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Championship Trial
Venue: Scarborough
Trial Held: 07 August 2016

Stake: CD



Steward: Rita Banfather


Thank you to ASPADS for the invitation to judge.  Barry and Linda do a super job organising this trial, assisted by a band of helpers, including Liz Stewart and the other ladies in the kitchen - I'm sorry I don't have everyone’s names.

Special thanks to my steward, Rita Banfather, who kept everyone at ease and assisted me in securing the hurdle with poles and cable ties due to the slightly blustery conditions!

I thoroughly enjoyed my time in Scarborough, nothing bad happened when I crossed the border.  Thanks also to my husband for keeping me company on the long journey down and back, and for taking the photos of the CD control.  I hope everyone enjoyed seeing their dogs in action.


1st           Nigel Hines with TAZ OF BRYNWOOD, Taz, BC, D, 97, Q.  Lovely to watch; full mark control, second attempt on long jump and dropped 0.5 on retrieve.

2nd         Mark Craven with CODIE CANNY JACK, Gordie, WSD, D, 95.5, Q.  Good solid round - second attempt on long.  Well done, Mark.

3rd          Angela Porter with CHOCOLATE GLADIATOR, Harley, Cross, D, 95, Q.  Lovely x-breed dog; good round, second attempt on long.

4th          Cath Chadwick with GLENDARACH MAGIC MIST, Dice, WSD, D, 93, Q.  Good round, just dropping a few points here and there; second attempt at return on scale.


Also qualified CDEx:

Joe Craft with HOHENBURG APOLO, Jack, GSD, 87.  Lovely keen shepherd; no long jump due to the fact that Jack jumped the scale twice instead of the long.

Gary Martin with ONION SARGIE, Sarge, 84.5.  Happy handler, excellent heelwork; Sarge unfortunately lay down in the sit stay at 1min 56secs.


All the teams above are more than ready for the next stakes; I do wonder if the very windy conditions had an impact on the long jump?


Stake: UD               


Tracklayers: Andrea Lynd, Steve Banfather.

Steward: Carol Grant


Firstly, I would like to start by thanking ASPADS for the judging appointment, and Barry and Linda Gilbert for all their hard work organising the trial.  Thanks also go to the base catering staff, Liz Stewart, Sophie, Teresa Musgrave, Annie and Hilary Mercer, who kept us well fed and watered.

My tracklayers for both days were Andrea Lynd and Steve Banfather, who both did a sterling job for the competitors, as every team that attempted the track got round!  They were a pleasure to work with and I thank them for that.  Carol Grant was my C/A and square steward for both days, which she did wonderfully, in a calm, efficient and friendly manner, whilst keeping things running smoothly.  So, I thank Carol for that and her lovely company over the two days.  Thanks also go to the farmers for their support and co-operation in providing the lovely land for us to use.

The stake ran over two consecutive days; both turned out fine with a slight variable breeze from time to time.  We did the C/A first in the morning followed by the tracks from lunch time on.

For the C/A on the whole I was pleased with the high standard exhibited.  Although on the first day the sendaway, which was 75 yards straight down the field to a pair of crossed poles, proved a bit problematic to some teams, on the whole this was done better on the second day.  We had the odd problem occurring on the jumps over the 2 days.  The C/A finished with the down stay in which we had no failures (scratches apart).

Tracking was on lush grass, with good growth and even coverage.   The track pattern was one of the standard UD box in a box patterns, with a diagonal cut back in the second to last leg.  The tracking was done to a high standard at varying speeds, with every team completing the track and recovering both articles.  The squares again were all done well or very well, with all dogs getting 3 or 4 articles, but with bit of dropping going on with some teams. 

I also had one minor and one more severe problem occurring in the gun test.

19 entered, 17 ran

1st           Mr Doug Shearer, DREAGANTA TYPSI (Stumpy), BC, 198.5, Q.  A good control round, completed with full jumps.  A very nice track, followed by a near perfect square.  Overall, a very good and tidy performance as you would expect from this experienced handler.  A well-deserved first place.  (Heelwork 4.5, Sendaway 10, retrieve 5, down stay 10; clear 5, long 5, scale 10; track 89.5 +20, square 4 /34.5, gun 5)

2nd         Mrs Sally Rose, RETSWERB HOT SPICE (Bonnie), Lab, 194.5, Q.  A good control round with the odd small glitch.  A nice steady track, followed with a good square.  A very competent performance and very well-deserved second place from a relative newcomer to the sport.  (4, 9.5, 5, 10; 5, 5, 9; 88, 4 /34, 5)

