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Championship Trial
Trial Held: 20 July 2003


This year there was real green grass at Stanford, the only slight hiccup was on the P.D. land where the farmer 's cutter had been stolen and he hadn't cut the set-aside grass, so it was rather long. My thanks to all the judges and helpers, especially to Margaret and Fred Welham who are the backbone of Stamford trial, and to Graham and Grainie who came up for the week and do the catering, tracklaying, and criminal work between them. Also to Jo Magness for stepping in at the last minute to judge the C.D. stake when John Wykes was taken ill.

We have a terrific bunch of farmers at Stamford and  hopefully things will get better each year.





Stewards: Jean and  Peter Morley           ยท,

40 teams entered, 32 worked. Thanks  you ASPADS  for the invitation to judge  the C.D. stake.  Many thanks  to Jean  and Peter Morley for stewarding everything between  them, and for  being  great  fun  and  good  company   for three  days; to Jacqui  Gibney for all her hard work  before, during  and  after  the trial , to the ladies in the kitchen  and Lorna's Mum for the welcome  cup  whenever I turned  up.  Also  a big thank  you  to Marian  Foers  and  her girls for the warm  welcome and  hospitality.

The weather  was very hot, not good  for a lot of  dogs.  1 was  so  disappointed for  the  han­ dlers  and  dogs,  I'm  sure  a  l ot of these  dogs would   have  qualified   in  cooler   conditions. The  jumps,  and  especially the  stays,  took  a very heavy toll.

Search  articles  were: 3" x I" black canvas, 3" x 1"  pine  wood  and  I large  red  plastic  cap. Searches and  retrieves were  very  good.  The heelwork pattem  had  to  be  modified  due  to the  field  conditions. There  were  no  left  or right  turns,  just  straight  line  heelwork with about turns and halts. 30 yards  recall, 85 yard sendaway to crossed  poles.

1st           Lesley   Nevi lie   with   CI-IOXXSTART DRE A M   ANGUS  (Beardie)  D.  Excellent  full mark control  and  search. A very  impressive, happy  team .  Well deserved first  place.  96.5.

2nd          Hazel Burton with  H AZTON S BRIGHT  STAR (BC)   D.  Very  nice  handling throughout. Full  mark jumps,  96. Well done.

3rd          Rita   Kidson    with   CARFELD   GYP (BC)  D. Very nice handling from  this happy team. 94. Well done.

4th         Rowena Hodnet   with  DRUMMAJOR GOOD LUCK CHARM (Rott)  B. A very competent round,  full  mark jumps  and  retrieve.  93. Good  to see  you back Rowena. Well done.

Also Qualifying CDex:

Francis Ball, ALICE ON SPRINGS (Lab) B. Full marks square and retrieve.  91 .5 Well one.

Brenda Nevard, TOPPER THE  POPS  (WSD)  D. Full marks  jumps.  90.5 Well done.

Alan Wright,  CAMPBELL BLACK  (BC) D. 87.5 Well done.

Benny   Bann,   JENNALINES   MUCKIN FUDDLE (GSP)  D.  Full  mark  square   in  34  seconds!  86.5. Well done.

Lynn Davies with KANE SYRUS (X Breed) D. Good  handling. 86.5. Well done.

To all competitors, thank  you  for  the  privilege  of  judging  your   dogs.   Good   luck  in future trials. Some of you are so close, especially the lovely little Boxer 'Jessie' - what a charmer, and  the handsome GSD  'Brad'.

Happy Trialing.




Tracklayers: Jane  Gray & Vana Moody

Steward: Joan  Watkins

My  thanks  to ASPADS  for  the  invitation to judge  UD.  Jacqui's  organisation  was  great, with everything laid on superbly, even down to  photos  of  the  tracking land  beforehand. Also thanks  to the everybody involved  in the kitchen  for  refreshments and  wonderful evening   meals.   I am  also  very  grateful   to Marion for the excellent accommodation.

I had an extremely enjoyable few days,  with some  first   class   performances  from   some very promising young  dogs. Tracks  were  laid by  Jane  and  Vana  exactly  as  required, Joan was a first  class  search  and  control  steward , and all competitors were escorted on time  to their  tracks.   Thank   you  all  very  much   for your  efficiency and good  company.

19  dogs   worked   from   the   26  entered;  of these,  13 qualified  UDex,  and  1 UD  only,  a very  high percentage. On the whole,  the attitude  of  these  young   dogs   was  impressive, with some superb  tracks.  Only  one dog failed to qualify  in the square,  and most got at least 3 articles. Control  and agility were also  of a high  standard. Well done  to all the qualifiers all look to have very promising futures.

