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Open Trial
Venue: Blyth
Trial Held: 12 February 2006


CD Stake:


Steward: Joan Bolton

Thank you to Alan Bolton for the invitation to judge this stake and to my steward Joan, who not only provided the catering which was first class and still had time to guide the teams through my test and on their behalf many thanks. To the teams who qualified, well done. To the other entries just bits and pieces to sort out and the qualifications will come.

1st           Mr M. Gammidge with WAGGERLAND SAM (WS) 99 . Marks speak for themselves. Well done Mick.

2nd         Mrs J. Holt with HULLATER BROCK (WS) 88 Best wishes for the future.



Judge: P. THOMAS (Polly)

Tracklayers: Brian Glasgow, Debbie Mead and Moira Rogerson.

Square & Control Steward: Stan Banks

Many thanks to A.S.P.A.D.S. for asking me to judge at this very friendly trial. Thanks to those at base who kept us supplied with plenty of food. The accommodation and evening meals were great – thank-you. A big thank you to my tracklayers, Brian Glasgow, Debbie Mead and Moira Rogerson who laid the tracks exactly as requested and to Stan who did a wonderful job as Steward – if anyone needs a good Steward then ‘Stan’s the Man’. Thanks also to the friendly competitors – it was a pleasure to judge you. The track was a typical UD style ‘box within a box’ with a piece of leather on the second leg and a plastic teaspoon at the end – easy articles for the dogs. There were some super tracks. The search square had 3 articles on the diagonal and one in the top corner – they were material, wood, rubber and a beer-mat, again fairly easy for the dog, but marks were deducted for ‘mouthing’ and ‘dropping’. The control round was straightforward, with the Sendaway being about 75 yards away to a cone with a tracking pole holding it upright. The heelwork was designed to transport dog and handler around the jumps and to the Retrieve and Sendaway points. The jumps and down stay took their usual toll and unfortunately we lost a couple of good dogs this way. There were 4 qualifiers – well done; better luck to those who didn’t manage it this time.

1st           Heather Patrick with SELDOMSEEN ZIGGY CDex. WSD. 193.5. A lovely nosework round followed by a super control round. Well done Heather ‘Nerves of Steel’ – a real pleasure to watch and judge.

2nd         Mick Cammidge with WAGGERLAND SAM. WSD. 188. Glad you were well enough to compete Mick. A lovely team, did a stunning track, then got 4 out of the Search Square. Great Stuff.

3rd          Jenny Holt with HULLATER BROCK. WSD. 185. Nice track, lovely search square.

4th          Shuna Stewart with SELDOMSEEN LIBBY CDex. BC. 181.5. Well done Shuna and Libby.


WD Stake:


Tracklayers: Stevie Braithwaite, Ann Bedford

Stewards: Ann Dent (Sat) Walter Evans (Sun)

I would like to thank Alan Bolton for the invitation to judge this stake. Special mention to my tracklayers Stevie and Ann, also my square steward Ann Dent on Saturday and Walter Sunday, everything done as asked giving all teams a fair chance.

To Joan (Head of Catering) everything was lovely and finally to Debs and Dina, scribing the scoreboards and certificates, thank you.

1st           Moira Rogerson with SELDOMSEEN RIO CDex (W/S) 183. A young dog with an experienced handler producing a super round.

2nd         Joyce Rae with NIXTEV GLENCADAM CDex (GSD) 182. well deserved placing, on this performance has a bright future, well done.

3rd          Mrs J. Sayer with VILLAGE KING (GSP) 180.5

4th          Janice Atkinson with STILLMOOR QUAY TO MY SUCCESS AT DENLEA CDex. UDex 178.5

Also qualifying


Penny Pritchard with GRACORN HOME BREWED CDEX (GSD) 174.5

V. Jenkins with RAGNELL DAISY CDex. UDex (Cross) 170

Well done to the qualifiers and to the other entries keep training and enjoy your dogs.


Stake:  PD


Tracklayer: Dave Todd

Steward: Dave Todd

I would like to thank Alan Bolton and his committee for this judging appointment.  Thank you to Joan for her lovely food.  On a cold day, it went down very well.  Thanks to Dave Todd, who, believe it or not, laid all the tracks and all the squares.  He stewarded all of the control and patrol work both days.  Lucky competitors, to have such a high quality tracklayer and steward.  No surprise then, that all dogs got round their tracks and were successful with their squares.  Control was performed to a good standard, and all competitors were still qualifying going into the patrol round.  Competitors had shown that their dogs could track and search and that they had them under very good control.

In the patrol round, I wanted to see big strong bites, and not little wobbly ones.  I wanted to see dogs with full commitment to the chase and recall.  No point in recalling a dog that isn’t committed, “No points”.  A bit of intensity in the location, and not just two or three barks then looking for Mum or Dad.  I wanted to see control of strong fully committed dogs, and not just control of itself.  On the whole, all qualifying dogs performed to these criteria very well.  Keep up the good training.

1st           Q, 299, CoM: C Wright, NORSHEP AMBER GAMBLER, GSD, B.  Good strong bitch – well done.

2nd         Q, 290.6, CoM: P Beasley, GRELGANNA LEO OF STARDELL, BC, D.  Fast and very strong dog.  Should do very well in future.

3rd          Q, 286.5, CoM: R Fruzynski, XANDOA’S SPLASH, WSD, D.

4th          Q, 278.5, CoM: W Beasley, GLENALPINE PHOEBE OF STARDELL, BC, B.

5th          Q, 259, CoM: H Patrick, XANDOA’S QUIZMASTER, WSD, D.

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