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Open Trial
Venue: Scarborough
Trial Held: 15 May 2016


Stakes: CD and UD, WD, TD Control and Agility


Steward:  for CD and all the C/A, Carol Grant

Base:  Liz Mills, Mary (who also writes the very special certificates) and Wendy

Catering: Annie, Liz, Teresa.

Manager: Mr Tom Mills.

My thanks to ASPADS for the call to judge the C/A at their Scarborough Open Trial - always a pleasure and privilege.  I was asked to stand in as the original judge, Roger Shrimpton, was ill.  May I wish him a full recovery.

Well done to Tom and Liz for putting on a splendid trial.  They work extremely hard to ensure every part of the trial goes well, making for a delightful atmosphere.  An extra bonus this year was the farmers coming to the Saturday evening meal.  It is so good to have them there, so they can put faces to us and we can thank them personally.  

My special thanks to my steward for all four days, Carol Grant.  What a great job you did and you were great company as a bonus.  It is not easy to be so consistent over four days especially when the weather was poor, to say the least. Thank you, Carol, you did a great job and made every competitor comfortable.

Finally, thank you to the catering team.  Great food all week, which was extra welcome when out on the cliff tops facing the “tropical” breezes from the North Sea?!?


CD Stake:

3 entries, 1 ran, no qualifiers

1st           Kathryn Jenneson with IT’S JUST MIDGE, BC, B, 68, NQ.  Well done, Kathryn, for having a go.  Pretty daunting being the only entrant.  However, there were many parts to be pleased with.  A really good start with 29 for the nosework group, just dropping one mark on the square.  All the jumps were done but needing second attempts; they will all come with a little more work.   I am sure a CDEx will not be far in the future.



UD Stake:

17 entries, 15 ran, 4 qualifiers  

1st                Alan Heatley with JOTUNHEIM LECTOR, Malinois, D, 193, Q.  A solid round of control followed by a full round of jumps.  Main marks lost were on the sendaway, being wide of the target.

2nd         Rosemary Smyth, with FINN MY COOL COLLIE, BC, D, 189.5, Q.  Good control but just missed out on the clear jump.      

3rd               Rita Banfather with TRACELYN TYRELL OF BANNERSWAY, GSD, D, 189, Q.  Full set of jumps and a very good sendaway - all looks good for the future.

4th               John Turtill with DREAGANTA MYCORRAN GEALA, BC, B, 186.5, Q.  The sendaway was a bit short but otherwise a good control round.  Good jumps, but did not come back over the scale on this occasion.



WD Stake:

21 entries, 16 ran, 12 qualifiers

1st           Hilary Mercer with STARDELL RANA, BC, B, 192, Q.  An immaculate round, just losing half a point on the heelwork followed by full marks on the jumps.  Well done.

2nd         Al Bunyan with RUNE THE LOON, WSD, D, 187.5, Q.  Another very accomplished round of C/A, only losing a half point on the heelwork.  A lovely “collie curve” took him right to the sendaway target.

3rd          Bill Richardson with XANDOAS ISA, Malinois, D, 183, Q.  Only points lost were on the heelwork, making for a very solid round.

4th          Martin Brown with MARKAT JESS, Malinois, B, 182, Q.  This was a very smart round of control, only losing half a point on the retrieve.  Missed out on the clear jump on this occasion but did the other two easily.

Also qualified:

Sally Rose with RETSWERB HOT SPICE, Labrador, B, 181.5.  Sally is a newcomer to trials so to be in WD already is a great achievement.  A very accomplished round, only losing marks on the heelwork.