1st.         John  Wykes  with  FLYNTASTIC  RED JAFF  OF  TARN FORCE,  BC. A lovely  round  by John  and  Jaff,  only  losing  odd  marks   here and there.  I think  this is the first time 1 have given  full marks  for a UD control  round , but this  was  well  deserved.  Good   luck  for  the future.  Qual.  194.5

2nd.        Pat  McGrane  with   her  BC   bitch, LITTLETHORN     CLASSIC.   Pat    and    Classy worked  a well controlled track and square, followed by  a very  nice  control  and  agility round.  Qual.  193.5

3rd          and  best  track  trophy   Pat  Herbert and  JOLLY  JILL, WSD  bitch.  Jill  worked   an absolutely  superb   track   and  square,  and   a lovely    control    and   agility  round.    Shame about  the long jump!  Qual.  193

4th.       John   Phillips   with   his  GSD   dog, JENSIL   BLAKATO   BOUNTY .  Logan    worked very  well  in all  sections, and  fully  deserved this good  qualification. Qual.  187

Also qualifying UDex.

Sue   Yates  with   BEBTON   BRYN, (X  breed) 183.5

Pat Williams  with SUNSHIN E JED,  Lab.  181

Jo Ellis  and GIBBOSAN PIPER GSD.  178

Pam  Stare  with  KASSIEGER SHEROCCO, GSD. 174.5

Ruth  Payton  and GOYTRES ACE 'S HIGH WITH KALIAZAR, BC.  170.5

Alan  Heatley with  AUMFAX PANDER,  GSD.  169.5

Stevi Boyall and STYPERSON  LOMOND,  Lab. 168


Stevie Braithwaite and NORSHEP SHULA, GSD. 162.5

Qualifying UD only

Alison Davidson with MY GIRL MILLY, WSD 153.5




Tracklayers: Lynne Baker, Charlie  Taylor

Steward: Rob Dobson

Criminals: Tom Davies, Steve Lancashire,

Charlie Taylor, Lynne Baker

Thanks  to  ASPADS for  the  invitation  to judge the P.O. ticket at Stamford, to  Jacqui Gibney for managing the trial so profession­ ally and not forgetting the delicious meal she provided  which she  cooked  in a  caravan, only she  knows  how she managed . To m y tracklayers Lynne Baker and Charlie Taylor, as l would  expect from you it was just as I wanted  it.  To  my  criminals  Tom  Davies, Steve Lancashire, Charlie Taylor and Lynne Baker thanks a lot, you not only did  a  first class job, your company was great. My steward Rob Dobson, who has been  out of trials for a while due to work commitments, did a brilliant job and was excellent company.

Tracking was on pasture and looked ideal for dogs to work on but the weather was very hot and out of 17 entries six failed their track and one failed to get sufficient articles out of the

square. The weather taking its toll. Articles on the track were a 3" square cloth and half a 12 bore cartridge. The square articles were a builders wall tie, yellow hose, a clear plastic spoon and half a 12 bore cartridge. A further three competitors went out on the control and one on the jumps.

The patrol round started with the test of courage. I thought I would try something different from the normal shouting, waving a stick or firing a gun etc. The test started with the criminal attracting the dog's attention by shouting, as the dog was released the criminal concealed himself behind a pile of straw and remained impassive, as the dog came around the corner the criminal squirted the dogs with water from a child's water pistol, Oh Dear, some dogs did not like this, however there were some good scores. As soon as this exercise was completed the criminal Charlie Taylor took over as steward, his brief was to hassle and hurry competitors in the remaining exercise. Charlie was escorted at double pace by all competitors to a starting pole; as soon as they reached this point a criminal ran off 150 yards down the field, at a given signal the handler recalled their dog.

The chase followed which was the same set up as the recall, all teams were successful. The search of the criminal was next, with the majority of handlers missing the weapon which was concealed on the criminal. The escort was of a distance of approximately 50 yards during which time there was an attack on the handler which was done to a high standard. The final exercise was the quarter and search; the field was large, the weather warm, and all dogs had worked extremely hard in the heat. The search was 150 yards up the side of the wood and then 200 yards across the side of the wood and then 300 yards across the open field before coming down to a small copse where a passive criminal stood reading a newspaper. The fitness of dogs was to be admired, it was a long test and all dogs that competed did it with enthusiasm.

1st Wendy Beasley, with W.T. CH BRIDGALPINE LIBRA OF STARDELL. Well done, consistent throughout, best of luck at the KC's. 274.

2nd Moira Rogerson, W.T. CH. XANDOA's BORN FREE. Another good round, failure to return on the scale cost dearly. 273.

3rd Celia Bourne, KAI'S KINDRED SPIRIT. Well done Celia and Kai, you had a lovely round. 257.

4th Manda McLellan, JETFIRE JAKE OF ASHLINDT. Q PD only. Only 2 articles out , the square was costly Manda. 255.5.

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