



PD Stake


Tracklayers Stevie Braithwaite, Ann Bedford

Stewards: Peter Morley (nosework, C&A) Rob Dobson

Criminals: Iain Forest, Steve Lancashire, Tom Davies.

Thanks to ASPADS for the invitation to judge the P.D. stake and also to Alan Bolton for his organisation and looking after us so well. It was a pleasure and honour to be a part of your team. My team were brilliant - Stevie and Ann for laying tracks in water logged fields (sorry we didn't have a boat!) Peter, for being steward and chauffeur; and some really special people who made my day - my criminals who knew exactly what I wanted and made the round flow smoothly and my steward who gave the handlers help and put them at their ease. We had fun, but were mindful of the job in hand. Thanks a million Iain, Steve, Tom and Rob.

Tracking was on grass (or water - who says we can't walk on water). Articles were pan scourer and piece of carpet and in the search they were 4" piece of cane, film spool, cork, and plastic lid.

We had five qualifiers out of seven after the nosework. Everyone did well on the control and stays. The patrol round started with an unheated conversation with the handler while two criminals were arguing. One left for the chase throwing a bag when the dog was near. Some left it and obviously lost marks. After a short escort and attack on handler, we went straight into the recall. Next was the quarter, along a hedge to a camouflaged 'hide'. At the end of the search and escort we had a very noisy test of courage. I was pleased that most dogs disregarded the dustbin lid - used to try and ward the dog off. At the end of a very rewarding day we had two worthy qualifiers - well ready for Championship.

1st           CoM Ann Timlin with NORSHEP ANJA (GSD) 278. The dog worked well in all aspects of the round. Well done.

2nd         CoM Helen Kelly with GLENFOOT SHOOTING STAR (GSD) 276 worked hard on track on difficult piece of ground.

3rd          Rudi Fruzynski worked ZANDOAS SPLASH (WSD) for the first time in PD. 257

4th          Walter Evans working NORSHEP RUDI (GSD) 238. Missed the recall, but what a good overall performance.

Last but not least my thanks to a great bunch of competitors - it was my pleasure to judge you and your dogs. I thoroughly enjoyed my day - I hope you did too.

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