Sandra Lewindon with LITTLE MISS JYNX AT BRACOKELI, WSD, B, 181.5

Cyril Barke with LEGEND OF GYPSY JOE, BC, D, 181

Doug Shearer with DREAGANTA TYPSI, BC, B, 181

Becky MacGuffie with POLLGINA FERNEND FALCON, Labrador, D, 179

Ann Ketteringham with DREAGANTA LARK AT COALWAY, BC, B, 175

Rod Roberts with LITTLE ED, Cross, D, 173.5

Denise Curren with MADSWAY ARAMIS, Cross, D, 169.5


TD Stake: 

32 entries, 23 ran, 7 qualifiers 

1st           Ray Lea with GOOD GOLLIE MISS MOLLY, Cross, B, 211, Q.  Ray’s experienced handling steered Molly through the control round to good effect.  A terrific overall mark, well deserved qualification and a pleasure as always to be in the company of this gentleman.  Well done.

2nd         Margo Brothwell with, TANGHAM LITTLE SAXON, Cross, D, 208, Q.  Only the heelwork proved to be relatively costly, but overall this was a good round.

3rd          Dave Craven with QUIZ-IS SOMETHING SPECIAL, WSD, D, 192, Q.  A noisy round of heelwork was the only blip on an otherwise solid round.

4th          Pat Herbert with GLENALPINE FEN, BC, B, 191, Q.  An immaculate round.  This team demonstrate just how good a team can be in our sport and to be so consistent.  A pleasure to watch, as always.

Also qualified:

Jenny Holt with BEELAHOLT BRYN, BC, D, 187.5

Polly Thomas with POLLGINA DENNIS SPARKIE, Labrador, D, 187

Barbara Bell with DREAGANTA MILO, BC, D, 179

A final thanks to all the competitors who came down to do the control round.  A fairly daunting four-day task became a pleasure being among such good sporting handlers who are obviously enjoying this wonderful sport and demonstrating just how clever our dogs are.


Stake: UD nosework


Tracklayers: Andrea Lynd and Sue Ashby

Square Steward: Chris Trevor

Escort: Lol Campbell

I would like to thank ASPADS for the invitation to judge their UD stake, my first judging appointment, which I enjoyed immensely.
A very huge thank you to the Trials Manager, Tom Mills and his wife Liz, for running a very successful, well organised and friendly trial, and who both made my first judging appointment a great experience and one that I will never forget.
Chris, you were a super square steward, who scented and placed the articles exactly as I had asked - thank you for giving up your time.  My tracklayers, Andrea and Sue, also did a great job of laying the tracks exactly right - thank you to you both.  Escort was Lol, who made sure the competitors were on time,

Thank you to all the lovely hard working ladies, Liz, Theresa and Annie, who all ran a superb kitchen, keeping us all fed and watered.

Most importantly, I would like to thank all the competitors who entered and accepted my decisions.  I really enjoyed watching all teams working my test and saw some lovely nosework. The weather on the Saturday was windy with showers, and Sunday was warm and sunny - two completely different days, weather-wise.  Tracking was on lush grass, the first article was a dolly peg and the last article was a piece of carpet.

We had a lot of success, with 11 teams qualifying the nosework section, but only 4 teams qualified overall.  To those who qualified, very well done.  To those that did not qualify, I saw some super work; keep at it, the qualification will come.

17 Entries, 16 Ran

1st           Allan Heatley with JOTUNHEIM LECTOR, Malinois, D, 193, Q.  Super track with Lector just losing some concentration and focus on the last leg, very well handled.  Full mark square.  Congratulations, Allan

2nd         Rosemary Smyth with FINN BY COOL COLLIE, BC, D, 189.5, Q.  Another lovely track.  Finn tracked with enthusiasm, it was lovely to watch.  Very nice square, retrieving all articles.  Very well done, Rosemary

3rd          Rita Banfather with TRACELYN TYRRELL OF BANNERSWAY, GSD, D, 189, Q.  Tyrrell did a very nice track with no problems in very windy conditions.  A few marks lost on the square but nicely handled, Rita.  Very well done.
4th          John Turtill with DREAGANTA MYCORRAN GEALA, CDEx, BC, B, 186.5, Q.  Teela tracked beautifully, very steady and precise; John did not trust Teela enough at the first left turn but Teela did not give up until John got the message and went with her.  Full mark square.  Very well done, John


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