3rd          Mr Rod Roberts, LITTLE ED (Ed), X-Breed, 193.5, Q.    A good C/A round, with the odd hiccup, followed in the afternoon with another very nice track, again as you expect from another very experienced handler. A good square with just a couple of hiccups.  (3.5, 10, 3.5, 10; 5, 5, 9; 89.5 +20, 4 /33.5, 5)

4th          Mrs Fran Atkin, WAGGERLAND CAPPUCCINO (Cap), WSD, 192.5, Q.    A very good control round, but the return on the scale proved to be problematic.  A nice track, followed with a very nice full mark square.  (Worked Saturday and awarded 4th place on overall nosework score)  (4.5, 10, 4.5, 10; 5, 4.5, 5; 89 +20, 4 /35, 5)

Also qualified:

Carole Brooke and PACESCOTT NORTHERN SPY (Quincy), Lab, 192.5 (worked Friday)

Andy Magyar and GLENALPINE SETH (Seth), BC, 192.5

Allan Heatley and JOTUNHEIM LECTOR (Lector), Mali, 190.5

Christine Davis and MERPOL VITO (Vito), GSD, 190

Ann Trodd and HIGHGLADE THE LAST WALTZ FOR CHELSASA (Mattie), Bearded Collie. 188


Dave Stewart and BANDAITCH STAR EDITION (Roxi), Cross, 180

Finally, I would like to thank the competitors for allowing me to judge you; it was a pleasure to see you work your dogs.  For those of you for whom it didn’t quite go according to plan, I hope you keep up the training and, as always, I wish you better luck another day. 



Stake:  WD



Tracklayers: Dave Craven, Richard Musgrave, Len Newman and Mike Williams.

Search Stewards: Barry Gilbert (Wednesday), Pat Parkinson (Thursday and Friday)

C/A Steward: Pat Parkinson


I would like to thank ASPADS Working Trials Society for inviting me to judge this stake and Barry Gilbert (Trials Manager) and all his team for organising and running the trial.  A special thank you to my tracklayers, square stewards and C/A steward for doing a great job over a very busy three days.

34 dogs entered, 32 dogs worked over three days.


1st           Mrs Sue Ashby with THE ZETA, CDEx – UDEx, WSD, Bitch, 197.5, Q.  This team had a very good solid all round performance, with only minor faults on different exercises throughout the round.  Well done – and good luck for the future.

2nd         Mrs Jackie Dykes with ZINZAN ZOO, CDEx-WDEx, Cross, Bitch, 194.5, Q.  Another team with a good solid performance - but what a marvellous attitude this little dog showed.

3rd          Mrs Sheila Margreaves with KHAMYSKER ROCKET, CDEx – UDEx, GSD, Dog, 194, Q.  What an impressive young GSD - a very live wire.  Mouthing on articles and dumbbell proved costly today.

4th          Mr John Wykes with DREAGANTA RED RORY OF TARNFORCE, CDEx-WDEx, BC, Dog, 193, Q.  A good team performance on the track – followed by the only full point square in three days, from this young dog.


Also qualified WDEx:

Dianne Ellis with DIANDIE SUMMER MAGIC, CDEx-WDEx, GSD, Bitch, 192.5

Bridget Montague with CRISELLA DELTA DUFFY, CDEx-WDEx, Lab, Bitch, 191.5

Tracey Eaton with CLEYNEHAGE ON THE TILES, CDEx – WDEx, G. Ret. 191

Jacquie Hall with CLEO OF MEADOWBURN, CDEx – UDEx, GSD, Bitch, 189

Sandra Lewindon with LITTLE MISS JYNX AT BRACOKELI, CDEx – UDEx, WSD, Bitch, 189

Ruth Payton with KALIAZAR CHAOS, CDEx – UDEx, BC, Bitch, 186

Rita Kidson with TREGADA TYE, BC, Dog, 183.5

Jacky Lloyd with LITTLEHORN COOPER AT BROOKSBID, CDEx – UDEx, BC, Dog, 183.5

Julie Paul with DIANDIE SUMMER STORM, CDEx – WDEx, GSD, Dog, 177

Jacquie Hall with MEADOWBURN LITTLE BIDDY, Cross, Bitch, 171.5

Andrea Lynd with SELDOMSEEN JET, Lab, Bitch, 166.5


Over the three days the overall standard was very impressive, despite the differing weather conditions – windy, heavy showers and sun, not to mention low flying planes and those pesky insects.  It was nice to see that all the competitors accepted my decisions.

It was a pleasure and a privilege to judge this stake and I would like to wish all the teams good luck in their future competitions.

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